Hot/humid weather: hot weather clothing tips to survive the heat ǀ Justine Leconte

Hi everyone, it’s Justine It’s summer

It’s my favorite season of the year Where I come from, in the south of France, we have at least three months per year over thirty degrees Celsius, so that’s the weather I love It’s hot It’s sunny Everyone’s in a good mood

The question is, how to survive in such weather and still look put-together? Especially in a working situation, for instance? So the tips I’m gonna share with you are good for hot climates, but also humid ones So if you happen to go on a vacation somewhere tropical, these tips will work as well Let’s go Tip number 1: Look for fabrics that breathe well There are fibers that absorb the sweat, just breathe better than others, and dry a lot faster

For instance, cotton, linen, modal, which is a derivative of cotton… kind of the same thing but even better… or tencel Just to name the fibers that are probably the most famous ones And most widely used in terms of natural or fibers of natural origin I’ve mentioned a lot in previous videos that linen is a little bit hard to care for It can crease when you wear it, behind the knees for instance

It can lose it’s shape a little bit when you wash it, if you don’t leave it to flat dry But when it’s really hot outside, in summer, like here, it’s a great fiber to wear Fibers that will not perform as well when it gets really hot are, for instance, polyester, nylon, acetate… Acetate is just a non-breathable fiber overall, hot or not… And silk Silk is a natural fiber but still not the best when it’s really hot outside Imagine you have a silk top

When you start sweating, it really sticks to your back If you’ve had silk tops you know that feeling So silk also doesn’t perform really well when it’s truly warm outside Exception to those rules… There are synthetic fibers that perform well when they are treated for that purpose, for instance, performance polyester that’s used to do tennis shirts They are for sport purposes

So these are treated in athleisure, in athletic wear and in performance wear But what you can find in ready-to-wear clothing, readily available on the market is usually not very breathable Then once you have selected the right fibers that you like and feel comfortable in, make sure that you also pick the lightest weight in the garments that you choose For instance, cotton poplin is a very, very thin, tight but breathable way of weaving cotton It’s about as lightweight as it gets, and in summer, it’s wonderful to wear

Or knitted little jerseys, thin ones, are also very practical, because they don’t crease You can just move it a little bit and it dries faster Much better than warm fabrics overall Tip number two: Stick to light colors, no black Black absorbs the heat, so you’ll feel hot temperatures even more, and you’re going to sweat even more

Same goes for dark colors So try to stay as close to white and light, light colors as you can, to get the reverse effect, and for instance, in warm countries like in Greece, houses are painted white exactly for that reason To reflect the light away instead of absorbing it Another trick that I can share with you is to use prints Because prints make it a lot harder to see a sweat stain

Tip number three: Find smartly cut clothes Garments that don’t touch your legs are a great idea For instance, A-line skirts, skater skirts, maxi dresses that have slits on the sides, or an open back, or both Or all of the above Because anything that lets the air in, around and between your legs, will create a nice flowy effect

If you’re wearing a maxi-dress on the other hand, that has no opening and that goes floor-length, then you’re building a greenhouse for your legs So slits somewhere, and openings are great Same goes for your entire outfit, not just the legs Try to go for boxy shapes, boxy cuts Nothing that’s body-con or skin-tight

This is actually not ideal, what I’m wearing today, but at least it’s a light color! For instance, a blouse in woven fabric in very lightweight poplin, with thin straps – it’s great! Laser-cut fabrics, fabrics with cut-outs or mesh fabrics are also airy options, but they still cover your body visually, so you won’t look like you’re going out naked If you do have to wear pants because it’s a formal office context, then try palazzo pants, because they are so wide-legged and only really touch you around the waist High waistband, the rest is completely flowy Stay away from thick fabrics, especially jeans… Especially if they are slim or skinny, because that’s really heavyweight fabric Jeans is a really, really heavy fabric

It’s not what you need on such a day And if you’re wearing a sleeveless top, which is smart, because you avoid the sleeve fabric, then make sure that under the armpit you have enough space to avoid a sweat mark right here under your armpit Tip number four: Find the right shoes That is so important as well Sandals are obviously ideal

They just let your feet breathe They prevent odors, because your feet can just dry a lot easier Though if you’re in a more formal office context and you do have to wear something other than sandals (it can happen), then try to stay away from rubber That means staying away from sneakers Rubber does not breathe well

Even with the little dots on the surface like they do on vintage sneakers Try to stay away from leather as well And try to find instead shoes that are in fabric, in which you will wear cotton socks to help absorb the humidity, if any If you still get odors (smelly feet) then I would put a little bit of talc inside the fabric shoe and on the feet before you put on your socks This neutralizes odors and it dries immediately, so it absorbs humidity brilliantly well

Tip number 5: Switch your accessories In summer, fingers, and toes, and feet, and everything, swell Which is why you’ll feel that your rings don’t really fit you anymore And under the ring, you sweat It’s not healthy for the skin at all

Skin under metal, sweaty, is a very bad combination That’s why these days you see me without my usual collection of rings Instead, you can think about wearing earrings And it’s an opportunity to try statement pieces since you’re not wearing any other piece of jewelry Then what about decorative sunglasses? You can go bold to match the statement earrings, and protecting your eyes against UV rays is anyway always a good idea, isn’t it? Then as far as the purse is concerned, you can switch to a mini-clutch format purse with just the essentials in there… You don’t want to carry extra weight on such a hot day

And then a cross-body, very thin shoulder strap, that minimizes contact against your skin on your body The worst, when it’s hot and humid outside, is to wear a backpack, if you know what I mean Tip number 6: Save time on makeup When it’s hot and humid outside, your foundation will melt down You will have to fix it several times a day

Instead, just don’t wear any foundation Let your skin breathe It really needs it It will also prevent breakouts, because when you sweat the pores get obstructed a lot faster and a lot more, so leaving your skin completely bare is actually the best you can do for it To keep your skin clean and hydrated throughout the day you can spray thermal water onto your face and then gently rub, with a cloth, to remove all the dirt

And that’s the best skin care you can do on such a day In the category “practical tips”, I also have, “Please walk on the side of the street that has shade” In my hometown, in southern France, the locals walk on the side with shade, and the tourists walk on the sunny side, enjoying the summer But then after 3 pm, they’re all completely sunburned, and heavily, heavily dehydrated It’s unnecessary, and it’s seriously dangerous

I know you want to get a tan when you’re on holiday… on holiday somewhere exotic, tropical, but remember that the sun hits stronger and burns a lot more in other areas of the world than back home, especially if you’re from the northern half of Europe I know I sound like your mom now, so I’m gonna stop, but just the other day, a girl fell in front of me She fainted in the subway Her head hit the ground in front of my feet And when that happens, I panic, so please don’t do that to me

I hope you enjoyed this video If you did, thumbs up Thank you very much, and if you’re subscribed to this channel, then I will see you very soon again in a new video My videos are mainly about fashion Have a great summer

Take care Bye

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