How To Apply Liner For Monolid-(Sub Esp/Eng) Korean Makeup Tips.

Hello, I'm Minsco Hello, I'm Ches

Ches came over my house right now What you have all been waiting for Feeding tip! I am going to teach you how to eye line your monolid

You probably watched a lot of videos about how to eye line a monolid but I was kind of disappointed in them As someone who has a monolid, I am going to teach you a tip that's more natural and easy to draw Go go! First, this is the most common method that comes out when we think of monolids [Tip we see the most!] With your eyes opened, make three dots and connect them But look, if you make dots and connect them, your eye line becomes this thick

And if you blend with eye shadow here, the area becomes larger It might be pretty when you open your eyes but when you close them, it looks kind of black I am going to tell you a method that's prettier and more natural [ARITAUM mono eyes #warm_brown] First, I will start with a base shadow for shading [LILYBYRED nine-to-nine eyeliner] When I look at the mirror [#matte_brown / 8,000 won] and look down 45 degrees, I make three dots here

Connect the three dots I will drag the end in a straight line As you can see, the thickness of the eye line decreased a lot [ETUDE HOUSE look at me eyes] Prepare a brown colored eyeshadow [#Chocolate store that's 200 years old] On top of the eye line, blend it out by going back and forth and slowly go upwards and make a gradation

It's good to use a pencil liner that doesn't smear to make it blend well [ETUDE HOUSE look at me eyes] And if you want to make it more shaded, put another layer on top with a shimmered brown color When you open your eyes, the gradations of the eyeshadows come up naturally If you draw the line up to here, it comes out really dark but since you can see the color of the eyeshadow, your eyes look bigger and your eyes seem natural and deep-set Second

I want to recommend this to anyone who says, "My line disappears when I open my eyes" This is a method I like to use on a busy day because it's quick And this is a method I recommend for those who are beginners at drawing eye line [ARITAUM mono eyes #warm_brown] Same as before, I will start with putting a base color first I am going to draw the eye line at the end of my eye this time

For monolid eyes, fat rolls up when you open your eyes [LILYBYRED nine-to-nine eyeliner] so make a triangle at the end of your eye [#Matte_brown / 8,000 won] [This feeling? You can make the angle however you want!] [ETUDE HOUSE look at me eyes] This is not the end [#Chocolate store that's 200 years old] Use the brown eyeshadow that we used before and blend from the end of the eye to the front And on top of that, cover it with a lighter shimmery brown color! And you're finished It's really simple, right? When you're busy, draw a line at the end of your eye and you can blend it using eyeshadow so putting on makeup is faster

It's good to make it seem natural, too And it has the effect to make the gradation seem soft so it makes your makeup skills better I told you how to draw an eye line for a monolid If you watch it with the last video on how to fill in your outer corners, you will be able to complete in making a prettier monolid makeup The next feeding tip will be about eye makeup that doesn't smear so look forward to that

If you enjoyed watching this video [Ches wants to say bye together Cute] Come on! – Bye

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