Long hair care – Summer hair care routine 2018

[intro music] Hey everyone! Renate from CraftyRenate here It's summertime, which means a lot of sun and water fun

But that can make your hair look dull, it can make it brittle, it can damage your hair So to prevent that, I changed my summer hair care routine and I'm going to share with you what I'm doing this summer! So these aren just seven things I'm doing to keep my hair healthy and beautiful in summer! First, I use a leave-in and the one I'm holding right here is what I have on my hair right now It's a new product by Gliss Kur and it's the Ultimate oil elixir oil repair cream treatment with nourishing micro oils And it's very nourishing for your hair, it strengthens, it's anti frizz And, you know, it prevents breakage and it does all sorts of good things for your hair

Smells really good, like we're used to from all the Gliss Kur products And what I really like about this is that it doesn't weigh my hair down I can totally see and feel that it's doing good for my hair, you know It's smooth and soft and nourished My ends are not dry at all when I have this on

But you can't actually feel that you have it on It's not greasy or sticky It doesn't weigh your hair down, so that's important Because some leave-ins do that and that's not good So I basically put it on and leave it on until the next time I wash my hair

So yeah, I'm really glad that I discovered this product! I don't think they sell it everywhere yet, because it is a new product But I will link every product Well, I will list all the products that I'm showing in the video and if I can find where they sell it then I will also put a link in the description box to that product, so you can know where to find it

So yes, I definitely recommend this product! Something else I do a lot in summer is: wear hats! It's such a simple way to protect your hair from being overly exposed to the sun Because my tends to get really dry when I'm in the sun a lot and it also really lightens, like REALLY lightens if I'm in the sun and in the pool a lot and I don't,you know, take any precautions Then the ends of my hair – at the end of summer – are blonde I'm not kidding you This is still dark but that's blonde! So I try to prevent that

And also, hats are really great to protect your head against the heat from the sun So you know, very simple I know you can't always wear a hat, but I do wear them a lot And I wear a simple cap quite a lot and then of course you have the big sun hats And these are just two of the ones that I like to wear

You can't go wrong with hats! Of course the sun is not the only thing that can have a bad effect on your hair Chlorine from the swimming pools can also be really, really bad So you obviously want to protect your hair against that if you're gonna be swimming a lot I know I am! [laughs] I'm gonna be swimming this afternoon! [laughs] So yes, you can buy sun protective sprays for your hair in any drugstore So I used to use this a lot and you could also just use a hair oil to protect your hair

I'm however, I'm not doing those things this year I'm doing things a little bit differently When I'm wearing the leave-in that I just mentioned, I feel like my hair already has a leave-in in it, so it's already protected Because, you know, there's not a lot of room for anything else to be absorbed into my hair, because it already has the leave-in with the micro oils in it So I feel like my hair is protected from that

Another thing I like to use for that is the Nivea hairmilk Again, this is a leave-in, it's a leave-in spray Smells really nice, again and it does so many great things for your hair It's a great all-around product The one that I have is the one for fine, dry and damaged hair

Yeah, it just really moisturizes your hair, it strengthens your hair, it protects your hair And because it's a leave-in, again I feel like this will help against the chlorine so that it doesn't get into your hair At least not deeply into your hair So this is definitely a great option to use before you go swimming and also after you've been swimming, because it detangles so well! Which brings me to the next tip, or the next thing I do I use a lot of detangle sprays in summer, because when my hair gets wet it gets really hard to detangle

So you don't just want to be pulling your hair You want to be careful and just use a detangle spray that will make your brush or your comb just fly through your hair so you don't have any breakage or damage because you're like tugging your hair So I use this one as I mentioned and I also use let me just get it [laughs] I'm sitting on my hair [laughs] And then of course there are two trusty Gliss Kur detangle sprays These are incredible I've been using these forever, well not this one, this one is a new one

But you always have the yellow one, the orange one and now there's a pink one So yes, these are all just as good You know, I don't really notice much of a difference between them But I just kind of switch it up [laughs], you know They all smell really well

But one word of caution though! And I can already see some of you long hair ladies laughing [laughs], because you know what I'm gonna say, right? These make your floors so slippery that you're gonna fall on your butt [laughs] if you're not careful! Please, please just believe me Don't, don't try this out, just trust me on this one Just make sure you're on like a bathroom mat or outside or above a sink or on a towel or something Because it makes every type of floor so slippery And the amount of times me and my sister and some of the ladies I know have fallen because of that

Well, I don't even know how many times, but dozens of times Sso just be careful with that! But other than that [laughs] these are incredibly good So yeah

And after a day of fun in the sun and in the pool, I like to take extra good care of my hair ends As you know, this this part of your hair is always, you know, harder to take care of It gets dry, it gets brittle It's the oldest part of your hair, so you want to make sure you do something extra for those ends Something I've been using for a long time that I really love – and that you have heard me talk about if you watch my videos – By the way, if you are new to this channel, please consider subscribing for more new videos, so you will be notified

But anyway, you have heard me talk about this This is the Ultra Doux Reconstructive Serum for hair ends And also, Ultra Doux is called Whole Blends in some countries, I just found that out So yeah, [laughs] if you don't know Ultra Doux, you might know Whole Blends Tthis particular product though, I have noticed they don't seem to have this in every country

But it's so good! So if you can find it in your country, definitely use it Again, it's a leave-in for your ends Specifically for your ends, but I tend to use it on my entire hair [laughs] because it's just so good It really is so good It's very very moisturizing, deep conditioning, so so good

and something else I also like to use – I don't always use the reconstructive serum, you know, that would be a little much – but what I use pretty much every day on my hair ends is just aloe vera gel Make sure you get aloe vera gel that's over 90% So this one's 92% Usually I have one that's 98%, but this is a much cheaper version [laughs] that I wanted to try [laughs] and I like it so far So yeah

You just put some on your hair ends and that will be very moisturizing I tend to wear my hair up a lot in the summer, just because I want to protect my entire length So it's easier if it's just up And also, it's very practical to wear an updo in summer It's a lot less hot too! [laughs] So yeah, usually I wear a really high bun or like a folded braid or something

And another thing I do, which you will probably have noticed in the clip with my cap on, with my hat on, is that I kind of wrap my braid around the you know, [laughs] the strap of the cap in the back So that's a really fun thing to do also

The only downside of that style is that you can't take your hat off, because, like your braid is attached to it [laughs] But yeah, it's kind of a cool style, so And last but not least: When I wash my hair in summer, my hair wash routine is just slightly different, not a lot, just slightly

I use different products So when it comes to the shampoo I pretty much use the same product But when it comes to hair masks, I tend to choose lighter hair masks that are for damaged hair or that are specifically for hair after sun bathing So I like to use very deep conditioning hair masks And one that's specifically for, like an after sun hair mask is this one

Again from Ultra Dooux/Whole Blends And it's an After Sun Repairing Mask with monoi oil and neroli And this is one that you can also not find everywhere, so I don't know if you have it where you live But I really like this one I also use it in winter to be fair, because I just really like it [laughs]

But you do notice that in summer, that is specifically helpful to your hair And it smells really nice and very summery And then I also really like this one It is the Daily Defense sulfate free 3-minute leave treatments with keratin and jojoba And this is just

this just makes my hair incredibly soft, incredibly moisturized Very lightweight, smells really good Very cheap mask too, but it works incredibly well [laughs]

So I really like that one And then I also like using this one: It's the Kruidvat Keratin Hair Repair hair mask I really hope you enjoyed this video and it was helpful to you if you were unsure of how to look after your hair in summer or you just wanted to know my summer hair care routine Now you know! [laughs] Please click the LIKE button if you enjoyed this video and I'll see you next week for a new video Thank you so much for watching! Bye!

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