How To Prevent Makeup From Smudging-(Sub Esp/Eng) Korean Makeup Tips.

Hello I am MINSCO I give you small tips on the things that we have forgotten in order to increase the makeup skills

It's time for feeding tips MI think you might have waited for this episode This is the know-how of how to not make smudges on the eye makeup I have collected small tips in order to not make smudges on the eyes I hope that you watch all the tips from the beginning to the finish

Let's begin then Go go! There is something many people are missing If the makeup smudges, you already blame just the makeup brand But the finishes of skincare and base makeup are equally important! Even if you use the eye makeup items that do not smudge, When you try to have moist skin appearance, the oil in skin appearance gets mixed with eye makeup product, making it smudged So even within same product, the appearance of the matte and the appearance of moisture get different on the oil

So when you enrich the skin care or when you moistly use the foundation or cushion, Use this kind of transparent powders to press lightly on the puffy eyes As you get rid of the oil, it will be best to touch on the eyebrows or places that produce the oil Many people look for moist foundation during the winter because it gets dry, and it's good to use powder around the eyes to prevent smudging Next is eye lines Eye lines are actually one of the major factors that make the smudges

Most of the time, I use pencil liner I was asked to recommend the pencil items that do not smudge So I want to show you two kinds of pencils I use "lilybyred" and "VAVIMELO" items the most "lilybyred" might still have smudges, but sustainability is very good

This is sold at Olive Young, so you can get this easily "VAVIMELO" is an online brand item, The sustainability is very good So when I have to maintain the makeup, I prefer using "VAVIMELO" But when I smile, I usually smile with my eyes So the ends of the eyes touches this part, making it smudged

So I put on liquid eyeliner around the ends of the eyes I end it with brown pencil eyeliner, and I use the black liquid eyeliner on the ends of the eyes, drawing it one more time It brings an effect on making the eyes sharper and the shape of the eyes deeper In order to make it more detailed, I naturally make the boundaries of liquid lines by covering with the pencil again Even if you think pencil doesn't smudge, it is not as strong as liquid eyeliner

So if you touch with liquid eyeliner one more time, you will be able to make an eye line that doesn't smudge And third There are so many things to worry about right? Not only eye line, but also mascara is a big factor for making smudges on the eyes

Among the mascaras, the one that does not smudge is the ETUDE curl fix mascara, which I recommend This is my most favorite mascara, and there is not that much smudging, so I recommend to the monolid eyes where the curling lasts longer However, for those who say that they get a lot of smudge, there is the last item It's the YURICA eye shield that I have introduced to you before You coat this on the screwbrush, and you brush it on the eyelashes

Then the eyelids of the eyelashes get coated, making mascara not get smudged You can actually use the whole thing when coating it, but the mass will get transparent, so I recommend you to use it with the screwbrush With the remains, put it on eye lines and under lines If you slightly touch it, it really protects the eye makeup perfectly You can't miss the sustainability test using these tips

If it's very late, it's late, and if it's early, it's very early It's 5:08am After exactly five hours, I will check on the sustainability See you after five hours In order to look at the sustainability of the makeup at 5am, I just finished editing the video I made

After editing, I got so tired, and I am going to sleep for a bit When I open my eyes, it's going to be 10am So After you wake up from the sleep, the eyes are really smudged I think you will be able to see the sustainability I will get some rest [AFTER 5 Hours] My eyes are so dry I woke up after I slept It's now Tada It's 10:23am I slept a bit more But what I was more surprised was, why is my skin normal too? I will give you the real expansion shot

None of my eye makeup got smudged You can see that my eyes are a bit red The eye makeup and this mascara has not smudged one bit For five hours, I edited the eye makeup I slept a lot, but it's normal

Although my throat is closed, I will end the feeding tips right now Since I showed you that it really does not get smudged, I hope that this helped you Please don't forget to leave comments! Then see you next time, bye! [SUBSCRIBE ME!]

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