ipsy’s Exciting New Show & Beauty That Gives Back | This Week in Beauty with ipsy 9/11

(laughter) Skin care! Skin care! (bouncy pop music) – Hey guys, I'm Roxette Arisa and you're watching This Week in Beauty with ipsy So today we are kicking things off by showing you guys a sneak peak at one of our incredible September Glam Bag products

So basically what I have in this little bag is the Glow for a Cause Facial Moisturizing Cream in vanilla and aloe This stuff smells incredible, you guys If you like sweet scents, you are going to love this It smells like vanilla because it has actually 100% vanilla essential oil in it and also aloe vera extract, so it's gonna get you nice and hydrated but it gives you a really nice, sheer hydration because it sinks in really easily and blends out nicely, provides a great base for makeup, but you're left with that very luxurious moisturization on your skin But something that is really, really amazing about this company, it was actually started as a passion project by Joanna Smith, who is an artist, a teacher, and also a skin-care lover

And she started the company to beautify both people and the world around them, which I think is awesome So every time you buy a Glow for a Cause product you're actually gonna be giving back to their partner nonprofit organizations, which could be benefiting cancer patients, animals, fire fighters, and more, which is really, really amazing So let us know in the comments section how you give back to the community around you And now we're gonna give you all the inside scoop on ipsyU, which is ipsy's brand-new show for beauty lovers who are basically just looking to get an education from the basics to professional techniques So I am joined by ipsuU's co-producers, Sheila and Ashley

– Hi, guys! – Thanks for joining us So tell us, what is ipsyU? – Thank you for having us on (laughter) So, ipsyU is a show for all beauty lovers who really wanted to create a place just that you can come and learn anything beauty: hair, makeup, skin, nails, and then learn from different people like different creators, different industry professionals Just to be a place where it's educational, it's inspiring, and learning from basic techniques all the way to professional – Some of the things that we're gonna be talking about on ipsyU is really just, how to use all those beauty products that you have in your beauty closet that you don't know what to do with

Or how to use all of your Glam Bag, Glam Bag Plus, your shopper products that have been sitting there and you want to learn maybe tips or techniques of how to use them differently and kind of outside of the box – Cool Well, I think that it's so cool that you guys are gonna be doing tips and tricks for beginners but also pros, so like everybody in our little ipsy community can learn something and get something out of it And plus, just inspiring the love of beauty and the love of makeup and the love of hair and skin care and all that stuff – You know, not everyone gets to go to a beauty school and this is really what we want to create

Kinda like your own online beauty school where you can come and search, like, eyeliners or mascaras or what about foundations? Or, I don't know, how to contour – I really am excited Can we expect to see any familiar faces on ipsyU? – Oh, girl, you know we are! We're gonna have a lot of ipsy Open Studios members, even ipsters from our community We're gonna have some professionals coming in as well as some familiar faces like in-house creators – Cool! Well maybe you'll see me! – And industry professionals, oh yeah

– And industry professionals, so we're gonna have it all And when and where can we watch ipsyU? – Here on ipsy's Facebook and YouTube channel this September – Cool So keep a lookout Now let's get to know the voices behind the show a little bit better

We want to get up close and personal with you guys about your backgrounds in beauty So are you ready for a lightning round of questions? – Ready – Born ready – Okay, so I'm gonna give you guys a question and you have five seconds to write it down and show the camera, okay? – Okay, sounds good – Got this

– Let's do this Favorite beauty product! Blush, bronzer! Okay, okay Um, next question Pick your favorite: skin care, makeup, nails, or hair? One, two, three, four, five! Show 'em! Skin care, skin care! Both skin care! Oh my god, okay, you guys don't like me too much, okay – I wanted to do makeup, but it's shorter

(laughter) – No, this is longer! – Finish this sentence: My vanity at home is, blank One, two, three, four, five! (screams) Messy! Messy would be me, yes What does that say, cluttered! Okay, okay, cluttered, that does makes sense as well – And so happy when you (paper noise drowns out speaker) – Okay, describe ipsyU in three words that start with a U You only have

Fifteen seconds, though (groans) Two, three, four, five, six, seven – Wait, with a U? – That's so hard! – Okay, show it! – Okay, I put uhhhh-some – [Roxette] Awesome? Uh-some! IpsyU is uh-some, guys University, U? Okay, and unique Yes, girl! – Unique is a good one! – Ashley definitely won this one 'cause Sheila just wrote "Uuu-some

" (laughs) Well, we cannot wait to see what amazing content you come up with So everyone, make sure to go ahead and check out ipsyU That will be linked in the comments down below I'm Roxette Arisa and thanks for watching This Week in Beauty with ipsy (bright techno music)

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