PUFFINESS UNDER EYES DUE TO PARTY FACE QUICK FIX Did you wake up with a puffy face after a long night with friends or colleagues? Party face turned into puffy face? I have a party face pack at home for you

Tip number 3 A puffy, swollen face occurs when fluids have built up in the facial tissues A number of home remedies exist for treating mild swelling of the face Contact your health care provider if you experience severe, sudden or painful swelling, if it gets worse over time, if you experience difficulty breathing or if you have signs of infection like fever, redness or tenderness, advises the National Institutes of Health Puffy face tip number 3

Watermelon A cool refreshing fruit drink offers an early morning energy boost as well as a means for remedying a puffy face Cut the rind off of a slice of chilled watermelon, cut it in chunks and toss them in the blender No need to remove the seeds Just blend, strain, and enjoy a vitamin C boost, which should help the swelling in your face to go down quickly

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