What to Expect When Getting Ear Piercings & Other Body Piercing Tips : Taking Care of Piercings

Hi! My name is Rick Wyckoff You can check out our website at avatartat2

com I’m here on behalf of expertvillagecom talking about how to take care of your piercing Most reputable piercing places will provide you with some sort of written after care, as well as whoever performed the procedure should be kind of going over with you how to take care of it These are some common after care brochures put out by a great organization called the Association of Professional Piercers

They also have a website called safepiercingorg that you can check out It has a lot of great information about body piercing Basically, and ideal way to take care of a body piercing is to not use any sort of harsh cleanser that’s going to kill off everything You body does need to have some of the healthy florid or microorganisms present in the area to help not only fight off the bad bacteria, but to encourage new cell development on the interior of the piercing

Another thing that encourages new cell development is a little bit of sea salt solution or saline Diluting about a quarter of a teaspoon to 16 ounces is a common ratio You can put it in a Dixie cup and hold on to whatever the area is place a little bit of solution on a cotton ball and hold it on to the area It’s all soothing and makes the piercing feel a little bit better Ultimately, it promotes new cell development in the piercing

I’m a big fan of the sea salt As far as cleansers go, Provon and satin soap and hibicleanse are all common cleansers that a lot of piercing shops recommend Personally, I think that a little bit of liquid Dial works just as good as any other fancier products It just has to be just like any cleanser; it needs to be properly rinsed with water In some areas, a Q-tip or some sort of little device might be appropriate on the interior of nose piercing for instance

A little Q-tip to get in there to clean around the interior opening is probably good Ultimately, be gentle, use the sea salt If whatever you’re doing burns or hurts or whatever, stop doing it and consult your piercing professional

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