Self Care // Letters to July

Dear July, I took myself out to dinner last night, and I realized one thing that I am grateful about from this past year is how much I learned about self care I haven't regularly practiced it before, but the past 6 months I had to be strict about it to literally survive

Besides meals out, this has taken the form of going to concerts, movies and even a week long vacation alone Anything I could do to rest, feel reinvigorated about life and all its possibilities, and just spend time working on myself One of my favorite discoveries for self care is nail art Can you believe I never understood the hype of nail polish before? Can you say internalized misogyny But really: it's so relaxing, a straightforward enough task that still requires a great deal of focus The completion is rewarding — I feel accomplished like I did this amazing work of art It's a confidence booster as long as it lasts — a reminder that I am beautiful, deserve to exist, and deserve to take up space It's not vain and shallow, it's care and love

So, July, as you bring changes and more unanswered questions, let's still make time for self care Time is valuable I am valuable Let's act like it

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