How to Remove Makeup | Vani Bhojan’s Beauty Secret #Signature

Hi this way! We saw simple makeup in previous video How to remove makeup is even more important For my skin type, I use Clinique take the day off cleansing balm My skin type is dry To avoid face dryness, I use this balm before washing my face You can also use coconut oil, olive oil or baby oil instead Gently rub it on your face and wash using a face wash to remove makeup Completely remove mascara, kajal because it might cause eye infection Take some balm, rub it on your hands and apply it on the face It doesn't feel like you've washed your face

Earlier I used to make do with baby oil You can also use makeup remover wipes, like wet tissues Very handy to take off makeup but makes the skin dry You can also use Cetaphil cleanser Its good and reasonable

Lots of doctors also recommend this I tried Clinique and found it really nice Massage gently to get the makeup off (Jokes) (Shows how eye makeup is coming off) All my eye makeup is gone! Try it Not necessary to use this cream Can also use coconut oil for similar results Even it's a dark red lipstick it will take it off

(Jokes) Don't rub it hard (shows action) Sleeping with your makeup on damages the skin You might get pimples or dry damaged skin Even if you have applied just a powder, you must wash your face before sleeping I will go wash my face and show you I've removed all makeup Remember, makeup removal is as important as applying it You may have reasons or just feel tired, yet don't sleep without removing makeup Of late, I've been using this serum You can apply it even before makeup Just 2 drops If we apply too much, face becomes oily With the face being washed, I use it to avoid dry skin

Later, I'll also tell you my routine all through the day Products to look good, that are nice yet reasonably priced All this and more! If you have any queries, please comment below so that we know what you want from us I will help you as much as I can Thank you Don't forget to like ,share and Subscribe!

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