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Hi, I'm Emily Baker, The Pool's junior writer and today I'm going to be getting a perm First off we're going to shampoo your hair and we're going to put the revamp treatment on, which will even out your hair which you've been using at home as well

Then rinse it out, bring you back up and cut your hair, and then we're ready to perm So, when we're going to do the perm we're going to use the Curlformers and section your hair off in small sections So, we're going to use different sized rollers of the Curlformers, and one will be slightly smaller than the other one, which will give more of a textured curl so you get different amounts of volume in the hair and width and different shaped curl When we've got all the Curlformers in then we're going to go downstairs and put the perm lotion on That will stay on for about 20 minutes and we'll protect it with some cling film, just to give it some extra heat, it'll take better with heat

Once the curl are ready to go I'll pull out a Curlformer and test your hair and see how the curl's forming and if I'm happy with that, we'll start to rinse the hair for 20 minutes and then blot dry and hair dry just to get rid of all the water and then we'll apply the neutraliser and we'll leave that for five minutes then start taking them out, and then when they're all out we'll put the rest on the ends, and then we'll leave that two minutes and then we rinse, finish with conditioner and then leave a little bit of the conditioner in just because the curls like moisture, then we'll come back up and then we'll dry your hair And then you've got a perm! Yeah, then you've got a perm Thank you so much, I've obviously had my perm now – I love it, it's so curly! How do I look after it myself now? Keep going with the Keep Curl shampoo and conditioner, use that, and you can always leave a little bit of conditioner in, you don't have to rinse it all out Use the large-tooth comb I showed you if you have to comb your hair, no brushes, but it's best to let it just define it with the Curl Memory gel and the argan oil gloss Then section off your hair and then twist it all around, you can let it dry naturally or finish off with the diffuser like me – medium heat, slow


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