Hairstroke Eyebrows – My Top 10 Permanent Makeup Tips

Hello everyone! I promised you a few weeks ago that I was going to shoot a video with my tips for tattooing eyebrow tattooing, not through microblading Now, I want you to remember what I tell you it may not work for everyone in particular if we do not have the same style, as technicians

So be open minded, all I have to say it's in the heart, and I hope it will improve your work But make sure we're on the same page Nr 1 – Less trauma = better results Try to create as little trauma as you can More trauma means more fluid that gathers, what it means a thicker crust, and the thicker crusts meant a loss of color So, many people, I think many of my clients think that: 'Oh, if it had passed six times over the same yarn, the wires would be better out of sight and would last longer

' Not quite, not exactly Actually, when someone tells me 'I worked this customer for 4 hours', I think: 'What did you do for 4 hours in such a small area ?!' I'm pretty sure that when you work 4 hours on someone's eyebrows, the pigment will not last, because the skin is miserable of this area is slaughtered Nr 2 – Draw in the pencil the threads you will tattoo If you show your client the mirror, she she can see 90% of the eyebrows and are happy, then you should not worry

You are not scared at the end of the treatment as: 'OMG, will she like it ?! Will not they like it ?! ' In addition, having already the drawings, helps you guide your hand while you work, so you do not work blindly That's what I like to use in drawing yarns: it's a Sharpie China Plain Marker Plain, which I shake with an X-acto knife or disposable blades Nr 3 – Hand position I know it's much easier to keep the pen of the car as if you were holding a pen

But remember, What does your needle do while the car is on? " It's constantly moving So if you draw the thread like this, the pigment will scatter, will migrate to the left So make sure you always keep it machine at the right of the thread One more thing I wanted to mention I do not know how other technicians call it, I call him 'Point of Contact'

Practically it means where the needle penetrates the skin, there is a bigger chance as more pigment to deposit into the skin So when you draw a line, you want your hand to move already in the air until it has contact with the skin What am I talking about? If this is the line you want to draw Do not just sit on top of it and think "yeah " and then you suddenly move around Because he'll put more pigment here So you want to move in the air, then lift up slightly Think of a pendulum move If this is the line I want to draw, when I come with the car, move the line through the air, I get into the skin, then go out, okay? But do not come in straight

Because too much pigment is gathered here Every time I attend classes, I ask students: 'Which of the following 3 techniques to draw lines do you think works better for wired wire technique? I'll draw them, you can think of them too The first way would be: a simple straight line Both We do not lift our hands, we do not go back and forth

The second way: ok, it's more of an added line, get up, go back a little then continue your line And the third way: Everyone agrees the best way, the most straightforward and clear, is normally, the first type I mean, do away with the rest of the drawings, but it's clear, it's logical that you do not get your hands off too much you will get better results So when you can use the first method, use 99% of customers Now if the thread you make is very long you will have to move your hand or the position of the body, so that you can draw that line

So then you might have to draw a piece up, then keep going easy So you're making some sort of added line The third way I almost never recommend it If you think your client's skin is very scarred and hardened, then maybe you need this move go, come Why? Because it "breaks" a little scar tissue / scar tissue

But I do not think it produces the best results I think that although the result looks freshly made when he heals, most likely it will look scattered Remember, this is my opinion, experiences with my clients, and information gathered from other courses I took part in Let me mention the number of passes once more Why make 4 passes per customer when you can make 2, slowing down the speed

You will get exactly the same result But you agree with me, if you gave it to a child a pencil, and you would say, 'Draw 4 lines one over another' Lines will not be over one another Not possible, we are not perfect So with each added line, it gets thicker becomes more scattered move left or right so try to minimize the number of passes Not just because of trauma, but because of it you want to get results, clear yarn One more thing I want to talk about, It's the type of pigment

I currently prefer to use it a collection of more concentrated pigments I can introduce the pigment faster produce less trauma, the client heals nicely Now, if you're new, if you judge yourself, do you think you're making mistakes quite often, do not use a more concentrated line of piglets It will be harder for you to correct your clients your own mistakes The car and the needle you use I tell you that I used appliances that they cost me $ 50 and the machines that cost me 5000 Euro

So Will you feel the quality of a German device? Will it keep you more? Surely But you can get good results with a cheap Chinese device The needle, whether it be 1 RoundLiner, 1 Nano, 1 Micro It does not matter that much If you position your hand correctly, A 1 RoundLiner with a diameter of 030-0

40 mm it will produce great results You do not have to go to thinner needles, believe me The pigment will resist less in the skin and customers will not be happy One last tip I want to give you is the type of bed you are working on Many recommend beds in dental units which have that little area for the head

God, I could not work like that I did it before, on a client a day like that, but, to work 10-12 hours / day without having what to rest on my elbows, hands, it's very uncomfortable So you can draw a clear line and stable you must have a lot of balance in this area Everything has to be focused on one area

Do not think, 'Where my elbow is, it's in the air, it hurts my back' Understand? So choose a wide bed in the head area to have the space to move around the customer and be more comfortable Or maybe you work from one side, but I work behind the client But if you work from one side, can you lay your hand on the bed, on her chest? I do not know Anyway, I hope this video helped you

If you have any questions, ask them in the comments section Remember what I said in this video it's my subjective opinion does not mean that if someone says the opposite, it could not be true Have a wonderful day! Tell me what videos you'd like to shoot next : D

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