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It's time to get unready I don't typically wear a whole lot of makeup

so I don't feel like I have to go through a whole cleansing routine, I just gonna jump right into my nighttime beauty routine starting with Estee Lauder's Advanced Night Repair Serum I love this product for many many reasons I fly all the time and with photoshoots we're constantly putting make up on taking it off, going through changes all the time So I just at night it helps repair my skin when I wake up in the morning it's radiant it's nourished and I use this just about every night Even if I'm not working, sometimes I'll do it during the day

I'll do a run through of an in spa mask treatment I just did one of those for my instagram not too long ago I didn't have time to make it to the spa so I used actually these products for my in home spa so you're welcome for this I even put it on my neck because you want it all do be the same texture Leaves you nice and glowy

I'm gonna move to my second product which would be the Advanced Night Repair Eye Complex So the texture of this product is quite- it's very thick but not in a way where it feels very heavy on the You can feel that it It refreshes everything so when you come off a flight which I fly 4 or 5 times a week which is crazy 'cause there's only seven days in the week thanks to my agent You just you need this, you know You need to take care of your skin You eat healthy, you skin your water and all this but really your night time beauty routine thats when your body can repair itself I like to do this in a circular motion

When you rub your eyes When just when you massage your skin it releases your lymphatic system and it helps with your collagen repair and everything so you just do this for a couple of minutes until it sets it and doesnt feel quite as damp And she is going to repair over night and look like a brand new woman So then I go to my third product Which is an anti-aging It's called Revitalizing Supreme I use this product probably 3-4 times a week

Just because I am young and I don't need a whole lot of products on my skin because that can go the other way sometimes I use this about 3-4 times a week and it really does make a difference once you put it on and you can feel it You can feel when it sets in Just continue to moisturize and rub it in Do it on the neck, make sure your skin texture is all the same

And yeah, I'm nice a glowy And then I like to add a little personal favorite The face roller And it vibrates so it's just like a little massage And with this is really releases the lymphatic system

It helps drain all the old collagen It brings new blood to the skin to heal and repair It really helps with blemishes as well and I mean, why not I mean it's fun I do it after I have the product on just because it glides a little bit easier that way your don't tug your skin You never want to tug your skin

You when you do it, you never want to cause wrinkles The way I do the roller I always go out and up You never want to go in and down 'cause your skin is going to sag eventually so why speed up that process? So the next product I use is called Egyptian Magic My folks have sworn by this My grandparents I mean this product has been around for a very long time

and there's a reason why I apply this to my lips and I put quite a good amount just because if I haven't drunk enough water, you can tell through your lips It's one of the tell tale signs that your dehydrated when your lips are cracked This just repair and moisturize over night and because no one's going to see how gobby they look I put on a lot before bed and if you feel after you've done your facial that there are some spots that are still a little dry Egyptian Magic is good for that as well

Just rub it in a little bit Mine always get dry around the nose so I just add a little extra help there And thank you, Egyptian Magic Last but not least is Living Proof's Restore hair mask I'm not gonna put it on because I actually did it yesterday and I usually only do this once a week, once every two weeks depending on if I've been flying

It really nourishes, it reverses split ends It really helps your hair to look healthier It helps it grow This is just a really great, all around product And on that note, the last piece of the puzzle is ten hours of beauty sleep So goodbye!

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