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How To Dress Like James Bond [0:00:00] All right, gentlemen Today, we’re talking about the style of James Bond and particular items that you can steal from his wardrobe to add to yours

Are you ready, guys? Let’s get into it [Music] First up, let’s talk watches The iconic watch associated with James Bond is the Rolex Submariner First making its appearance in 1962’s Dr No on the wrist of Sean Connery

Next up, we’ve got the Breitling Top Time This one appeared in the movie Thunderball It was a modified version of the Breitling Top Time as it had a Geiger counter, so James Bond could use it to detect radiation Next up, we’ve got the Omega Seamaster Professional 300 M This watch has been in the most number of movies at five

Now, on the second part of Casino Royale, we see James Bond played by actor Daniel Craig changed up the watch He sticks with Omega, but he goes with the Seamaster Planet Ocean instead Now, this watch makes another appearance in Quantum of Solace and Skyfall Now, James Bond has worn a lot of watches in the movie and I could have gone on and on with this list, but I want to end it with the original James Bond watch and that’s the Rolex Explorer This was owned by Ian Fleming and he talked about it in his initial novels and many people perceive this is actually the original James Bond watch

All right So, I know a lot of you guys are thinking, Antonio, those watches you just talked about incredibly expensive And to be honest, in a modern James Bond movie all the product placements, these are by designer brands they’re going to be very expensive But, use it for inspiration You don’t have to buy that exact brand

Instead look, okay, I like the fit, I like the look, I like the color, I’m going to find something similar Example, the movie Spectre, James Bond arrives in Austria He’s walking up to the mountain, he’s carrying this beautiful leather weekender duffel bag Now, that one was made by a high-end company out of Italy and that bag retails for almost $3,500 That’s a lot of money for a bag

But, guys, you can find bags for less than one-tenth the cost which are very well-made, look great This one right here by Beckett Simonon, they’re the paid sponsor of today’s video And, guys, they’ve got an amazing deal for you This bag right here, the Domingo for less than $300 Using the discount code I’ve got in the description, it’s a limited time

Guys, you got to use this code This is a great-looking bag Looking at the stitching, stitching is solid Looking at the zipper, this is YKK This is their Everbright zipper, it’s out of Japan

A good zipper, good hardware, good use of rivets Look at the bottom, they’ve actually got the little legs right here to protect the bottom of the bag Not everyone pays attention to things like this The inner lining is actually made from a cotton twill that’s got a very wide mouth If you want to be able to put a lot of clothing in it, take it out easily

In addition, this is a full grain leather That’s the outer part of the hide It’s going to be the most durable, the most water-resistant Basically, the best that you can get Guys, this is an amazing deal

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All right, guys, so if you’ve been waiting for a great deal on an amazing leather bag, go check out Beckett Simonon right now I’m linking to them down in the description Oh, and they’ve got a lot more than just duffel bags, so go check out the discount code It’s going to work throughout the website, so anything you want to grab, you’re going to get an awesome deal against the best discount code you’re going to find I’m putting it down in the description

Use it or lose it, guys Great company, go check them out Next up, let’s talk cufflinks and James Bond absolutely loves cufflinks One thing you’re going to notice, most of them are in silver and they are oftentimes very simple I’m not saying you need to stick with silver, but simplicity that’s key with James Bond in his choice of cufflinks

It’s always about simple elegance You don’t need to have something really loud, something outlandish Now, let’s talk about James Bond and sunglasses I’ve got bad news and good news The bad news is in most of the modern movies we’re seeing them made by Tom Ford

They got very particular names and they are expensive The good news is he really sticks with just three styles and you can buy them from a wide range of manufacturers if you understand the styles First up, let’s talk about the sunglasses we see in the movie Spectre at the Rome funeral scene and those are made by Tom Ford They’re knows as the Snowdon Now, that design right there it’s actually based off of a Wayfarer

It’s a little bit unique a little bit modified, but if you want to get something close, look for Wayfarers Now, this next style, again, I’m pulling from the movie Spectre 007 he’s in Morocco, he’s wearing Tom Ford’s Henries which are a Clubmaster style Now, this is a great style for any face shape and I think it really is nice because it’s got the strong frame up the top and has no frame in the bottom And this is a style for some reason a lot of men don’t own

Now, this next style which popped up in the movie Skyfall and a few other James Bond movies that makes sense, it’s got a military heritage and that’s Aviators Now, if you’re going to go for a James Bond look, go for a muted pair of frames, you don’t want anything that’s going to draw attention and the lenses themselves maybe non-reflective nothing too bright [0:04:55] Now, let’s talk about the shoes that James Bond has in his wardrobe The vast majority are going to be black That makes sense, he’s British, he’s conservative, he’s a spy, he doesn’t want to draw attention to himself, so he’s going to wear shoes that are simply workhorses

But, let’s look at the sole He’s going to go with a rubber sole, you’ve got a lot more traction, it’s going to make sense when you’re chasing down bad guys Now, in the movies Goldfinger and Thunderball, we also see that James Bond likes himself a brown derby And this is a great casual dress shoe He actually wears it with a suede

So, this one right here, actually is a non-suede finish, this is actually a top grain leather, so this leather right here is going to be more resistant to water But suede is going to be a little bit more delicate, but it definitely brings in texture brings in a bit more style This one right here, it’s a pair of chukka boots It comes out of the World War II British desert boot The suede right here is what I want you to take note of

Provides a little bit of texture, a little bit of style, something definitely James Bond could bring into his wardrobe Now, let’s talk about the casual shoes of James Bond And, yes, he has worn them Let’s go to Casino Royale in the Madagascar chase scene So, what do we see him pulling off there? These are a pair of Jack Purcell made by Converse, the OTR

Just overall a great-looking shoe Next up, let’s talk about the trainers that he’s wearing in the movie Skyfall These are the Adidas Gazelle 2 They’re an iconic trainer that had been around for decades, but, guys, it’s a great look and definitely you can add it to your casual wardrobe Now, let’s talk about the shirts of James Bond

So, if you go back and watch Quantum of Solace, if you watched Casino Royale, you’re going to see that James Bond loves navy polos And I love these because it’s one of my favorite shirts in my wardrobe I love they can be dressed up they can be dressed down Now, let’s talk about the enjoying death shirt as it’s known from the movie Skyfall So, this one was made by Zara

Very difficult to find and I’m not going to say that you need to go grab that shirt, but I am saying take three points from that shirt Number one, it’s cool to wear florals So, if you go look at the pattern, those were small flowers The other one is small repeating patterns are cool as well So, it doesn’t have to be flowers, you could bring in a small dot pattern, whatever you want to do, but understand the small pattern is perfectly fine

The other one is stick with whites and stick with blues So, whites and blues that should be the majority of shirts in a man’s wardrobe First, have your base shirts made with white and with blue Next up, we’ve got the safari camp shirt And what do we notice about the shirt? It’s worn untucked and it’s actually got a lot of detail on it

So, we’re going to see shoulder epaulettes occasionally you don’t have to have them We’re going to see double-breasted pockets occasionally We’re going to see four pockets on the shirt Again, this is a casual shirt oftentimes made from linen or a material that’s made basically wick away moisture, but this is for hot weather a great casual shirt to add to your wardrobe Now, let’s talk about trousers

But, before that, let me ask you a question If you were to meet James Bond, I know he’s not real, but if you were to meet him in person, would you expect him to be wearing shorts or jeans? The answer is probably no Yes, he’s worn shorts in the movies when he’s jumping into the water going swimming, but for the vast majority of the time, we see this guy covering his legs and wearing proper trousers So, chinos, oftentimes we’re going to see them in this color a khaki, but they come in a wide range of other colors Right here, these slacks right here, they’re going to be made from a gray gray on color, will match almost anything in your wardrobe

Right here, tropical weight trousers So, these are going to be cooler than shorts in most instances because they’re going to protect your legs from the sun, they’re going to look much more elegant and, again, you can wear them with the number of the shirts I just talked about Now, let’s talk about jackets and I want to drive this point home Imagine James Bond in your mind, most likely he’s wearing a suit, he’s wearing a tuxedo, he’s wearing some type of a jacket Guys, it is his suit of armor

The guy in Morocco in the movie Spectre, what is he wearing? A leather suede jacket Now, it’s pretty warm there, but he understands that it makes him look great, it allows him to probably conceal and carry, allows him to carry a few more things Now, a great suede jacket like this lightweight, this is actually great during the summer when it cools off perhaps at night Now, for most situations though, we see that James Bond is going to pull off sports jackets and suits and the guy looks great every time he wears it because it fits him, it’s going to build up the shoulders, it’s going to trim up your waistline, it’s going to help you look great Now, one thing I want to point out, this puff pocket square right here with all the color, James Bond probably wouldn’t wear anything like this

I get it, but guys don’t think that you can’t pull off a pocket square The white linen presidential fold that you see right here, this one look great in any situation and I can see James Bond pulling this off All right, gentlemen, now it’s your turn I want to hear from you guys down in the comments What’s your favorite James Bond accessory piece of clothing something that you would love to incorporate in your wardrobe? I want to hear from you guys down in the comments

And don’t forget, go check out Beckett Simonon Guys, I’m linking to them down in the description This bag, an awesome deal, I mean just a great-looking bag at a fair price And, again, remember their business model, you’re going to have to wait eight to twelve weeks, but what you’re to do is you’re going to save an incredible amount of money because they sell directly to the consumer Just a really nice bag

I’m actually going to take this with me on my latest trip to Ukraine So, guys, go check them out, great company Take care I will see you in the next video [0:09:54] End of Audio

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