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Hello my beautiful people, what's good, it's Keara Happy Tuesday I just figured I'd sit down and give you a little updated skincare routine while I take off my makeup So it's like I get un-ready with me, but also I'm gonna show you how I get My skin being all nice

I think after I posted an Instagram story with no makeup on someone was like please do a skincare routine and I already did do a skincare routine The previous one is below My skin has been a lot different recently, so I figured I would do a little updated version of this video While I drink my cold brew coffee It's 7 o'clock I probably shouldn't drink any more coffee, but whatever So to start off this video I just want to say I feel like my skin Has been clearing up a lot more because I haven't been wearing as much makeup

I mean it was always like pretty good Like I have good skin genes knock on wood But I feel like it's been so much clearer Now that like I take a break from makeup more often than not, I feel like I probably only wear makeup three times a week or something

Even when I go out sometimes like with my friends, I don't wear makeup and like it's so liberating It feels great How do I open this? Don't even ask me about these makeup wipes coz I got them in like a swag bag from an event I went to Well, first of all, I'll tell you what I do So basically I wash my face two times a day; one time in the morning, one time at night especially if I was wearing makeup that day I make sure I wash off my makeup before I go to bed cuz that's like So bad cuz like when you sleep your pores detoxify themselves And they try to release all the gunk that was like in your pores during the day So you want to make sure there's not more gunk on top of your face when your body's trying to like detoxify your pores, if that makes sense I feel like there's gonna be so many sparkles on my face Cuz I had sparkly eyelids today But yeah I make sure I cleanse my face 2 times a day and right after I cleanse, I make sure that I moisturize Because your skin kind of gets dried out sometimes when you cleanse it I also use a toner on my nose I actually haven't really used the toner much anymore because my nose is less greasy nowadays Which is great because I used to use the toner since like I had an oily t-zone, but now I feel like my skin tone has evened out a little bit

Thank you Thank you, skin gods! I also like to do a mask at least once a month and I like to do a scrub like once a week or a couple times a week like one of those like exfoliating scrubs to get off the dead skin It feels so good too Is my makeup off? Pretty sure I have all my makeup off There might be like sparkles all over my face cuz I was wearing sparkly eyeshadow today But don't mind me So anyway, I want to show you my products that I use So the cleanser I love to get is this Neutrogena Naturals cleanser I'm pretty sure this was in my last video – it's like the more natural line of Neutrogena's So there's no harsh chemicals, sulfates parabens, or dyes

I don't like to use anything like super unnatural on my face This is really good for taking off makeup as well as cleansing your face at the end of the day even if you don't wear makeup So yeah, I highly recommend this By the way, this video is not sponsored! ooo oh my god, okay I'm just – this product is like, one of my favorites I'm obsessed with this rose oil I've been using it for the past like couple months like basically the whole summer and My face feels so moisturized after I use this and also it smells so delicious, like I almost want to eat it, but don't eat it

I don't recommend it I wish you could smell this right now It's delicious and it has little rose petals on the bottom It's by the brand called Korres and it's just wild rose oil I think you can get it at Sephora Ooh vitamin C active brightening oil It definitely does brighten your face

I will have to agree with that Yeah, I'm obsessed with this oil – go buy this right now I've actually been using oils more than creams for moisturizer lately and it's working pretty well So the next thing I have here is a Vichy cream with SPF in it it has 25 SPF and this is really good to use in the summer because – wear your sunscreen people – but also If you're wearing makeup, and then you're like "oh shit I forgot to put on sunscreen!" If you're wearing this underneath, you're good I would normally have like a night cream to show you but I just ran out So I'm using this other Vichy product It's called like night spa and it's more like a gel than a cream But it smells lovely and I've been using it right now instead of like my normal night cream Which is like a Nivea night cream I don't know if like Nivea is that good of a brand but Vichy's an even better brand this smells so good Mmm Also, I've been starting to use an eye cream

This is the one I'm using right now It's by Clinique and it's called Pep Start I think my mom said it's good to start using eye cream when you turn like 18 or something Basically you just dab it around here and I guess it prevents like wrinkles or whatever It just like moisturizes your eye area, which is good The last thing in my skincare routine is putting on lip moisturizer and I usually use Vaseline I mean, I always use Vaseline What am I saying? I'll use either the big tub or this one's like a cute little lip therapy it's cocoa butter I've been using cocoa butter on my lips and on my body recently and it's just like I love the smell of it It's just like a lovely experience using cocoa butter I recommend Vaseline is your girl

There's one more thing I have to show you Hold on Okay, no, I lied there's two more things I have to show you Sorry the lighting changed by the way I'm like trying to film this during golden hour but there's a couple clouds Like I was saying about the oils, I've been using lots of oils recently instead of moisturizers and this is one of the oils I started off using it's Seaberry moisturizing face oil

You can also get this at Sephora And it's the brand Fresh It doesn't smell as good as the rose oil, but it's super hydrating So basically, it's sea buckthorn oil and there's a lot of really good skincare properties in sea buckthorn oil So if you want to use that too! This is lovely, it's expensive But it's lovely Worth it It's so worth it to take care of your skin Oh, let me tell you Then the last thing, okay So lots of people comment on my eyelashes and yes, it's true I used to get my Eyelashes done, like I used to get eyelash extensions It's cuz my mom does it so I get it for free, but I don't do the eyelash extensions anymore I feel more confident just going with my natural lashes This has helped me grow my lashes so much longer and thicker So this is basically just Jamaican black castor oil I don't know like where you live where you could get it, but I live in Canada so I got this at Sally Beauty Make sure you get the pure Jamaican black castor oil Basically, what you do is you get like one of those spoolys, they're kind of like mascara wands But they don't have mascara on them, obviously and before you go to bed, dip your mascara wand or your spooly in this Jamaican black castor oil and then like brush it on your eyelashes Then make sure like you wipe off the excess cuz it like can get in your eye and it stings

Go to bed with this on your eyelashes, and I guarantee you like in a couple weeks your eyelashes are gonna be visibly longer and thicker I got this tip from a model that I was working with and I was like "girl, how are your eyelashes so long and thick?" She was like, "this bad boy" Alright, so I hope you enjoyed my updated skincare routine Let me know what you want to see next on my channel and if you haven't followed my social medias, I will link them below in the description Subscribe! Like! Comment! the usual And I'll see you next week


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