WESTERNIZED Korean ‘Glass Skin’ Makeup! Tips from a Pro πŸ‘ μžμ—°μŠ€λŸ¬μš΄ ν”ΌλΆ€ ν‘œν˜„ ν™”μž₯법 | meejmuse

Hello everyone! It's Jen Welcome back to my channel! I am with a very special person today

Nigel ~! Nigel is such a great person, It's a makeup artist who works in the big bang world He used to make very famous I am very honored to meet this Nigel Nigel will make me up today! I'm so excited! By the way, today, I will show you my skin So

Do not rate! It's It's just love and happiness, is not it? Let's get ready! All right, let's go This way this way See you soon! Hello! We shopped at the Benetit store in Gwanghwamun D Tower, Nigel will make me a Western-style skin make-over for Korea It's basically a long-lasting makeup, and it's not going to get too moist on the skin And lasting strength is maintained throughout the day

(It was so fun! Nigel is you ~ kind and kind person) All the products here There are many good products! Ready? Absolutely! Zen

Are you ready? Ready? Ready? haha Yes, I think so Let 's start with our goodwill and glad heart Of course I got the VIP room for Miss Muse! I'm going to the Happy Venetian Store studio! Oh really? Follow me! hurry! Let's go ~ !! Today I will try to use two primers, not one specifically That's "That Gal" and "Professional Pearl"

I'll put "The Porefessional Pearl Primer" on the inside of the skin Then tap your finger And if you give a tip when applying these products, leave it for a while after applying First, you have to set the product well, so it's best to apply the next product I have to set it

Yes I'll give you a little setting How does this help? If you wait a little, the setting on the skin is good If you rub it without doing it, it's like "noodles" Yes Yes

I always say "noodles" If the setting is good, it does not look like noodles That's because the way to apply is wrong Oh, I see! Yeah – And I'll knock you down a bit to help absorb the skin Once in the T zone and

The Porefessional Pearl Primer ~ And now it's "That Gal" turn Want to open the product? I actually did not see this product This is a perfect life Gosh… I'm running this for 45 minutes

I'll knock you over here I will not go inside Jen's face You do it like you draw a triangle invisibly On the outside of the face, "That Gal" is applied Hey, girl! You've already made a watery skin? The party is from now on! Now relax! Shake the "Hello Happy Foundation" No

3, I'll open it and open it And I dropped it like this Very easy, right? Do you use a brush, a sponge or a finger as a foundation? Fingers and sponges Okay, hello Happy Foundation 1, and I think 2 is right Zen's skin is number two! What do you think about K-beauty, Nigel? I love K-beauty

It was my first time in Seoul, When walking in Myeongdong Is it Myeongdong? Did I say it right? Yes, Myeongdong It's 10 times better than going to real Disneyland! It seems as though all the stores have prepared the whole life cycle? It's really more than I expected Seoul makeup shopping really good? haha I really like it

I want to rent an apartment in the middle of the city and go to Myeong-dong and stay there I want to use makeup as much as possible than shopping When you next, catch one of the hotels next door No, I still have a moment in Myeong-dong I need to get another cosmetic carrier

After about 10 minutes, I finally had 120 mask packs in my hand Lol lol I finally bought it Korean cosmetics are not expensive, so you do not have to feel guilty I also used a lot of K-beauty makeup products I went out of the shop without any thought and came back in amazement I like real products

Everyone! If you have not been to Seoul yet, come now It is highly recommended if you are really into makeup Wow! I guess I ate some street food I love it! Do you like street food? I love street food! When I talked to you I just asked something different than the makeup question For your skin, you know, you actually need to cut down on makeup Because because skin is good, you can get maximum effect of makeup A person 's face gives different colors So sometimes the nose can be redder, and the eyes around can be more gray That's where the foundation covers it

And the "Hello Happy" foundation seems to give a natural finish by naturally connecting those boundaries Many women would "spend" with Concealer Hello Happy Fade is like translucent stockings rather than stocking stuffy leggings You compare it to lingerie? Yes, you can get a translucent feeling beneath your skin Yes, it does not seem to be covered or completely covered It's correct

If it turns like opaque leggings, it will be completely obscured I'll try to apply more products now With my finger The reason I use my fingers is to feel my skin better And if you have enough time, you can try a sponge

I like a product that looks flat on one side Like a spoon or knife Please press while pressing I use sponge to cover most of the ball already Very fast, just perfect to blend how is it? Smooth

I feel like I'm knocking on my face with a marshmallow That's right Now it's completely blended Now, let's paint the other side What do you think is the biggest difference between Western and Korean style in makeup? In my opinion, if the model is Oriental, Western makeup artist When I make up oriental pace, I do not often know the feeling

When I look at the oriental face, I feel something different from Western people Maybe you know, but you have oriental sexy And it seemed to me a little hoochie mama Even when I saw Zen In Korean TV shows or actresses, they all look like princesses, they look brilliant, classical and soft

And I'm sure that Korea Beauty has a standard I was attracted to it It's magical Is not that right? That's one of the reasons I started the channel Because when I started the channel seven years ago, There were not many channels talking about how to make up

And I was born and raised in Australia The makeup images at the time were Western makeup look So when I get my makeup, it looks like my eyes are right Do you hold the eye makeup line? It started like that, but it finally looks like it's punched in the eye I probably wanted to make eye makeup and eyebrows as high as this, but my eyebrows would have come up here

It was not like that But it is not easy to understand why If Asians had streamlined eyes, I would have done that! The Orientals have such a beauty that they have something to do with it? I have always respected my customers as they are I have been doing fashion week for years When I did makeup to Asian face, I saved my face Right

I think it's not just a difference between K-Beauty and Western makeup Every culture has its own unique characteristics So I think that the rules of makeup emphasize the characteristics of each person I do not apply a lot of makeup first because I make up the skin tone and make it up So, I can not crush makeup

In the end, I can make my own appearance, not others I show myself the most wonderful thing If someone says to you and says, "I really like OMG Foundation" This means you need to adjust to the skin tone If your Beef is "foundation, is it skin?" You ask if you ask

indeed? Yes, it is true Right Now what we do now is Dark Circle Cover? Everyone has it Especially today, I have been suffering from sleep deprivation since last week It must have been so much fun in Shanghai So the Dark Circle is now down to my mouth Oh my God, it's so dramatic! I think it's really pretty

You think I'm pretty? Yes, I think it is beautiful Sorry, edit this part! haha Zen is so beautiful! It looks like a wall! This product is really easy to use It is not a professional product, but it is a good product for people who do not make makeup dark, It also makes it look like it did not have a foundation Next, I'll put the concealer on the part that needs a little cover This cute little concealer is Boi-ing hydrating Concealer

There is color on the inside and a moisturizing ingredient on the outside So I do not need multiple products I'll stick a little here to use some highlights Really? You use this as a highlight? Yes Because it is finished with beautiful watery skin

This is a knock I will use it only slightly It's cute Many people ask questions such as "How much should I wear?", "Which product is good?" You can blend it here Then it gives me a more watery skin finish

I'll paint it with my hand It's a product that has glaze and coverage And it can also be moisturizing I'll try it on my nose just like this It is nice to see a smiling face ~ What is Nigel's favorite product at Benetti? Should I say that Brow is like a garden door? It's a definition of where the boundary is

I'm making a frame on my face Oh right If you are looking for a product that will help you make quick and easy makeup, I'd like to say "carboure"! It 's all right because I have this kind of brush that I will never lose And you can put it on the dresser I know exactly where it is! And if I'm really into art and have to paint for others, I'll say "Precisely, my brow"

First of all, there is no need to trim down automatically And when you use it, you can easily draw it with your fingers and make fake eyebrows In fact, I wanted to tell you that this product is my favorite among the Benetit products "Precisely, my brow" Really? Zen is my favorite Life! I'll give this brush a little bit

Do not ask too much And once you roll it, the product remains like this Will the product look good on the picture? Sure ~ ~ Yes! It's finished now, everybody! It is Korean – style skin It's my style My feelings will last a long time

Yeah I'll see you in 12 hours So good Very comfortable and natural matte, It has a little oil, but it looks pretty all day long and it looks like it's sticking without oil Do you have any last comments? In summary, improve your appearance with makeup, but do not try to hide yourself

Products should be used in a way that is easy to use and produces good results And if you express your intention, it will be a win-win situation Yes! thank you so much Good if you liked the video! Please press the button and leave a lot of comments I will write down a list of all the products in the description below! Then see you all in the next video And once again thank you

Nigel! Have fun during the rest of the day! Oh my gosh! Yes I will Hello! Be happy! Be happy! Be happy! I'm totally happy! You want to be happy! Hi Happy Hi Happy Hi Happy!

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