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Hello my> Beautiful Souls <and welcome to Kia-Charlotta Since we are in the middle of or rather on the By the beginning of the summer are what incidentally unbelievably great, I'm so looking forward to it the summer, I thought about it You a few of our top Share summer nail care tips In the summer are our nails and hands always a bit better off than in winter, because the air is much wetter, she is much fresher, she is just a lot better for our hands, as the dry cold winter air Surely you noticed that your hands are not dry so fast, the nails do not break so fast, Your nails are generally healthier and look better also stronger, than in winter However, there are certain activities that we tend to have in the summer drive more often than in winter, which is for ours Nails can be quite stressful

And we want to make sure that we continue to look after our hands and nails, to make them look healthy and strong all year round Without further preface, Here we go! Who still loves to swim? I know that I love it, no matter in the sea, in the lake, in the swimming pool, no matter where, I love swimming when it's summer, especially when it is particularly hot If you know that you go swimming, Try to think of an extra layer of top coat apply to your manicure or nail varnish because when you go into the water, the hands become and the nails softer and tend to soak up something and that makes it easier for the nails to splinter In any case, to prevent this from happening, apply an extra coat of Top Coat before you go swimming, when you know that you will swim

An extra layer of top coat, from time to time, will always be for one to care for a much longer manicure than if you would not apply a top coat, from time to time This is our top tip for this summer and for the rest For this summer you have definitely some great summer experiences planned, put you on the plane, fly to the best and most exotic places and you will experience the holiday of your life That will be great! We just want to make sure your hands and nails look fabulous, when you arrive at your final destination So make sure you pack a good hand cream, if you go, especially for the plane, take care that the packaging does not exceed Contains 100 milliliters, and do not forget to apply the cream before you go in and again and again during the flight, because the air in the plane is so much drier, as outside the aircraft, they are almost comparable to the winter air So do not forget to keep your hands nice and smooth to keep her well groomed, soft and beautiful

It is summer! What is better in the summer than fresh, great tasting and great fruits? Fruits are so good for your skin, your nails, your hair, for really everything and in the summer we are decidedly spoiled with fresh, tasty, healthy, nutritious and vitamin-rich fruits and we should try to take as much of it as possible For breakfast a few fruits, or a fruit smoothie, if you're on the beach or as a dessert, a few berries or raspberries or something in the direction that's the time of the year, in dealing with all these Can replenish vitamins and nutrients and gives his body the needed health portion, which he probably missed a bit during the winter, and the diet just does not work so seductive, nutritious and so on tasty than in the summer This is by far one of my favorite features, the summer, because in the summer everything from my nails, my hair to my skin really shines, shines and so healthy because I have so much can eat and I love it! <3 Pay attention to the length of your nails and especially the toenails I do not know if you know but in the summer your nails tend to grow much faster than in winter because the wetter it is the more faster our nails tend to grow

I've found this so often that when I put on a shoe, I had the feeling that he feels a bit small and my nails started to hurt during the day because I did not notice right away that my nails were apparently a bit too long, when they should have been and I should have cut them better, before I put on the shoes So be careful not to make the same mistake because it is really painful and an ugly spot on your toenail and of course on your fingernails, whereas I find that fingernails are quicker to notice if they get too long, than at the toenails Paint your nails Your fingernails and also your toenails That may not be right now Be a nail care tip but it will make your nails look fabulous and colorful and it gives you a great summer mood In summer you can wear so many different summer sandals and you see our toenails all the time, That's exactly the time around your toenails, your feet to give a nice manicure and your toenails bright and shiny to paint around To have toenails that fit your outfit These were our 5 summer care tips for you

We hope you enjoyed the video and we wish you a fabulous and great summer and hope your experience fantastic adventures and that you can do it Your manicure always nice and fresh and to keep your hands soft and healthy Many thanks for watching and I look forward to seeing you in our next video Until then, bye!

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