Tattoo Care Tips & Advice : Listening to Your Body with New Tattoos

Hi, my name is "Lefty" at 1603 Tattoos in Tampa, Florida on behalf of Expert Village, this is tattoo care Now while you are getting your tattoo, depending on the image that you are getting, most tattoos take on the average two to three hours for a reasonable size

Now, most tattoos that people want to do in sessions could take up to 5 hours Now, your body can only take so much So, you want to be careful on what your tolerance is, you don't want to overwork yourself, you don't want to over work the area because that will start to cause the hard healing and the procedure of over scabbing and all that good stuff So you want to be careful of that If you need to stop your tattoo, that?s totally fine

Try to do it at a stopping point that?s not going to cause any problems later but you can always do sessions That?s why we don't want to over work the area So, at any point you feel like you need to stop, just do so It's your body Your body is telling you can't take enough

It's not "woose'n " out It's just you looking out for your body

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