The Makeup Brushes I Use for Eyes, Face, Lips, Beauty Video for Women

Hey Awesome ones, Guess what? I'm getting requests This is so amazing, thank you so much and I'm taking requests and I'm trying to put them into video form and a few of you have asked me if you could do a video on the makeup brushes that I use and being a former 80s model I have been using alot of different makeup brushes I have learned from some of the best makeup artists and carried them along through all the years , not the same makeup brushes but the same types anyway

So ahh, let's just get this video started! It starts in just a few seconds So you know I like to keep it real for you so here I am bare-faced , no makeup on, hey I got a touch of mascara a little touch of lipstick my eyebrows done, but how am I supposed to show you how to use these makeup brushes if I'm not applying the makeup onto my face so let's go with the first one So lets start with the concealing of these flaws that I have all over my face

You know I'm still getting blemishes at my age and some age spots all kinds of stuff but here's the baby, hopefully you can see the brush I use for my concealer I love it If you saw the video that I did on hiding your flaws , I'll put it up there somewhereI'm using the same brush but about 3 different concealers so let's get going, now I'm going to start off with the under eye circles and this video might be a little long I don't want to leave anything out of it so but I'm sure it's going to be a real magical one for you because brushes , it's like what they say with guys or women even when they're fixing something, the tools really make a difference and these are tools for putting on makeup So I'm just putting on an under eye concealer, again a lot of the products were used in that video I'm going to go underneath my eye here Bill am I doing OK with this, OK good I go up here and you can see it's really applying quite nicely under my eyes I've got a spot here, I don't know what this is I had a dermatologist look at it , it's kind of , I'm 63 so it's kind of an age spot Let's see what else I'll just cover that up, down my nose, OKso that concealer is done

Now these one's on the sides they are almost like freckles so I use the same brush I usually in between sort of give the brush a little wipe on a tissue and I'm going to , this is just a thicker concealer and I'm going to cover that up See how nice that is? The first one I used was too thin for this application, anything that's a little darker then maybe I'll put a little more on that I like the way that that's looking Over here too I found a brand new one! I thought I was putting my eye shadow on poorly and then I found out, nope, just another mark that decided to show up there

So again I'm going to just wipe in the tissue here and my 3rd concealer what????? yeah, I need 3 of them! You might not need 3 but I certainly do This is a lighter one and I'm just putting that on

I have learned from experience that these lines under my eyes will always show up dark unless I put a little bit lighter on them so again, same brush I don't know if you can see the difference between the 2 but I know it does make a difference there we go and these 2 spots that I have here I like to put the lighter on , oh it's warm in hereI'm starting to bead There we go and a little bit under here, you know that purple part of your eye put a little bit in the purpley part So one more thing, you might think I'm a little weird here but I don't think I'm weird at all I have age spots on my hand and they will give away my age all the time I will tell you guys what my age is but I don't want everybody else to guess so a little bit of that concealer , the lighter one

Works for me anyway So , yep, this brush, gotta have one of these babies and I'll show you the next one right now Now sometimes I'm not wearing a liquid foundation I choose to just use a powder kind of coverup foundation, something similar to this and now a lot of times you do get maybe a little sponge applicator with it but then there's a lot that you don't So, what do you do?Well, I use a brush like this See how big this brush is? You can see it in my hand it's quite a big brush , oh and by the way, I really try to get natural fibre brushes in most of my brushes I just find them apply so much better

So let's sort of take a look at this Maybe tap it off here And watch how this covers Se my shiney nose is not so shiny anymore and it's really hot in here today Put a little under my eyes

If I want to put on a little more application cuz remember those spots there Thicken it up a bit and you can kind of tell the difference between the 2 sides how this powder is really covering and I gotta do a little more here where it's a little shinier That's it Really easy-peasy with a brush like this and now I have the lighter foundation and yeah I did a video on a lighter foundation application I'll put it up there somewhere especially if you're in a rush and you gotta get that makeup on So the next one is the blush brush you know those little tiny blush brushes that they give you with the blush just aren't going to cut it

They're way too small so I just like to use a brush like this and this one of my favorite kind of looks for blush right now it brings out all the different colors there and what I'm going to try to do is find the same or similar brushes and some of the makeup that I'm putting into this video I'll put it into the description, I'll also put it in my blog for you as well at Awesome over 50 and if you want to purchase something like this, I gottta tell you the rules of videos we do make a little bit of commission and , you know it really is helping us , we've been doing this now for over a year and it's like OK! You know we've got some support here, let's keep on going! So thanks so much for that Let's get to this blush now All that legal jargen I have to say, huh OK, so as you can see this nice big brush here, I just lightly dab the, you see the difference , just lightly dab it

Those little brushes sometimes they just make lines and all I want to do is just do the apples of my cheeks and my little rosey cheeks and that's about it, that's all I want to do with that one So the next is the contouring this is a perfect example of what I'm talking about where there was a little tiny brush in here, I just tossed it I have my brush and this is the brush I like to use and again, you gotta be so careful when you're contouring Oh, this has a mirror on it That's cool

Because you don't want to go swoosh and have a great big line there, so it's nice when they have a mirror inside here Just go like that A little bit over here and a little trick here , I've got some kind of jowls happening so there's your little contouring trick right there Down the side of our nose and I also put a little bit here and there and I hope you can see how it's really emphasised my cheekbones so I don't know if I held that up enough for you there but there's the brush that I use for the conturing So the next one

you know that sparkly highlighter stuff that you see everywhere and people are looking so fresh and shiny well you know what? You can really overdo it with the shiny here I've got 2 brushes that I use for this so I'm going to do a little combo here Here's the first brush that I use so I'm going to put a little bit of sparkle sparkle and I just don't want to overdo it I think that people coming to you and they're shiny all over I don't know, especially when it's a powdery thing and you can tell it looks a little too put-on for me anyway

I just put a little bit here just a little sparkle and I like a little bit on my forehead and that's it Just, I don't even know if you can see that but you're going to see the next application for sure and that'soops

I'll be back I'm back! A little teeny weeny brush like this guy Alright hopefully, i have to brush it off a bit from the floor

Then watch this, you're really going to notice this one, a little bit of the sparkle sparkle and I like this I put this between my eyes here see how it kind of lights me up a bit, now not to much or sometimes we just sor of bring it out a bit Just a sparkle It's not really that noticeable but it just adds a bit of life to your eyesNow here's where you can use usually what they have supplied for you in the eye shadow if I can get it out of here , you see this lighter highlighter that is going to go on my eyelid these little spongy guys Yep, they are fantastic and what I like about them is that even, let's just say that you want to buy some eyeshadow and it doesn't come with a brush, a lot of times you can pick these up at the drug store or you can pick these up , cotton swabs at a drug store as well and just use them to put on this particular application

I'll just show you what I'm going to do now on the eyelid and oh, I have to show you this palette, isn't that fantastic Look at all the highlighters and the colors that go in this and I'll put that on our blog as well and link that fromthe description, I just love that one and for now we're going to a bit of pink , you could be using a beige or whatever you like but just a little bit and then I put a little bit up here as well I prefer more of a matte kind of eyeshadow to a ummm so that it's not shiny shiny everywhere but umm, there you go very subtle Now in this palette they also have a little brush like this, but guess what? I don't mix the colors so I have also bought a little brush like this and this is for really kind of , if you saw my hooded eye video you know that this is where the magic happens you gotta sort of get into the crease and not make it overwhelming so ummm I'll put the hooded eye video one up there somewhere What I'm going to do with this, umm I don't think I'm going to go purples, i think I'm just going to go with a brown for you so that will be a little more popular and I have to say right now to wash your brushes

If you don't wash your brushes you're going to get some infections and things like that It only takes a minute, wash them, I just wash them in a very mild soap, a face soap and let them dry and they're fantastic that way So I'm just going to show you this eyeshadow and how I'm just, I'm taking it from the middle here and put it from the middle here Going to swoosh it out a little bit just to kind of where my natural line already is and the blenders that I usethey're right here, 5 of them I usually just have a tissue by me and I'm kind of blending it out with my fingers So the next brush is this beautifully angled in the crease brush Now you're probably going

Oh my gosh Heather, really, you need that many brushes? Yah, yah you do because you can't be mixing this one with the darker one that goes into the crease It's just not going to work, it's magic but it's like a painter, the painter wouldn't use the same brush in the blue that they would for the white So yep, sorry about that but umm if you want to make the magic happen then , you know, you don't have to put on as much makeup as I do, but this is what I do so if you're still along with the ride here , yeh we're still getting into some good ones too, crese time! Here's a crease right here, you see how that's darker than the other side

It's umm , and you might say well that's too much makeup, but you know what? On regular basis, I'll just use this Tip here, I'm back and just smooth it out a bit and can you tell the difference between the 2 eyes, it really does make a difference especially when you start putting on a little more mascara So I'm just going to finish up with the other side and , just get in that crease There's a lot of folds there once your eyes get a little bit older and I think what I like about this the most, besides doing the little swoosh on the outside that also helps with the hooded eyes is the fact that all those little folds that you have on your eyelid it really hides them So I added a little bit more mascara and a little bit of eyeliner so I could, you know I have droopyy eyes so I wanted to give it a little more of a swoosh there but I'm finding now that I'm not so much into the big eyeliner underneath my eyes So I'm now using this kind of a brush

It's a flat brush , flat and skinny if that makes sense to you What I'm going to do with this palette here , I'm just going to take the darker brown , again always make sure you shake off the excess a little bit and what 'I'm going to do is just make my eyeliner like that Very simple, it's hard when you have the camera on you, I want you to see it but at the same time I don't want to poke my eye out But see how nice and soft that is? Now this eye makeup that I'm wearing obviously it's not like your everyday kind of makeup I wanted to do it a little bit with pizzaz sothat if you're going out somewhere special I wanted to show you that

But umm, yeah so that's what I'm using under my eyes now and I'll put on a little more mascara and umm those eyes are pretty well done Now you're probably thinking back to when I was saying you have to have brushes for different colors and nooo I'm not really saying every single color

Sometimes I am going for something wild like this You're probably saying whoh! What is she doing with that? Well watch this I use a cotton swab again I just throw the cotton swab away but I don't use this color that often but let's just say that I wanted to add a little bit of sparkly there and you know sometimes maybe it's gold or maybe it's a little bit of silver on your eyes, just use the cotton swabs, they work just as well So I'm just going to put a dab here, dab there , kind of use the other end to brush it out a little bit and you can see how that kind of just added a little something , something to the eyes but nope, you don't have to buy a bunch of brushes, these guys are cheap and they're readily available So last but not least is a lip brush

Love the lip brush, for a couple of reasons, first of all instead of just putting the lipstick on I could just go all over the place Especially in the summertime when they start to melt a little bit sometimes This brush really works well and I love this lipstick, but nothing left of it so my brush also gets right in there and umm gets my lipstick out So, great! I'll just sort of do this lipstick here I don't even know if you can find this color anymore, but umm I will look for it we always look for everything, we really try to do the exact match for you

I think it's such a pretty pink color and of course I'm just using a eyeliner lipliner Heather a lipliner here to kind of just go around after I've done that, so I think I really helped you with the brushes and umm there's the cuteness factor coming up and he only needs one brush and that's to brush his hair, I'll get him in a second So Hurricane we call you the cuteness factor, yes we do

Alright and umm another factor of doing these videos are our amazing subscribers, you guys are just , you know we are doing 2 videos a week now We're doing the Tuesday inspirational, travel , food , exercise , lifestyle videos and then of course on Fridays are make-up and fashion and you just, the comments, seeing the subscriber number tick up and that sort of thing, man we just , we really think we're into this for the long haul now because you're just inspiring us , you're encouraging us and we appreciate it so much We also just started up an Inst Gram account so if you do the Inst Gram/ Awesomeover50 we're giving a daily, I don't know, photo idea of our daily Awesome over 50 kind of feel and Hurricane, you're in a lot of those He gets a lot more likes than I do but , of course he does, he's the cuteness factor and if you want to check that out, I know a lot of people want to scroll through the pictures on Insta Gram and we're really enjoying doing that and taking a snapshot or 2 each day for you so in the meantime, keep it awesome , I hope that the brush video really helps you because they are the tools of the trade for the make up and until next time keep it awesome Everyone's invited to subscribe and join us on our videos

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