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Do you mind saying 'What's up Qtees' with us? Awesome?! Oh no, 'What's up' LOL Hi Qtees! My name is Han Eu Ddeum, and I'm a model You are so gorgeous <3 Hi Qtees! I'm her FRIEND Song Ji-Hye Let's have a look at her first outfit There's a lot of music festivals going on in Korea these days And I like to wear HOT when I go to these festivals lol It's a very sporty style But it can be a bit too skin revealing, so I like to prepare a shirt to tie around my waist or throw on top of this outfit And to protect my skin from the sun, a cap is a must! What's the brand? This is not a workout clothing, right?! Nope, but you can wear it as a workout outfit as well But it will be very uncomfortable lol I don't think I can wear this and work out It's way too tight! But it's great for dancing No, I mean when dancing at the festival rhythm~ lol This shirt is from a brand called Kichwork Oh! I know that brand I like how it doesn't easily get wrinkled The cap is from a brand called, Charms I really love this outfit <3 These days, I really enjoy wearing these type of lace materials I wear them very often Such as this one! You can wear this on top of certain outfit / Yup! You can also wear this under certain outfit as well For example, you can wear this inside and layer with a tight blue one-piece dress You can also layer it with a knit wear or even a shirt It really goes with everything Even a t-shirt and jeans go well together Because it can create such diverse outfits, I wear this very often This piece is even easier to stylize with other outfits Which brand is this dress from? This white dress that I'm wearing is also from the same brand Even the top that Ji Hye wore today is from "Stay with me" lol I really enjoy wearing Korean brands I saw you wearing this on your Instagram >_< It's convenient to have at least one suit in your wardrobe because there are many occasions to wear them Such as at a wedding or an event For a daily outfit, you can wear just the pants and throw on a simple white t-shirt I wear this suit very often as well I'm really into Denim these days as well! Especially wearing denim on denim has been my recent go-to outfit I would wear these pants and jackets that are from different brands but have similar hues of color This skirt is extremely long It's even too long for me Thus, I always wear a high platform when I wear this skirt And I paired it with this denim jacket that has a similar hue, which makes the entire outfit really cute <3 This denim jacket goes well with this skirt as well I like pieces that have these kind of ruffles which are cute and lovely This bag goes well with any outfits that I wear I basically carry this everyday! I think I have been carrying this bag only since this spring I have all of my essentials in this bag and never switched them to other bags There are so many storage spaces / Yup! There are total of 4 spaces I heard that such color is very popular this season As a model, I believe it's very important that you are at your best even when you don't have any makeup on And I believe the most important aspect of it is hydration For that reason, I always do a daily skincare routine I also carry such oil essence mist and spray it on my body, face and even my hair This is a must item, especially during summer Because there's an oil, you have to shake it well before using it It also contains shimmery particles that gives gorgeous shines Spray like this and It really helps to hydrate my skin all day long So you frequently spray whenever you need hydration? / Yup! Lip balm has always been my essentials I really don't like seeing dead skin on my lips She literally carries 10 lip balms lol I really like this Eos lip balm I would apply this when I don't have my makeup on Or even apply on my cuticles Alsothis may sound a bit gross but I like to utilize my 'own' oil You mean the natural oil that your body produce? / Yup I have a lot of natural oil around my nose, so I grab that oil and apply it under my eyes that are dry Isn't it awesome?! It's actually a really handy tip >_< I have a very dry skin, but only my nose is oily I never told anyone about this

lol I also carry such Tinted Lip balm to apply on top of my lipstick I believe that as a model, your natural appearance has to be perfect even without a makeup And as a model you always have to be ready at anytime at any place So I always have to have my self ready; thus, there's not even a single day that I don't take care of my cuticles, exfoliation, skin and even hair I take care of them even when I don't have a schedule It actually became a habit Because I have been doing such self-care since when I was very young I thought every do self-care just like me But then I realized it was just me! How about you Ji-Hye? Because of Eu-Ddeum, I started taking care of myself But Eu-Ddeum is way more meticulous She literally has nail clippers in her car as well as her pouch & bag Anywhere, you name it! So it's actually very convenient for me because I can always ask her And I always have what she needs lol For real?! Why do you carry a big scissor? Yes I carry scissors with me lol I usually carry the small one, but I brought this big one today for some reason I think part of it is her personality She's very meticulous I don't know why, but it seems like every time when you really need it you don't have it with yourself That's so true! Who ever goes on a vacation with you must be really convenient I always don't prepare what 'I' need Another beauty essentials that I always carry with me is this eyebrow mascara I brightened my hair color very recently but my eyebrows are naturally very dark I do dye my eyebrows too, but it becomes dark very fast So I use this to match my eyebrow and hair colours I use this product to get rid of oiliness on my face I like how it comes with a brush Yup I pour the powder on the lid like this And brush it just like this! This is such a convenient product! I also take care of hair removal very seriously I always carry Not only eyebrows but every where (you know the rest lol) Taking care of my eyelashes are really important too She's a perfectionist My eyelashes tend to grow diagonally rather than straight So I use this curler that has brushes attached to it I believe Banila Co has similar product like this But for me, I bought this from Japan Because this curler has brush attached to it, it makes sure my eyelashes are curled straight rather than diagonally Look at my eyelashes Eu Dduem is so gorgeous <3 (Mesmerized by her beauty) I think I kind of understand Eu Dduem's personality now You become anxious when you see someone has a strand of hair on their back at the subway station, right? YESSSS!!!!!!!!!!! I literally take it off for them But I really try my best to do it without them realising it But if that is difficult, I literally stop them and tell them For real?! For instance, I would approach the person and say "Excuse me, your bag is open" I have an extremely dry skin, even my lips So I apply two kinds of lipsticks I like applying matte lipstick I like this kind of lipstick that has a sponge applicator that can smudge and blend the color while applying But the downside is that it dries my lips really fast So I apply this type of moist lipstick at the inner of my lips Are these the lipsticks that you're wearing right now? / Yup They are from 'Makeup Forever' and Liz K's newly launched brand called 'it Da' BTW, the earring that I'm doing today is actually hand-made by Ji-Hye It's so pretty!! This earring goes well with every outfit Even with all the outfits that I brought today I also made these earrings that I'm wearing today, and it's an odd design earring I haven't seen that one before CAN I HAVE IT? I really like this chocker that she made too Great thing about it is that Ji-Hye creates whatever jewelry that I imagine I actually find a peace of mind when everytime I get to work with my hands designing and creating jewelries BTW! Your last name is HAN! OMG that's true! Cheongju 'Han' right? / Yup! Don't be sad Ji-Hye I feel lonely right nowlol I wanted to become a model since when I was in middle school Because I was tall, many people around me suggested me to become a model And I was like, "What is a model?" "That is so cool!" "Should I try?" As I began finding interests in model, I got casted on a street In the 90s, many people got casted in the street similar to me If the casting company seemed to be legitimate, I usually said yes to all the auditions Usually when a person comes up to you and asks "Do you want to become a model or an actress/actor," they usually say "No" But when someone asks me 'Do you want to become a model?' I would be like

But the cool thing is that it was the first person to ask me if I wanted to become a model rather than an actress And that's how it all began There's a model competition called Elite Model My career started from there and here I am now 🙂 How about you Ji-Hye? Mine is very similar to her story But I debuted quite late compared to her Because I was so tall, I naturally thought that I should become a model Ji-Hye also majored in Modeling in University I'm a senior and she's a junior She's right! Because I started modeling so late, she's a very high senior to me But because we came out from a same modeling competition and we are in a same agency we quickly became best friends I think that is one of the main reasons why modeling is such a difficult job I think as a model, it's important to get used to being rejected There's going to be many rejections in model's career But because it's not a rejection about your capability but about your external appearance soemtimes the rejection can leave you a bigger scar Once you get used to those rejections, you can become a real professional model I think it's best to just don't care about the rejections Just because I got selected does not mean I got chosen because I'm prettier You got chosen because of either a luck or your image suited well with a certain brand It's not because who is better than other or not, so don't care about other's rejection But in model's career, there's always a moment in life where you get so many rejections It's inevitable! So you just have to endure it ㅠㅠ I recently realized that I'm a type of person who can't stay still in one seat I only knew when many people started to say to me, "Why are you always keep moving?" When I'm watching TV, I'm always stretching Even when I'm laying on bed, I raise my leg up Another example is that if I had a tight schedule for a week and I have one day off, I would go out rather than rest at home I think because she moves so much, her metabolism is very high So you don't have particular exercise routine, but it's solely based on your lifestyle and habits? Yes, but I also enjoy exercising Oh, there's one thing that I always make sure I don't do: No matter how sleepy I am, I don't go to bed for the next 3 hours after a meal Let's say I ate something at dawn Then I won't be sleeping for the next 3 hours First, don't sleep right after you ate Second, have an enough sleep I sleep really A LOT If I don't have any schedule, I would always spend that time to catch up with my sleep Sometimes I would sleep for straight 2 days She sleeps at night and wakes up at next night lol Oh, and make sure to drink a lot of water I actually get a lot of similar questions on my DM I became a model because it's something that I was passionate about and I made persistent effort But if I gave up during the beginning of my career just because it was too hard, I wouldn't be where I am today So my advice is that if you are really passionate about modeling, DO NOT GIVE UP You should also have a strong mentality Appearance and personality is irrelevant with modelling Having a strong willingness is the key They also say there's a trend in modeling But to be honest, you really don't know Trend is keep changing Don't be discouraged about your inability You have to go beyond such thoughts and be persistent with your dream Just like Eu-Ddeum, don't lose feeling of tension and always be ready to be a model Having such mindset is a great tip that we can give you Thesedays, many people say models with individuality are more successful Therefore many models try to find their individuality But they find it hard to find their individuality But I don't think 'individuality' is that important in this industry I believe you have to be a model that can become ANY type of character that is given to you Eu-Ddeum definitely can absorb any type of characters Thank you so much for such a wonderful advice! Thank you for having us today! It's our pleasure to have you ladies today <3 I hope to see you guys more often 🙂

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