PLUS SIZE WINTER FASHION – SOME TIPS TO MAKE YOU LOOK STYLISH THIS WINTER! Winters are comprised of those dull days which makes you feel bored and low However, our fashion sense has to be bright in order to counteract the dullness of the winters

While the world is hoarding on the medium sized clothing, the curvier women are finding it difficult to get fashionable clothing in their sizes However, the good news is that the online stores have a lot of options which can help you out this winter So go ahead and choose the best winter wear for your curvier body and rock it this winter Here are some tips which can help you to look awesome this winter- Instead of wearing one thick coat this winter, think about layering it up Plus Size Winter WearWear a nice skirt and Sweater and if required, a coat

In this way you can open up the layers indoors and look stylish Skirts and V neck Sweaters help to look you slimmer Moreover, layering it up makes your frame look curvy instead of fat and flabby Layers also help you to be warmer than a single boxy coat which will make you look heavier Go for sexy boots

There is nothing that is sexier than boots in winter Pair them up with jeans or even skirts and look glamorous this winter Boots work very well for plus size women as they focus the attention on your slender legs rather than your wider hips If the weather permits then you can also opt for miniskirts Wear opaque black stockings underneath to deal with the cold

Nowadays, thermal stockings are also available in the plus size Wear them with nice little skirts to look stylish this winter It is always better to opt for A-line skirts as they make your silhouette appear slimmer Do not wear coats or jackets which have shoulder padding or padding in any other place Such padding will make you look heavier

Also it is better not to opt to crop jackets They attract more attention to your stomach and hips It is for this reason that longer coats are so much recommended for plus size women If you want to opt for shorter coats then a well tailored hip length Coat is the best option for you Well fitted coats are a must as boxy and shapeless coats will make your curves disappear

They will just make you look bigger

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