My skin care routine (dry skin)

hello hello hello welcome to my channel and today I wanna show you what skin products do I use my skin is dry and sensitive skin some of the skin care products they said it's for dry skin but sometimes they are too oily that I may get oil tablets very easily after all these years, I have found those which are the best for me and I would like to share with you today I'm wearing my makeup now the (make up) remover that I use is this one – Shu Uemura I've been using it for many years and this is prefect because I'm such a lazy lady you use it to remove your whole face makeup easily usually I just get one pump or two pumps for the lips for the eyes I may get one more small pump for my eyes seriously it's so convenient you can see all my eye makeup are gone perfect I also just like that okay it's prefect I also use dermalogica or cleaning afterwards this one is so rich and creamy which is very suitable for my dry skin my skin feels so smooth afterwards just to make sure my face is perfectly clean nice so after the cleaning my skin doesn't feel tight at all

It feels so good sometimes during the week about 1-2 times I use this nu skin spa machine to clean my skin and do the moisturising facial I'm using this facial gel which is deep clean the skin and moisturize the skin this one is for deep cleaning pre treatment gel this one is for moisturizing the skin firstly I have to wet my hand so that they can conduct the electricity through my skin I set it to program 1 which lasts for 2 minutes the gel on it You can heard the bip sound it's telling you the machine is working this machine is not cheap at all but it works very well it worths invest in it I bought it four years ago and I'm still using it this machine helps massage your skin as well then set to program 2 this one is for moisturizing my skin its about three minutes so I pretty much spend five minutes in doing this facial for the first deep cleaning they used mechanism to remove your dirts from the skin and then for this program for program 2 which I'm using is pretty much the opposite of the previous program which can help to skin to absorb the gel they have different products which you can use this machine the most I use is the face – facial products nice I use this SkinCeuticals equalizing toner it's mainly for pores refining it's suitable for all skin types I used to use their cleanser which is pretty good as well awesome as I said I have all this dry skin so I'm very picky about the eye cream I tried different brands before and I got the oil tablets very easily Until I found this one – clinique all about eyes this one is perfect it is very very moisturizing and it is not sticky at all perfect for my skin I've been using it for like a few years already I wanna have long hair for face it also use this – dramatically different moisturizing lotion this one is perfect for my skin I don't feel oil at all

My skin feels so moisturised afterwards like the eye cream, I've been using this lotion for few years already just need 1 or 2 pumps of it so this is the skin care products I use on daily basis if you like my video remember to give me thumb up and subscribe my channel Bye-bye

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