How to Do Eid Makeup Step by Step | Makeup Tutorial || Nadia Khan

Watch the whole video carefully At tell me at what time I used Becca Opal highlighter

If you answer correctly you will get Glam Glow from Outstyle Give your answer in Comment section Did you subscribe to my channel? If not then do it now because here Because there are so many videos on Makeup, Lifestyle, diet and everything else

And check my makeup today Every-time I have glamorous look I thought on Eid I'll have very natural look To show you guys It's a dark brown makeup but we are not having smokey eyes

We are only going to enhance the eyes You can wear dark brown lens with it You can also experiment with your eye color I am wearing Bella's Radiant brown diamond collection Look how well my shirt is going with the grey I have more option like if you have this In case you have this If you have this then how will your makeup be like Your makeup will look something like this

Eid Mubarak Happy wedding 🙂 Happy Kitty Party

How do I look This brown makeup will go up with everything

But to have this look it is important to have right brown shades We have played with dark brown products usually mar Jacob products

I have this other shawls This makeup look excellent with white shades or dark brown copper

and it will enhanced more with the chocolate brown So now I am about to show you the tutorial quickly Eid look with brown classy makeup I have already done my base makeup

Using the zero palette by Nabilas I use that concealer too and even the powder is of Nabila's But you use the different products for the eye makeup The most important thing here is the lens It's very pretty brown, its when Bella became the vampire

Lenses are like hers You should have slightly natural oil on your eyes You can order this on Outstyle I am going to apply this little bit Near the crease

I am using marc jacob's brush It has three brushes This one is to use for crease I have brought another brush which I am so happy about This one is use beneath the eyes Now for the brown look You'll need four things for that

or five things as we have already apply little bit of orange shade or you can directly go to brown then you will need four of these things You have to have all of these four things, It is very important It's important that you use only these shades

I have tried many shades of different companies but this This one is like usually of that dark drown that you like lenses and eyeshades of Your eyes will enhance they will pop You will be amazed the makeup I showed in the video earlier Shades are very important you have to note the shades Two gliding pencils of Marc Jacobs This one is in dark brown shades

These are the four thing You have to apply it in a layer You can blend using your finger since its a pencil it won't blend it with the brush There's one more line which is going to be slightly above the lid Because we need to leave space for eyeliner You have to quote slightly above it

At the ends it should be darker You can draw winged or straight liner I am going with the shape of my eyes How interesting Brown look it is giving It's up to you if you want to have round eyeliner

Black Kat Von Black You can have You can have more intense look with the black I like the dark brown Look I am just touching it slightly when I am applying inside With the end rather than its tip Because hand is not very precise at the end

Just look how amazing is this dark brown I have applied many different brown liners Don't apply kajal which spread out This sephora pencil has a very resaonable price Use this instead

Because it plays a huge role Now comes my favorite marc jacobs's role I have applied it above too I am applying it near the eyeliner The main brown look that is coming is because of this pencil Very carefully you don't ruin this line Underneath it is the black pencil

You can use the shadebut it won't match with this pencil Because it is above it and here I am stopping it

Because I want to apply different pencil If you only apply the same shades than you will have the exact look Otherwise with your own color although you can give it a try

maybe you can get a look closer to it But I have already experimented with different colors and I only able to get this brown only with this combination and it is hard to replace it I joined the end and blend it like this

You have to apply it around inner corners of the eyes If you don't have this lenses you can have any other dark brown lenses Now my look is not complete yet Whatever color your hair are

be it gold or like mine copper You have to match your hair color with your eyebrows You can use any other brow powder Make sure you are making little bit thick eyebrows

Now it feels like to you it is very dark just let it be dark After that we have to bring it into chocolate shade

I am making it extra dark I am not using black but very dark brown It will get ruin with black You might be wondering "what the hell I am doing" But keep watching I am telling about this little hack I am telling you this tip which no one tell you before

I just discovered it myself by experimenting I am using this one You just watch the difference How beautiful it looks This is that secret look which I am trying to show you guys But if your hair are jet black then it won't suit you

Because there's isn't any color which matches exactly with your hair color Compare them both this one look little bit fake very dark black

This time play with your eyebrows You have to order Astansia's brow gel Send me your picture of hair and I will recommend it for you and you can buy this on Outstyle If you order quickly then you will get this before Eid and Wedding season

I will tell you one more thing Two face mascara have another thing comes long with it which is You don't need to pull strongly like this I have been using this for quite some time With this makeup if you don't get compliment then change my name What you will name me? I hope you like my video Tell me in the comments how do you like this video If you want to order product you can do it on Outstyle

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