Sustainable and Ethical Fashion on a Budget – My top tips (2018)

One of the reasons, people get really put off by ethical fashion is just how expensive it can be and I totally get it which is why I made this video! If you are buying ethical clothes, you'll find that basic cuts are always cheaper than something with embellishments on them and that's because the people who put those embellishments on those clothes actually get paid for it, compared to when you go to a fast fashion shop and you'll often find that the cheapest ones always have a little bit more going on them and it kind of makes you wonder like "how"? Even if you're using machines to do something, surely you're using more resources, no? Anyway, my point is, if you don't want to buy something that someone was forced to make but then you don't have the money to buy ethically either, an option is always to buy the basic cuts from an ethical brand and then add your own personal touches on it It's a great way to get creative and just because you've made it yourself, it's just that little bit more special

For example, I have this very very old pair of shorts that I customised when I was like thirteen I just put studs on the pockets If you look at it, it's a really basic pair of shorts but with that it adds a bit of character to it, personality and you know, I was just having fun I didn't even know what ethical meant at the time So yeah

There is also this channel called "people boat vintage channel" I don't know I can't remember what they're called, but I'll link them down below And I saw this DIY t-shirt that they made It was basically really plain t-shirt, black t-shirt and they cut a cross in the back and it looked so cool So that's totally something that I'm going to be doing this summer

I'm going to buy some ethical shirts and just do some cut-outs in them and see what happens Hopefully, I don't ruin anything Yeah, try not ruin any because that would be wastage I suppose I know this is about being on a budget but if you're willing to invest a little bit, you can always get a sewing machine So I bought this

This is a "Brother" sewing machine It was only £70 and I thought it'd be a great way to learn how to be a bit more creative Another thing you could do is to support your local seamstress or tailor because if you have somebody around the neighbourhood who does this for a living and they have affordable prices I think it's a great way of supporting the economy and to also get clothes from someone you know You can get some really nice ethical fabrics from stores like offset warehouse where I think it's like £15 per metre or something like that, so yeah, research into fabrics see if you can buy a fabric and send it to your tailor, your neighbourhood tailor and see if they'll do it for you for an affordable price That's always an option

Buying classic timeless pieces is one of the things you can do to shop on a budget and no it's not going to be cheap but if you buy really good quality classic pieces for a bit more money, it will last you for a really long time and you're going to wear it over and over again It's totally going to be worth the money Unless you started being an ethical shopper at a very young age, there's a very high chance that you have a lot of unethical clothing items already which is the case for me Before the horror of unethical fashion awashed over me, I used to be one of those shopaholics Not really, but I do have a lot of clothing items which are not from ethical brands and a lot of them are of very bad quality so obviously I'm not going to be throwing away all of my unethical clothes that would be pure wastage

What I try to do instead is because I know they're not made of good quality materials, which is why they were so cheap, I try to take good care of them By taking a few extra steps to keep them in good condition I can try to get the most wear out of them I am planning to make a video on how to keep your clothes into good condition so yeah keep an eye out for that Exchanging with your friends and family is another great way of getting new clothes, "new clothes" without having to spend money on them If your friend has clothes they want to get rid of, like they're bored of them, giving it to you is a great way of repurposing them

For example, this shirt I'm wearing right now is my mum's And she had it before I was born I think and I love it It's really vintage-y, it's got gold threads and really strange weird details on it and I don't think the camera here does it justice, I've got a blog article with more pictures of this outfit so if you want to go have a look I'll link it down below, but my point is, friends and family are a great way of getting clothes without ruining the environment or having to buy to new ones from fast fashion shops So it's definitely something that you want to consider Shopping second-hand

Yep, you've probably heard about it a million times before and some of you are probably completely put off by the idea of wearing somebody else's clothes, but honestly if you give it a freeze clean or a hot wash, it's perfectly fine and you'd be doing nature such a massive favour Every year, we send millions and millions of clothing items to the landfills and by shopping second-hand you could be making that little bit of a difference and you might think that your tiny decisions have no impact on the bigger scheme of things but you have to remember that that's how big movements are born; out of small actions having a cumulative effect It's incredible some of the stuff that you can find in charity shops or vintage stores I know vintage stores can sometimes be a bit overpriced, just because they have the word 'vintage' in them But you know, it is a lot more curated with vintage shops, I'll admit to that

Like they'll carefully select the clothes that they have and put it on the shelves so if you're into the vintage style, vintage shops are definitely for you whereas with charity shops you often have to dive into the deep end and really go through the racks of clothes to find that hidden gem that will make your day For example, this top I found in a vintage store It's like white, it's got frills on it, it's kind of like really nice for work if you put your hair in a bun and stuff, it looks really "profesh" And this shirt, it's really casual and it's got the logo "armani jeans" on it I know some people are not really into wearing clothes that have logos on them but I mean I love it

I love the cut of it, I love how cool it looks, the colour, everything Just love it Have I said the word "love" enough? No You know charity shops are like a triple whammy You're buying cheap clothes, it's ethical plus you're contributing towards the charity that the charity shop is involved in so you can't go wrong unless you buy clothes which are not well made So yeah, you still have to keep an eye out, you know, when you're buying from charity shops, do pay attention to what you're buying

I know thrifting can be really hard because you find something that not only you like but also fits your body But you know you can always use that sewing machine I showed You know, try to fix it to your size or just making a hem or something to fix it is always a good idea There's this girl on YouTube, I think she's quite famous, she's got like millions of subscribers, but she does this thing where she'll go thrifting for items in vintage stores or charity shops or what not and like she'll buy it and I'll be like "what is that? what did you buy?" you know and then she'll like transform it into something so incredible it's crazy she'll turn the most horrible of things into the most amazing of things You probably already know who she is

Her name is Coorlipa Coorlipa I don't know how to say things But I'll link it down below She's really famous on Youtube and she does those really amazing clothes transformations and there's nothing more that I admire than a person who has a really good eye for seeing the potential in things

They look at things and they see so much value in there, so much potential in things that I would probably look at and be like "ooh that's garbage" yeah There are some great online platforms you can buy second-hand from So you can do it all online Stuff like depop or I think even Oxfam does it So you can just sit online, put your size in, even style, what kind of style you're looking for, you buy it and they ship it to you

What a great time to live in I've always been a great fan of tees with like cool sayings on them or cute designs on them They make great everyday wear and they're also a great way of showing your personality, or aspects of your identity or things that you believe in and they're also very very hard not to buy because they're usually £10 if not less on Amazon and I recently discovered there is a way of going around this and by that I mean to go through an ethical printing company So if you're quite the wordsmith or you're quite good with design or you use software like illustrator or photoshop a great affordable way of kitting your wardrobe is to make your own designs for your t-shirts and to get them printed through an ethical brand an ethical printing company sorry So I started doing my research and I basically found this company online called shirtworks and on their website they say they're a living wage employer and a that they're organic certified so I sent them a design that I liked and they came back to me with a mockup of the t-shirt and I finalised it and it's now on its way here

I think it's been shipped So I don't actually have it on me to show you but once I do, I will post it on Instagram so you can have a look and you can tell me what you think The total cost for it was £21 so that's including shipping and VAT which I thought was brilliant for a shirt that's organic and you know that was made using fair labour

So here you go, those were my tips for having an ethical wardrobe on a budget and I hope you found it insightful or helpful in any way shape or form, let me know down in the comments below which one of those tips you thought were relevant to you or you thought you could implement in your shopping habits easily and I hope to see you soon byeee

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