How to Braid (Thick Braids) Tip of the Week

[Captions by Y Translator] Hey everyone, I'm from BoysandGirlshairstylescom and today I have Braylon with me

This is my baby She's 8 Anyway, we wanted to do a video for a tip of the week to show you how to make your braids look thicker and fuller Sometimes people call it a pancake braid As you can see this one's– this one's a little bit, it looks thicker this way

And I'm going to show you the difference Of course, you're going to get your three– three parts of your hair to braid it So you just do a regular braid Now, you know, if you have really long hair, you're probably going to want to stop here, and then start pulling on the braid and make it thicker, and then keep braiding as you go down People with long hair, that's a little bit easier for them

So And then you don't have to go all the way down It just depends on how how much are, you know, wanting done

We're going to go about to there with Braylon's, and let's see, I'm just going to grab a little– Sorry, a little elastic Okay, so I'm not putting that in way tight the elastic just a little bit So this is the difference between, you know, just a regular braid, and how to make it look thicker more of a pancake braid, okay? So I'm going to show you how to go from this look to this look Okay, you're going to start just pulling the pieces of hair out Just going to make it a little bit loose

And you can go back through See this looks nice and full through here, but see it's still a little bit tight there So you're just going to kind of pull this out You almost kind of pull up and out That's why you don't want this too tight because you can pull some of that hair out

As you go See how that makes it look fuller that way Anyway, okay, so see it's nice and full now instead of tight, and like I said, you can– you can, you know, make this as big and thick as you want, but that's how you do it You just pull those pieces out The other thing I wanted to show you is a lot of people like to, you know, wrap it up and do like a cute braid bun or something like that

Some people like to take, you know, and braid like the front of your hair and– and same thing just do this, you sit and pull it out so it's thicker And then they like to bring it around so it would kind of look like– like this on your head, and then you can, you know, just bobby pin that in Any way, so we just thought this would be really fun to show you guys I've had a lot of people, you know, wonder how– how people get thick braids and is their hair really that thick, but you can make it look thicker So, anyway that's that's what we wanted to show you today, and you can kind of see, it kind of flattens them

And so, anyway that's what we wanted to show you for the tip of the week Something fast and easy, and if you have any questions about it, or comments, let us know We appreciate you watching and we will post next week, and the tip of the week on Saturdays So, go ahead and look for that and please like and subscribe Appreciate you guys

Have a good day

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