What Are A Few Effective Hair Care Tips Everyone Should Know?

Hi I'm Jen at Mehron Salon and I'm going to be answering your questions Some good hair care tips to keep your hair healthy would be to try not to wash it every day

Because the natural oils in your hair help to protect your hair from elements and keep it healthy and strong And, using a good heat protective spray when your using your hot tools to protect your ends and getting trims every 6 to 7 weeks I think the coconut oil is for natural oils to help coat the hair and protect it which would kind of be like a heat protectant spray or like some kind of smoothing oil to tame the frizz A coconut oil might be heavy for someone with a thin hair types but it might be ok for people with thicker hair I would say if someone is using hot tools, we have the CHI flat iron spray which is good to protect your hair against any hot tools

Thank you for watching if you have any more questions please send the our way! wwwmehronsaloncom #askastylist

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