Quick Tips #1 Negative Side Effects of Permanent Lip Makeup: Cold Sores

Hey dear, welcome to the Quick Tips series Although today's video will be short, concise and on the subject, today's topic is not so

That's how beloved, today we're talking about the labial herpes virus [HERPES] I know what you think it's disgusting

This is actually a topic that nobody wants to talk about, because it is considered a taboo and bad for business Nevertheless, we are here, so let's talk about elephant in every permanent make-up salon [Always educate yourself and your clients about possible side effects of the surgery] Educating yourself and informing the client before surgery, it will help keep a stressful situation in check Of course, we know that it's hard to talk about this nasty side of the treatments Unawareness of your clients is the last thing you want to do

It is much easier to talk about something before it happens You prepare clients for this eventuality If you do not do this, the customer will not know what is going on and why, and he will be angry and unsatisfied with your work [Remember that herpes inflamation can occur in everyone!] I will show you something that can scare you But imagine how the customer would feel looking in the mirror and seeing THIS: instead of beautiful lips

Now I will tell you something that will surprise you This is my client and I did this treatment Herpes can be revealed literally in every client and after every artist, even me This does not mean that the procedure was performed incorrectly or incorrectly This is because we perform an invasive procedure, on the part of the body, which is mainly intended for delicate kisses 🙂 The skin is simply irritated and shocked, like you when you saw this picture for the first time 🙂 [Remember, the doctor and the prescribed dose are always right!] Often, we think we know everything, but read carefully from my lips: Each client has a different labial red

Just because one dose worked for one client, does not mean that it will work for all of them That is why we have to inform the client as professionals, that the doctor knows exactly what to do in their case Remember that if anything goes wrong after you recommend a dose, you will be responsible for this Therefore, it is always better to inform the client that she will go straight to the doctor Possibly to use accurate information on the dosage from the leaflet of the drug, as some do not need a prescription

[Work gently, be calm and keep customers away from the internet!] Gentle work can reduce the chance of herpes inflamation Although this is not guaranteed So if the client feels itching or burning on the lips, you have to deal with it professionally Keep calm and stick to the facts Tell them to stick to the dose given by the doctor, or according to information on the leaflet

Make sure that herpes is temporary The most important be available to them if they have any questions or they are worried

That way they will come to you, or to the doctor instead of searching for tragic stories and "pseudorecept" on the internet, which could end up permanently damaging your mouth [Quick Tip in action!] Getting more into the topic, you can see my client and her herpes from surgery, for the treatment process It is clearly visible that the skin was not overworked during the procedure, and that there were no signs that herpes would occur Of course, because it was warned before the treatment of side effects, she was calm, organized and took care of all the steps during the treatment period She bought the drugs before the surgery, knowing that it can occur

She knew she should use the right dose, and now look at those beautifully-healed lips after herpes went down [Cured after 1 month] [Before -> After] Thanks so much for watching I hope our Quick Tips have helped If so, give us a like Let me know in the comments what you would like in the next episode of our advice

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