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The business fallout would send company stock on a tailspin, from the high flying $50 range to a low of less than $2 per share in the years afterward.In the process, Rite Aid investors, including many in the midstate, lost millions.Martin L. Grass was a midstate native and graduate of Susquehanna Township High School. But by the time he ascended to Rite Aid CEO, he and his family were living on an estate in northern Maryland, from which a private helicopter would ferry him to Rite Aid East Pennsboro Township headquarters each work day.This was but one sign of the differences between the free spending son and the frugal father.

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cheap jerseys He was clearly emotional. And I understand it. There’s been a lot of build up that went up to that moment, and I’m sure it was quite a release for him.”. The battle to push Bayern Munich had always been hard and, up against a Pep Guardiola side that had just streaked to the title in record time and Jurgen Klopp Dortmund, the challenge can rarely have been more difficult.Having been thumped 6 1 by Bayern in March of that year, Hecking side started the 2014/15 campaign with a 2 1 defeat to the champions.A De Bruyne assist and a 2 2 draw with Eintracht Frankfurt got both player and club onto the scoreboard, and from there the Wolfsburg bandwagon really started rolling with eight wins in nine games between September and December. When they broke off for the winter break, Wolfsburg were second in the table and De Bruyne had already notched three goals and ten assists.But as the squad recharged ahead of their next game with Guardiola league leaders, tragedy rocked the squad. Junior Malanda, a 20 year old Belgian midfielder in the squad, was killed in a car crash on the day that he was expected to fly with his teammates for a training camp.Three weeks later came a memorable evening inside the Volkswagen Arena.Fans and players remember former Wolfsburg player Junior Malanda on January 30, 2015 in Wolfsburg, GermanyDe Bruyne, aged 23, had responded to the devastating news with an outstanding performance, scoring twice and also getting an assist to double the number of goals Bayern had conceded for the season and inflict their first meaningful league defeat under Guardiola.Any hope of a title race were dashed the very next game in a 1 1 draw with Frankfurt that saw De Bruyne given a hefty fine for swearing at a ballboy in his attempt to speed up the game. cheap jerseys

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