OMG, I cringed SO hard when he said he said he was a "makeup artist" Seriously

No, you're not lol Did you train? Did you study? Or go to beauty school? NO So then you're not classified as a makeup artist If you haven't got the certificate and paper to show it, then it doesn't count you as a makeup artist I would know because I, Rashaun, am a qualified makeup artist (Sigh) He's right Idea

Really, Rashaun? Because my 53 million followers and this piece of paper beg to differ Hi sisters! James Charles here, and welcome back to my Youtube Channel As I'm sure you guys are very much aware comments are a huge part of the YouTube community I receive thousands and thousands and thousands of comments on every single video, mostly from you guys always spreading so much love and positivity and that really make me at do what I want to do So thank you for always being the absolute best, but alongside the love also comes a whole lot of hate comments When I was younger, probably the most valuable thing to my mother ever taught me was if you don't have anything nice to say don't say anything at all

For me personally I don't think I have ever once left a hate comment on anybody else's content that they worked really really hard on but APPARENTLY that lesson was not taught to the thousands and thousands and thousands of people who feel that they are just Superior beings and that they're unnecessary and rude comments just need to be heard Now don't get me wrong There's definitely a huge difference between constructive criticism and hate comments For me personally, I love constructive criticism I did this job every single day for you guys and to inspire you guys all around the world and if there's any way that I can make my videos better, my makeup better, my personality better my lighting better I absolutely want to do it and there's a very very nice way to leave positive suggestions But for the most part people don't know how to do that because everyone's ego is just too large, including mine This idea came about while I was watching one of my newest videos, and someone proceeded their hate comment by literally saying "Sister James, I love you so much, but I just feel like this needed to be said" And then wrote something very very nasty degrading myself, my hard work, and my career NEEDED Oh

Julia Sweetie Snookums Darling Pumpkin you NEEDED to write that comment? Actually Um, NO

Nobody asked for your opinion You didn't need to do anything According to this very official piece of paper right here I am clearly a certified MUA (make-up artist) But according to the YouTube comments apparently so is every other person that watches my video SO For today, I thought it'd be very very fun to do a video Inspired by Yuki where I take a bunch of comments from people that just thought their opinions had to be heard and apply those To my makeup routine because apparently I can't do makeup I'm just so excited to listen to all these extremely talented and trained makeup artists tell me exactly what I should be doing for A makeup routine

Hopefully, I'll look so much better than normal and let's just jump right in Our first step as always is gonna be our foundation and our base routine and I definitely get a lot of comments about my foundation In every single video I can definitely admit, I'm not the best at foundation matching So I figured I would take some advice from the comments today This comment comes from Haley and she says James I love you, but your foundation is ten shades too dark You look *bleep* burnt Hmm I'm just gonna grab a little bit of a lighter shade today and apply this all over my face

Oh, yeah This is a way of better match for me I think Mm-hmm I mean after all the sister scandals that I've had the last thing that I want to add to that list is culture appropriation So thank god we're getting this advice now Another one we have today is from Maria, and she says; "Is it just me or does anyone think that this foundation shade Is just way too orange, oompa loompas are shaking" Oh, yeah looking back I think Maria is definitely right when it comes to this I mean, it's not like I say in every single video that I always like to be a little bit more tan! So thank God she put in this out today

Let me see what I can look for if I'm not going for more of an orange foundation I think I need to find something with more of a pink undertone So let me see what I can find You guys! Oh my god, after three years of doing beauty videos I think we've finally OFFICALLY found the foundation shade that matches me perfectly It's a miracle this next comment comes from Shelby and she says James you're a doll but sweetie And I'm not saying this to be cruel or critical just the experience of a viewer Of course, it would be much more enjoyable watching If you slow down

Way down You're talking and moving so fast your energy is so frantic that for low key people like me It makes watching you very, very stressful Your kinetic energy is clearly very high and I'm sure that you have to exert a lot of effort and energy to slow it down Contain it, but I assure you it make your video so much more enjoyable between hyper speed talking in your thoughts hand move It's featured in camera It's just a bit, hun Again, I'm not saying this to be mean, cruel, or critical simply to share my experience in watching your videos then give you a little bit Of input much Love to you sister Shelby

Aww, see This is a really great example of constructive criticism and I definitely get comments about this feed Am I talking a lot? So let me see what I can do to really help you guys out because I've never want to make my videos hard to watch All right guys, so my next step in my beauty routine Is going to be the Concealer and for today, I want to use my Tarte shape tape in the shade "Fair" I'm just going to take the wand and apply it to all of the high points of my face, I am just drawing a triangle right underneath my eyes and kind of filling in a little bit just to bring some more attention to that area I'm just putting some in the center of my forehead and I'm gonna put a line, right down my nose and Then maybe just a little bit on my chin to cover The five o'clock shadow and then of course just gonna take my damp Beauty Blender And blend it out This next one comes from Rebecca and she says, "Holy *bleep*, why are you using so much powder? I cannot even imagine how cakey and horrible and gross you look in person" Oh, Rebecca I see myself in the mirror all the time and I think I look pretty good But I guess it means a lot more coming from you guys who really see me all the time So maybe I'll just try to use a little bit less today Mmm, you know what? I think that's a lot better Rebecca I think you'll like this one girl These next comments are some of my favorites and they were talking about Bronzing and contouring this first one comes from Courtney and she says your contour looks way too harsh

Holy crap Why does your forehead look like it got burnt? This one comes from Jonathan and he says, "Sweetie, your nose contour isn't fooling anybody" Yes I love it when you guys leave me nasty comments about the two things that I talk openly about because I care about and try to fix with contouring Contouring really means a lot and does a lot for my self-esteem This last one comes from Brianna, and she said, "You're literally red" Okay, wooh I mean I thought my contour looked pretty good But clearly we have a lot to fix today according to these professional MUAs So it looks like we need to make my contour a little bit more cool toned I'm a little bit less harsh and I need to stop contouring my nose

So tiny So let's see what we can do Oh My god, yes slay I'm contouring with the ashes that's left my self-esteem after this video and I think it looks so good for the forehead I definitely don't to look burnt so like we're just gonna use like the littlest bit Perfect Not gonna lie, I am a little bit scared and nervous to change up my nose contour But I think Jonathan definitely knows what he's talking about So I'm just gonna give herself a more natural look today Oh my god, wait, I actually love it Jonathan

Thank you so much Holy crap I thought my nose was snatched before but how like this natural bigger the better look I think it's just the way to go from Now on This next one it comes from Orion's R, and they said, "Your contour blush is horrible You put way too much blush on so it looks like you've a red streak on your face And then your contour is just a dark brown line on your face It's barely even blended so you shouldn't even be a makeup artist because your face makeup is horrible The only good thing about it is your highlight

" (deep breath) Thank you, at least I'm doing one thing, right? Oh, yes, the haters are all being blinded right now Well, we love a snatched sister Alright guys, So next we have the brows Which I'm actually really really excited for If you've been following me for a very long time on Instagram You know that my brows have underwent such a major Transformation and it's honestly a lot because of you guys and a lot of the hate comments I receive at first I just really could not take the constructive criticism I thought my brows were so so so beautiful but finally I realize that there were literally just the worst This first one comes from Belen Cabello and she says, "Bro, if you don't fix your *bleep* brows Your eye look is so warm and your brow color is ASHY

They're GREY" Ok This one comes from Emily and she says, "Anybody else think that he should really maybe trim his eyebrow hair and make them a little Bit thinner? They are *sooooo* super boxy Nothing against him He's so great But I think he would really look much better

Smiley face" This one comes from Melancholic Mexican There's a scandal These eyebrows are way too thick They're supposed to be thin like skinny legend Mariah Carey" True and finally we have this one from I hate Aloha and she says, "Boy, I think those eyebrows need to be closer together

" Ok, so I definitely don't want my brows to look ashy today, that is a major major, no-no So instead of my regular brow pencil, I grab the matte lip pencil in the shade of Burgundy This was just a little bit more red tone So hopefully it'll match with the eye look that I do later on, and then according to everyone else they need to be a little Bit more arched, a little bit skinnier, and closer together, you know We're really going for that Look of like raising your eyebrows at all times to show everybody that I'm very very interested in what they're having to say There we go Super arch Definitely a little bit fairer than normal then bringing it right back down Oh my god Yes, that looks so much better than normal According to I hate Aloha They really should be almost touching because unibrows are very much back in style and trend so really gonna do that there and then of course we have to Make them eyebrow twins

They can't be sister So actually – exactly even Well, I think that's the best I've ever looked Ok, so pretty good Right, like we definitely did a little bit of concealer just to clean them up a little bit Really just got a sister snatch them Right up Yas girl, YAS That is exactly What we're going for today, it's so good

Well, this eyebrow is just a skinny legend Oh my god, Mariah Who? This is how close I am to losing my mind Wow I think this is finally it since starting my Instagram account three years ago I've just gotten so many comments about my eyebrows being too thick or not arched enough or just too big and I've had so many Brands not repost me because of it and maybe finally I'll have a chance in the beauty world now Thank you to everybody who suggested this today because I love this So now that eyebrows were hashtag on fleek I think we were in a really good place to start out the eye shadow So this comment comes from Shannon and she says, "You always do a half cut crease, holy *bleep* Is there anything else you can do or are you really just not talented at all? (Illuminati music) No

Ok, So I really want to add a wing to this look, I feel like it'll just pull everything super super together And thank God we have comments from you guys telling me how to do it So I don't do it wrong and this one come from Divine Bon Dagger and this is on my drag video and she says, "Sister James your eyeliner needs to be thicker" Okay? No problem I can definitely make it thicker Thank you And this one comes from Andrew and he says, "GUUUUUUUUURLLLLLLLLLLLL" Why was your wing so *bleep* short? You really should have made a sharp enough to cut a *bleep*

" Right, so definitely to listen to Andrew We need to make our line or really a really long and then according to it Divine, we need to make it really thick so Let's bring this just up and really, you know, we love a thick sister, you know Who cares about the hours of time we spend on blending our eyeshadow like wing liner is really where Its it just really opens up the eye just frames the face So well, I definitely would say winged liner make it nice and thick every day Wow I think they were so right my wings are big enough and sharp enough to almost fly away I love that alright so the eye look is almost complete and I'm literally Loving it so far The next step is going to be lashes I'm actually really really excited for this one because similar to brows I've always struggled just a little bit with lashes when I first started doing makeup I would always glue my eye shut and even still to this day I have very very sensitive eye So sometimes eyelashes will come off or they won't sit right and there's a little bit wonky so I'm really looking forward to reading your guys's advice today and hopefully being able to fix them

This comment comes from Samuel and he says "No sister the lashes you chose for this look we're all wrong They close off your eyes making them appear smaller You should have used a way bigger lash that flares outwards and really lift the eye up rather than squashing it down" Okay So Samuel thinks we need to use a big lash today, which I'm totally down for I mean, I love my Mami's but sometimes you just gotta be a little bit extra, you know So I grab these 301s I think they're really gonna do the job Okay So just put on some glue and now Sam said we put them on We need to make sure that the lashes really go upwards so they don't close down the eye So I'm gonna put this right here in the inner corner

Perfect And then I was gonna pull this tail end right up here Oh, yes definetly, uhm

Really lifted everything straight up Wow Okay So those are looking up great, but I think they could be a little bit more lifted So you know what? Really get him up there! Lift them up, gals! Hmm This looks amazing

Alright guys, so this look is almost complete and our next type is going to be the lipitty-doodahs You know starting from day one I've learned so many techniques about over lining and making them look beautiful Of course I've gotten lip filler, but you know what, there's always ways that I can really improve my technique So this comment comes from Jessica and she says, "Sister love you, but you over line your lips way too much You look like they're about to explode" You know, what fair, noted Sometimes I definitely admit that I go a little bit overboard So let's just bring them back to their normal size Wow, oh my god, Jessica

Girl you are literally so right I am actually gonna call my doctor right now and ask her to dissolve the lip filler because This just looks the best Hashtag natural beauty is the best beauty this next one I actually get all the time It is always a top comment on my video and you know what? I hear you guys Takaya says, "Sis, them lips dry though Hannah says, "How you gonna be a guru and have your lips looking dry as hell

" Sunshine says, "I feel like his lips are always so dry" Indie said, "Wow, James's lips are about as dry as his sex life" You got me there You know what? You guys are totally right Nobody likes a crusty lip It is definitely so so so gross and not the way to go

Let's fix it Eventually Wow

Oh my god so much better Alright, you guys Oh my god I think we're actually done with this look today and looking in the mirror This is by far the best I've ever looked Oh my god I am so glad that I set my ego aside and just really listened to everybody who knew exactly what they were talking about because Clearly this is the result and our last but final step was gonna be setting in place We can really just keep this on all day long and thank god I have one last comment to really guide us through the setting spray And that is from Taijah and she says, "That wasn't a spritz It was the full-on shower You need to use way less setting spray

" Oh Okay, maybe maybe if I use less, it'll really lock it in all day long Let's try That's it We're done! Alright you guys that all I have for this video today This is been so much fun to film

This look I mean, can we talk about it literally iconic 1 million likes on Instagram here we come On a more serious note, obviously this video was satire, and I was just joking around in a playful and light-hearted manner But if I said they hate comments never affected me I would 100% be lying because if I'm being honest they do Obviously I try my absolute best to put on a good front for you guys and ways inspire people and preach positivity But I'm a normal human being just like you are I have feelings and sometimes comments really do hurt Before you write something up, Please think is this necessary to say? Is this helpful? Is this constructive? Because like my momma said if you don't have anything nice to say don't say anything at all On the contrary At the end of the day nobody's perfect

Especially not me I'm always looking for ways to become a better person and a better content creator So if you're saying you want to say it leave a comment down below there's so many ways as followers that you guys can give Us content creators incredibly helpful advice feedback or constructive Criticism that we can use to help our channel be better and I love reading what you guys have to say without you guys I would not be where I am today So I'm so so thankful for you guys Just please try to be nice while doing it It's really not that hard and I promise you if you're nice about it There's a way better chance that somebody's actually gonna listen This happened from unnecessary comments of people being mean This is why we don't listen All right, you guys that is all I had for this video today

I really hope you enjoyed it I had so much fun doing this If you did, don't forget to give it a big thumbs up down below and show your love It really means a lot and you know what said this video was just a whole lot of negativity Why don't we share the love down below in the comment section? Let's start on little sister trend? Go leave the person that comments above you a compliment Why not? Let's make people's day Let's spread the positivity and happiness We love smiling sister if you have not already Literally, what are you doing with your life? Click the big red subscribe button down below and become a sister

It is a pretty lit time and don't forget to click the bell icon to keep you notified Every time I upload a brand new video If you like to follow me on a makeup journey You can follow me on Instagram and Twitter They both are James Charles and I snapchat for more behind-the-scenes like stuff James Charles with an extra S after Charles This video sister shadow goes to sister Lexi

Thank you so much love for always following in supporting or I love you so so so much and if you like to be the next videos sister shadow, Don't forget to always retweet with the links whenever I go live on Twitter All right sisters and haters So thank you guys so much for watching I love you so much, and I will see you in the next one Bye

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