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– So this is exactly how I do my hair every time This is what you would find in my shower or in my cupboard, these products

Now, these are critical steps, you guys You're gonna think I'm crazy, but no, if you do this your hair will be more moisturized than normal (upbeat music) Hey everyone, I'm Mindy from Cute Girls Hairstyles and today we are gonna film one of the most requested videos I get from everyone, which is a haircare routine What products do I use? How do I use them? And how do I take care of my hair, as well as teach my kids to take care of theirs Today is the day

I have to admit, it was a little bit of a strange video because I actually took you in the shower with me to show you how I do the different products in my hair Don't worry, I had a swimsuit on But, yeah, it was a little funny So, it's gonna be great If you guys have not subscribed to our channel already be sure to click the flower or the subscribe button down below this box and you guys can subscribe to follow is for all of our hair adventures and let's get on to video

Okay you guys, I'm gonna give you a couple quick tips and tricks before I get into my haircare routine Number one, what you put in your body is definitely gonna show in your hair So, if you're eating good, you're hair's gonna be better Number two, vitamins would help Biotin helps your hair and nails grow stronger

If you haven't taken that one before, you can try that if you're looking to grow your hair faster Number three, regular hair trims always keep your hair healthier, so make sure that you're getting regular trims I know it seems a little backwards to cut your hair to get it to grow, but it's actually true If your hair is healthier because of your regular trims it will grow faster and longer The next tip I'm gonna give you is just that not everybody's hair is created equal

What I'm gonna show you here today works for my hair, works for my kids hair, that doesn't necessarily mean if you have a really tight curly hair it's gonna work for you This is not what I would use on Paisley's type of hair just because her hair texture and her hair curl pattern is very, very different You need to figure out what works for you These are just options for you to try and see if some of them will work for your hair and give you other ideas to play with Another great tip that you should not wash your hair every day

I know people are gonna say, oh, my hair is so greasy and it would look terrible I didn't Yes, it's true, some people have oilier hair, but I'm telling you like you train your hair and the more you wash it, the more you're telling it it needs to produce oil, because you're using shampoos that are stripping that natural oil By stretching out how often you're shampooing your hair you're actually teaching your hair to produce less oil Now, it's not gonna happen overnight, it does take a little while if you've been washing your hair every day, don't expect like three days later to see non-oily hair It's not gonna happen

But, if you continue to stretch your hair like every other day and then maybe every third day then it's going to continue to teach her hair and over time, your hair will get less oily I mean, I know people that go four days without washing their hair, and the bonus to that is you don't have to re-style your hair every single day So you're using less heat, which then helps with damage, et cetera, et cetera The trick to that is just of course dry shampoo which is gonna help to stretch out that hair and prevent it from looking oily every single day Okay, so let's get into my routine

This is what I do every single day and truly, 100%, if you were to walk into my house at any moment and walk into my shower, this is what you would find in my shower or in my cupboards, these products When I get in the shower the first thing I do before even wash my face or my body is I wet my hair down because they immediately want to start my hair The first product I use is a shampoo I actually, really love this Head & Shoulders It's actually a men's shampoo and it smells like Old Spice and I know that sounds so weird, but seriously smells so good

I find that for mine here I don't have to use super expensive shampoos and they still work If I were gonna go more high end, I would flip over to this to this tea tree, special shampoo This is like a tea tree oil smelling one I also love the smell on this one This is a more expensive brand, but it also works as well

So, if you find it take less expensive brands don't work for your hair, try this one The bonus to this, and I use this once in awhile in the winter, and they do this for my kids too, is because tea tree oil is a natural lice repellent In the winter time when we start getting the notes from school about lice popping up here and there I start having the girls wash their hair a little bit more with tea tree oil which then prevents them from getting the lice Anyway, so, you can also put tea tree oil drops in a regular shampoo and it would do the same thing When I'm washing my hair, on shampoo, always apply to the roots before the ends like, you're not trying to strip the ends of all of the oil, you want the roots, where it's greasy and dirty in your roots

I definitely scrub the roots You can see from this video that I'm really working my fingers under my hair I'm not using my nails because you don't want to scratch your head I'm using my finger pads, but you're really rubbing, you're breaking up your hair follicles and you're definitely, really scrubbing your head and getting it all nice and clean and foamy You're gonna know your hair is clean when the shampoo is foaming for you After I've rinsed my hair and it's clean of shampoo I dry my hair a little bit

Now, you can do this by just wringing out your hair I squeeze a lot of the water out of it I even sometimes take a towel in, just like a hand towel and I kind of blot the hair You don't want your hair sopping wet, you want it damp so when you add the conditioner to your hair, and your hair is sopping, dripping wet all you're doing is diluting the conditioner So, A, you're wasting more money and B, it's not gonna work as effectively on your hair

If your hair is damp-ish, like where you squeezed out the water and actually blotted it with a towel, the conditioner is gonna be a lot more effective More conditioner is getting on each hair strand so it's able to work better and you're gonna end up spending less money, because you're using less conditioner Now, for me, this is actually my, probably, pickiest step because I am really picky about my conditioner The one that I'm finding that I've loved, that I literally have used for years and I actually do use this product on Paisley because it's it's more of a natural product and so it works on her hair too I use this it's called Macadamia

They have a professional version and a non-professional honestly I bought them both and compared like the ingredients and like looked at 'em and tried them and basically they do exactly the same thing I would not be afraid to buy the non-professional version and it's actually less expensive I get these on Amazon, I find they're cheaper there So, I'll put the link in the description box for all of this stuff When I'm using this in the shower, I just open the lid, I take out not a ton, which helps because this is more expensive so it needs to last for me

I don't wanna go through this every two weeks And when I put it in my hair it's the opposite of shampoo You wanna start with this one by putting it in the ends of your hair first and rubbing it through your hair and really working it in Then move up just barely putting some in your roots 'cause this is gonna help it from getting oily Then, I run my fingers through my hair

Okay, now, these are critical steps you guys You're gonna think I'm crazy, but no, if you do this your hair will be more moisturized than normal I first start by running just my fingers through my hair and kind of working out any knots or crazy snarls through my hair And as I'm working my fingers through my hair I'm also spreading the conditioner up the hair strands What you'll notice is you'll start getting hair stuck between your fingers

This is normal, it's just hair shed, everybody gets it I get quite a bit, like when Camry was filming this, she was like mom that's so much hair I guess she doesn't get quite as much shed as I do Paisley, when I'm combing out her super-curly hair after she's had her hair in cornrows, she has quite a bit of shed It's just normal, it's part of life, you just take it off your fingers and throw it away, it's no big deal

Then after I do that, I actually take a comb Now, I know some people if you have curly hair a tight little comb like I use would not work for you I actually just use like a really tiny comb and this really combs the conditioner through my hair But if you had curly hair you would definitely wanna try a comb that has a little wider tooth setting like this one, or you could even go up to something like this, a wet brush, I love this wet brush, where it does your hair wet or dry and this one would work just fine in the shower too But this is like, a really important step

I cannot overemphasize this Working the conditioner through your hair with a comb, is going to make all the difference Okay guys, once you have all of the conditioner in your hair and you've used your comb to work it through all of your hair strands, I take my hair and I just pull it to the nape of my neck and I twist it into a bun and I just let it stay there by itself and I try to keep it out of the water at that point, until everything else is done, because I want that really to absorb and soak into my hair If you have super-short hair, you could either take an elastic in the shower with you and do it or you could use a like a shower cap to do the same thing Really get that deep conditioning treatment going on your hair

After it sits on my hair for a while, then I do things like shave my legs or I wash my face I use this new CLEAN & CLEAR coffee scrub that I'm loving right now You can see I'm using that in the shower I rub my face and scrub it all off and this is where I would wash my makeup off, I wash my body with a loofah Camry and I had a debate when I was doing this

Do you guys when you wash her face and lather it up, do you stick your face fully in the stream to wash her face off or do you catch it in your hands and splash it up? Sean and I have this running debate because he thinks I'm so weird because I splash the water up And he's like, he's like, you're just wasting all this water, who don't you just stick your face in the stream? But for me, I feel like I'm suffocating if my face is completely in the water So, for me, I catch it and splash it I'm gonna throw up a poll right here in the corner and tell me if you are a face splasher or a stick your face in the stream if you're washing your face and I wanna see which one is winning Then Sean and I can finally end this debate

Camry is a face splasher like me, so she thought I was normal, so yay After you finished shaving, washing your face, cleaning your body then I go ahead and rinse the conditioner out of my hair I just try to rinse the hair only enough that it feels like it's not gonna be greasy I don't want it to like completely wash away all of the conditioner, I just don't want it greasy Then I am ready to jump out of the shower

Okay guys, once I get out of the shower, I get dressed, put on lotion, whatever Then I take my hair out of the towel Then I take my wet dry brush, I love this, this wet brush that has the open back on it It combs through wet hairs so well I start at the ends, always at the ends to make sure there's no snarls

But, because I use my good conditioner, there really never is You can see how easily I'm combing through Now, of course, this is gonna change depending on the hair texture you have and how much curl you have in your hair I, obviously, just kind of have some wave so my hair is not bad Then I take my hair oil

Now, this one is an argan oil, but I've used Moroccan oil, I'm not married to a particular brand as long as it's either Moroccan or argan I take a couple squirts like this, and again, it will vary depending on your type of hair and how thick it is and how like oily your hair naturally is But you can see, I'm just sort of smoothing it on my hands and then running it through and I'm not doing the scalp, because I don't want my oil to be in my roots, it's just supposed to be coating the ends where my hair tends to get dry Do one side My hair really absorbs it

You can tell, if you watch, watch what I do with my hair Once I run this through, I have layers, so I'm trying to hit those shorty pieces You can just see it, look at my hands, it's like completely gone, my hair just soaks it in My hair loves this stuff So this is what I do to keep my edges from getting too dry all the time

Now, the next thing I always do while I still have wet hair is this Bed Head It's called Volume Boosting Foam and used to be yellow, they've just recently changed the packaging to purple I shake it up and I do a couple foamy squirts and I just take this and put it right in the crown of my head, right here Like this And then I am done

That's just gonna help give me some volume when I blow dry my hair or if I don't bow dry my hair just helps keep the volume and the lift in that part of my hair where I want it Normally, at this point if it were me I usually shower at night, so typically I would stop doing anything with my hair just twist it back into a ponytail like an elastic, even let it just open air dry and I would go to bed So I don't mind sleeping with my hair wet and I prefer the sort of air dries instead of blow dry because it's less damaging But, if you're a blow dryer or totally fine too If I'm in a hurry or I'm doing everything in one day I definitely blow dry my hair

Even if I sleep with my hair open, it still is damp in the morning so I have to like just take a blow-dryer to just touch it really fast and just dry like the very roots that might still have a little tiny bit of water in 'em After I do that, then I start blow drying my hair When you blow dry your hair, you always wanna blow dry with the grain of the hair So if I want my hair to lay like this, like nice and volumized, I'm actually gonna blow dry it like this, so I'm still going with the grain in the direction of the hair but I'm going upwards in my roots, so that when I flip my hair back over I still have some nice volume in the roots and it's not just totally flat If you blow dry like this (whooshing) it's just gonna go like and it's gonna be totally flat and it's not gonna look as good

After I get my hair all blow-dried then I add either the curls or a straighten it Today, I think I'm gonna straighten it So, I'm using my favorite hair straightener that I love, love, love I always rebuy this one because it's such a great straightener and my kids fight over it It's the ghd Straightener and I'll link it in the description box below

I'll leave a poll you guys, do you guys prefer curly hair or straight hair, leave a poll, I'll put a poll up right there and you guys can vote and tell me which one you like But today we're gonna do straight I always just part it and I've done videos on this in the past I pull the top part out of the way so we always start with the bottom layer and then I just begin by straightening I mean this is really pretty basic

Take my straightener and run it down my hair When you're straightening you guys, you just wanna do root to tip I try to do just like one or two slower passes, versus like 10 faster passes, just because I don't think it's as good on your hair to do a ton This is also where the oil becomes kind of like a heat protectant for your hair and it's gonna help your hair absorb that heat better But you can use a heat protectant in general on top of the oil if you want to as well

I always, at my roots right here, I always take the straightener and I kind of pull it away and out from my scalp Because I want it to continue to have that lift in my root, I don't wanna just flatten it to death in my root, even though the rest of my hair, even though I want it straight, I don't want that root to totally die After I do my hair, I always, always, always add dry shampoo everyday even if my hair is brand new clean just because it adds a little grit and it helps keep my hair from getting oily and gross every day Right now, I'm using this Herbal Essence I get sent product all the time and dry shampoo is one of the ones I get sent a bunch

I am not married to this one I've used plenty of dry shampoos For me, personally, I don't have like an all-time favorite dry shampoo I find that I can, pretty much, make any of them work the way I want them to The only thing I don't like is when they leave a white powder residue and I just hold it a little farther away from my hair

I just take the dry shampoo, I spray it in like this I just kind of roll it around Then, I part a section and spray it on the root line again and spray it on the root line again, and just sort of mix it I do that right in my crown especially too Anywhere you know you get really greasy and get that grody look where it just looks kind of oily

The other thing I always put in my hair is a little texturizing powder I started by using Big Sexy's Powder Play which I really love, but then Kristin Ess came out with a Loose Styling Powder as well and she sells this at Target and it's actually cheaper and a bigger bottle than this one, so go Kristin It works just as well But this is really like just a fine powder, and this one I do kind of same thing, you just tap it in your hair like this I'll do it on the top and then you just mix it in and same thing I'll kind of reach just a couple little sections I'll add it into like this on both sides

Again, this, literally, is just adding, it's like a little, it's got a little grit to it I don't know how to explain it But your hair, especially if you have fine hair that kind of is stringy, this is gonna grit it out and it's just gonna add like a ton of volume This is also great if you're doing braids and you wanna puff the braids, sprinkle a little of this on it and then puff and the haircut has so much texture to it, holds a lot better And the third thing I do, because I'm a little older and you can see, especially today, because it's time for me to go get my hair recolored, I have some gray hair right here and right here and just in my roots that start showing up

So for that I use a Bumble and Bumble, this is called Brownish Hair Powder I just take this, when I'm totally done with my hair, I'm ready to just walk out the door, then I spray this in and I'll just go right on my root lines that are showing or right in these little temples where I might have a little bit of gray showing It just adds enough color to my hair that you can't tell there's gray This is a great way to prolong hair in between colors so I get like an extra week or two before I have to go back in, which is nice, because it's not great on your hair and it's expensive to get your hair done all the time The only thing with this I will tell you, if you touch our here like right after you spray it, it will turn your fingertips a little bit brown, which I haven't figured out how to get rid of

If you guys have other hair powder brands that you love, put 'em in the comments below and I'll try 'em out and maybe do a Fab and Fail on different brands Then, if you wanna just keep that from getting on your fingertips, like a final little spritz of hairspray and you're good and that will do it And hair spray, I like the Big Sexy So, this is exactly how I do my hair every time The only thing is the next morning, because I told you I don't do my hair every single day, like I don't wash it and shampoo it

What I would do is just get up the next morning if I needed to retouch the straighten or the curl at all I would do that, but just a tiny bit Then, I would just add back in dry shampoo in the root and help re like get rid of any oils from overnight I do not re-ad like the powder, typically, or anything like that, just the dry shampoo and then I'm ready to run out the door So that's it Hey you guys, thanks so much for watching this video

I hope that you guys learned something new or have a new product that you wanna try I'll link everything in the description box below so you can find it If you haven't already followed us, be sure to click this flower button right here If you'd like to see other videos you can click over here in these boxes and we will see you guys later Bye guys

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