Pet Care Tips- How to trim a guinea pig’s nails

Hi, this is Paul Wise and welcome to the Lawn Vets video series In this short video I will be sharing with you some tips on how to perform a procedure on your pet

To ensure the safety of you and your pet, I recommend if you've not already done so that you first watch our Animal Handling video Ok so we're going to try and trim some guinea pig nails, and Michelle's just going to hold this little one upside down, just to allow me to get in there Ok so the key with trimming nails is to try and identify where the quick is, which isn't too bad on this pig but I'm not sure how well it's going to come out on camera, there's a little pink bit, that's the quick, and we just need to be just below that with our trimming I'll just take these ones off a little bit, alright little piggy wiggy, well done, ok lets just see if it's any easier over here, this side's actually a bit shorter, sometimes the way, ok Alright little one, they do squeak and squawk a little bit when you do this, it doesn't actually mean you're hurting them

Ok now with this nail here, I'll just hold this nail out, you might be able to see, there's a pink bit which seems to stop at about that level there, actually when you're trimming you need to be below that so I can't actually take that much off of these pig's nails You won't be able to see at all if I do that With the darker nails it does get a little bit harder so then you have to take an educated guess with the trimming Well done, last one Ok now it's important that we do trim these nails, because guinea pigs do tend to suffer from a condition called pododermatitis, and they can get some rather nasty abscesses in the foot pads, this little pig's actually ok so it's not a problem but it's a good job done

As always, if having watched this video you have any questions or if you encounter any difficulties performing the procedure, then please phone or email the surgery We're here to personally help give you the very best advice and treatment possible for your much loved pet Thanks for watching, any feedback regarding this video will be very much appreciated

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