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Hi everyone, my name is Akindipe Aderayo and I'm a makeup artist popularly known as Adeoge I'm also a student

Today I'll be teaching you how to use your foundation; how to blend well and how to choose the right shade for you I'm sure you must have known how to draw your brows, how to do your eye shadows and your lashes because I've done that off-camera Okay I'll start by showing you the different shades of foundation This is Zaron cosmetic, a Nigerian brand Zikel, a Nigerian brand and L'Oreal true match

So these are three different foundation shades You know your foundation shade through your neck You check by applying a little bit of your foundation on on your neck This is too light for me so I'll take another shade of foundation So these are three different shades of foundation on my hand This is the first one; so I try applying it It's definitely too light for me

Then I take the next one which is the one in the middle Okay this looks almost like my shade Then I take this last one; I think this is the perfect one for me Okay I found my perfect match and I would start applying my foundation When you want to apply your foundation, you either use your beauty blender or your foundation brush Your beauty blender or your foundation brush But I really love using my beauty blender

But what I noticed was that beauty blenders absorb a lot of foundation Since we are trying to be economical and trying to save your foundation from getting finished easily, you use your brush first So I'll apply my foundation with my brush first Then I start from this lower part Then I use my beauty blender to blend the foundation well

Next, I'll apply my foundation again to the upper parts I use my beauty blender to dab it well into my skin Blend, blend, blend well Make it sink so well into your skin You can hardly differentiate between my skin and my foundation because it is well blended

I'm adding more foundation because I want a better coverage If you feel like your foundation is too light because there are different kinds of foundation; a full coverage, light coverage and a very light one, you will just build up foundation that is if you feel like it's too light for you Continue adding to build it up to your satisfaction So I'm adding more because I want it to be more than this Now can you see the difference between this face and this face? This almost looks like my skin; like perfect already

But this is my real skin But still perfect Blend well, make sure you don't have any ash line And it is well blended now Okay my foundation is now well blended

I hope you learnt something today Before I go, I want to tell you a trick I used after getting my shade of foundation I made sure my beauty blender was a little bit damp I added a little water to it to make it easier for me to blend Don't add too much water, just a little bit of water

Then make sure you blend well Blending is the key; if you don't blend well, it is not going to come out well You need to blend well Thank you so much for watching to the end and I hope you like this video and subscribe to this channel for more amazing videos I'll be back to teach you more

Thank you! Bye

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