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Hi, my name's Tyler and welcome to my first video I guess today, I'm gonna be doing an FTM clothing tips and tricks sort of video where I'll give you, y'know things that can help you find clothes that fit better for FTM trans guys I'm trans myself And for those of you who maybe aren't trans, which I don't know why you'd watch this video but I guess y'know, you never know, you might be curious Being trans basically just means I was assigned female at birth and then y'know I experienced gender dysphoria and to alleviate that gender dysphoria, I'm transitioning to male

I'll do an intro to myself in my next video but y'know, I just had this idea to do this video because I have a lot of tricks- especially since I've been transitioning for about two to two-and-a-half years socially I have known I was trans for about four Being pre-T, pre top surgery, and all of that I've really gathered a lot of tips and tricks that can really help, trick your way into shaping your body how you want your body to look Of course, you don't have to do everything I say, y'know not all of this is gonna work for everyone This just works for me My personal body shape is pretty curvy

I'm kind of shaped Pear-ish almost Like from a little above like belly button up, I'm really really skinny I just I've always had a really low body fat up there And then waist down I that's where all my fat is I have a really large butt and really big hips I have a list of what I'm going to be going through: I'm gonna be going through pants

I'm gonna be going through shirts, shorts, Jackets, patterns and colors that you can use to your advantage and which ones to avoid, Swimming because swimming is a BIG thing for trans guys, and shoes I'm gonna give you the way that you can convert your measurements So that if you're a pre-T trans guy, or you're not really out or y'know you're used to women's sizes And this is your first time really trying masculine clothes, you can find stuff that fits right the first time, and not have to try a million different sizes Also another note before I start- gendered clothing matters in this video and usually I'll say it doesn't matter and usually yeah, in most cases gendered clothing doesn't

But when I say a specific gender, I say that gendered type of clothing because it relates to the fit, and how it'll conform to your body Because men's and women's fits are very different, because men and women have different body shapes That doesn't mean that it can't be a masculine style of clothing just because it's a woman's- y'know shirt or pants or whatever -and that doesn't mean it can't be feminine just because it's men's That just the way I'm saying is pertaining to fit not style And if that makes any sense, so, of course you can wear whatever you want

You can wear women's, men's, unisex, whatever But, in this video for the tips that I'm going to be giving, if I say a specific gender please listen to that, because otherwise the tip will be absolutely useless So yeah Okay, so to start off I'm gonna be starting off with pants, because this seems to be the biggest problem for most trans guys 'Cuz we got them hips

I have found the perfect pair of pants, and the best fitting pants for curvy trans guys, whether you're short or tall, is women's chinos They're fit tapered So they start out wide at the top of the leg, which gives you a lot of room for your hips and then tapers down so it's skinnier near the ankle So you have room for your hips But at the same time your ankles and calves aren't swamped in fabric and it won't emphasize your curves It'll just hide them and it'll honestly slim down your curves

You won't see them nearly as much And also another thing that is awesome with chinos, is they have side pockets and I've noticed every- pants, shorts, or whatever -any pants or shorts that have side pockets not like ones in the front on jeans, but the ones that are on the side of the legs For some reason, they're really really good at hiding hips So keep that in mind Also, You can always size up women's skinny jeans because these also have that tapered fit

But the only thing is they're skinny So whatever size you normally are in women's jeans- so like for me, i'm usually in women's jeans, I guess I'm usually like a four or I guess if you're in juniors, maybe like a five or seven so If I'm shopping in women's I'll usually go two sizes up I'll usually go to an eight from a four when shopping for skinny jeans and this will have that tapered fit, but they'll also fit loosely so they look like men's pants, and your curves won't show through But the problem is if you wear women's skinny jeans and you don't size them up It's gonna emphasize all your hips

All you're gonna see is hips and you're really gonna look a lot more feminine than you're gonna want to by doing that So always size up the pants Always leave some room Skin tight is never your friend when you're a trans guy Also, if you're one of the lucky few who doesn't have a lot of curves, and if men's jeans work for you I still suggest getting a sort of tapered fit

So it usually, I believe it's men's slim fit that's a little bit tapered Not a lot and there's also, at some stores and stuff you can get athletic fit which leaves a lot more room in the thighs It's for curvy guys for y'know, cis men who are curvy And then tapers down at the ankle Another thing for pants is jogger pants I personally haven't worn joggers, but I talked to one of my other trans friends yesterday, and he said that jogger pants- because they have that tapered fit also -really help to hide hips So I don't know if men's or women's matters with jogger pants But maybe try out men's see how they will fit, and if not go over women's because woman's – well I don't even know if they sell joggers for women -but I don't know, y'know, see what you can find

So yeah, that's it for pants next, I'm gonna be doing shorts For short guys, like myself, I'm 5'4 by the way, short inseams are your friend You never want to get long, like, longer inseam shorts, because that'll make them go over the knee And the problem with going over the knee, is it makes you appear even shorter than you already are So we have short inseams and y'know, usually for cis guys, short inseams will come up to mid thigh, because they're taller, but for trans guys short inseams will come usually right above your knee Which is, you know, it'll fit you like normal guys shorts

If that makes any sense Also, I haven't personally experienced this but I've heard a lot of other trans people talk about it Board shorts are really really really good for hiding hips I believe they also have the side pocket, but I've also noticed that, like, regular swimsuits do this really really well, too Next up we're gonna be going onto shirts

And shirts, you would think seem- You would think that shirts are pretty easy You just find a size that fits and that's it but honestly There are some tips that can help to make a shirt a basic shirt elevated and make it look a lot better and a lot better fitting So first off, obviously I mean, anyone who's been a part of the LGBT community for a little while, will know that every single gay person has rolled sleeves, or cuffed their pants at some point in time This is not just because it's like a signal that, I'm gay because y'know obviously, there are straight people that probably roll their sleeves too

But by cuffing your sleeves like this, so, y'know, you have your sleeve like this By rolling it up once or twice, by doing that It makes the sleeve Take up less room, and can actually emphasize any muscles you have, regardless of if you have noodle arms or not by rolling those sleeves It'll honestly make you look buff and at the same time it'll also, if you're binding, will make your chest look like pecs, because you'll have the buff arms and then you'll have the pecs also try to avoid long fitting shirts Like, this shirt is long fitting, but I always, almost always, tuck it in when I'm wearing it Always try to avoid long shirts if you can or if you get a long shirt tuck it in because long shirts, again, will make you look even shorter because of how long they fit

A cool trick that I learned from Queer Eye, from Tan on the episode with the trans guy, is french-tucking, which is basically just tucking your shirt in the front By doing this you'll still have a casual look but it'll make your shirt fit a lot better and you won't look as short Also, oversized clothing can make you look smaller So while I said go up a couple of sizes for pants for shirts You don't want to go up a size Even if you're trying to hide your chest The reality is that that'll make you look smaller and weaker and you'll look even more feminine than before with an oversized shirt So just try to avoid them if you can Next I'm talking about jackets Which there's not a lot to talk about with jackets Jackets are kind of just jackets, and they tend to fit better for trans guys than shirts and pants and stuff

But my only tip is that layers, if you live somewhere cold take advantage of that and dress up in layers whenever you can because this will help hide your curves hide your chest if you're not binding, etc For me I live in Florida So I can't really take advantage of this that much Y'know in the winter maybe a little bit, or if I go up to Canada to see my family But the reality is I'm always in a shirt and some shorts because it's so hot here But yeah layers help hide stuff and again Don't get way too big of a jacket and get the best fitting size that you can I'm not saying go small I'm just saying get the correct fit and that'll help Reduce how small you look in the size of the jacket

Okay, so as I'm going through my footage, I just realized I forgot to talk about my most favorite subject on this Patterns and colors Patterns and colors, use them to your advantage They're so simple and easy to use The biggest tip is busy patterns like this one that I'm wearing will help cover your chest I'm not binding right now

I'm wearing a sports bra because I y'know, I just don't feel like binding when I'm not around anybody Unless you look from the side, you really can't see anything Okay? That's all you can see From the front, you look absolutely flat and it just it gets lost in the pattern And little discrepancies and stuff won't show up

If you wear uniform patterns, especially lines, like horizontal lines, will very much emphasize curves Vertical lines, I've heard can help reduce some- I don't own any vertical line shirts so that's up to you to decide But there's also always colors Personally, I love dark colors Not just because I was emo at one point but, y'know, because dark colors are just very nice

They look good Dark colors will help hide things Blacks, greys, I have a dark green shirt that really helps hide stuff Just anything dark helps, you know, it reduces how much you can see and it helps So yeah, I just I really like dark colors Of course, that doesn't mean you can't wear light colors I'm just saying dark colors will help, cover stuff

Also, I find for some reason, that single colors like just one solid color shirt helps hide stuff I don't know why But I've seen that

Because I have some shirts that have little patterns and stuff, and some that are just like, a basic color, and I've noticed the basic colors really make me look and feel a lot more masculine than I am I don't know why but that's just a thing So yeah, use it to your advantage I guess if it works for you Now I'm gonna talk about formal wear because this is a tricky spot for trans guys And I remember the first time I had to get a suit I almost had a mental breakdown because suit pants are not meant for hips at all And it was not a fun time No, obviously there are some custom websites and companies, that will make custom suits for trans guys that will hide your hips, but the problem is these are super expensive and the reality is most people can't spend a thousand dollars on a suit and probably don't want to

Some tips that I have are, for some reason up button ups, they really help hide my chest I don't know why They just always do So get a nice looking button-up that fits well and if you're shopping for an actual suit Women's pants, like women's dress pants because they're tapered- again! tapered pants It's all about the tapered pants! So just get the jacket because the jackets aren't hard to find that fit It's the pants Put those together and it can really look like a suit So try and do mix matched colors Because, like do beige pants and then a black jacket Then you won't have two different shades of black or two different shades of grey clashing against each other

It'll look like one normal uniform suit Just make sure the pants are the same quality as the jacket Also when you're shopping for blazers, jackets, sports coats, you know that sort of thing, Pretty much, if you're a small trans guy like me get a slim fit It'll help take your curves and almost make you look like you have a v-shape like a V taper So it'll take advantage of your skinny waist, but it won't make you look super hip-y When I'm wearing a blazer ((edited out) I feel more masculine

) So take advantage of it and get a blazer that fits and yeah, just own it I mean, it's not that hard to find a blazer that fits When you're small, shopping in boys is always also a good thing So take advantage of it Okay next I'm gonna talk about swimming

This is a really big topic for trans guys because you know We're not totally comfortable in our bodies, and we're trying our best to pass Usually most of us are trying to pass as male You're going to Beach, y'know We got big balls of fat on our chest So having to navigate with that kind of sucks One thing that I've learned is black UV shirts, that's the one I personally swim in I'm able to swim than that in a sports bra and it makes my chest look flat because it's black and it fits really well Especially it has the really tight shoulders

So it makes my arms look more buff as well It reduces the size of my chest and increases the size of my arms, essentially So yeah, black UV shirts black tight-fitting UV shirts Are your friend Also when you get swim shorts, make sure that the inseam is short You'll usually I don't know how long the inseams normally are but you can usually compare them, especially at Target I know Target will say the different inseams on their swim shorts So just get the shortest inseam you can Try to make sure that it goes above the knee So this won't make you look as short and will also help hide your hips

Next I'm gonna talk about shoes, which is Hard and not hard at the same time, depending on what type of shoes you're looking for

If you're one of the lucky few who fits into men's sizes You have it pretty easy I mean You can fit into whatever shoes you want But not a lot of us can It just depends Some of us are right on the cusp like me my fit is a woman's 8

5 and like a men's 7, so Sometimes I fit and sometimes I don't it's just a matter of luck If you're a teenager, you of course, unisex shoes like Vans and Converse are always gonna be your friend but of course if you're an adult You can't wear Vans and Converse to work So you have to find some other shoes I noticed the other day when I was at Disney, a lot of people (who work) there, have black Nikes Women and men These look pretty unisex, and I'm sure those could be used for work At other places too So keep that in mind if you're on the cusp of men's sizes, like myself like I just said You could always wear thick socks if it's cold if it's a colder time of year and Try and get narrower shoes and pull the laces tight so you can fit better into the shoes Also a boys shoes are really good like for dress shoes

I use boys dress shoes they're not like, the most stylish like Y'know men's shoes would be better looking but they're there and they're also cheaper which is a big plus So if you fit into boy sizes good for you I'm also gonna give the like sizes range and stuff for you guys Later in the video Anyway, lastly, I'm gonna be doing size conversions These are really useful especially for shoes and for pants Because y'know, again, if you're one of the lucky few who can fit into men's pants You're gonna wanna get the right size So yeah, for shirts, men's are- I think I'm not entirely sure on this I think men's is usually a size bigger So like a woman's medium would be a men's small if that makes any sense so Yeah, I mean it's as simple as that

I haven't worn women's clothes in a while but I think I would probably be a medium if I did wear them and I'm a men's small and that's still kind of large on me Just try whatever with the shirts Shirts aren't that hard because most shirts just fit generically So for shorts and pants, men's is different than women's women's is just one size and there's either regular or petite, or tall I think- but I just use petite because I'm a really short person But anyway Men's actually has two different things So there's the inseam length Which is the inside of your leg and that's how long the pants are and then there's also the waist which is y'know how wide your hips are for most tiny trans guys like me you're probably gonna fit into like a 28 or 30 waist

Which is like the bottom of the men's chain Personally with boy's shorts, if you can fit in a men's shorts wear your men's shorts because the one time I wore boy's shorts the waist did fit but I had no room for my hips Like absolutely none at all So men's shorts I've noticed are a lot better with that I mean it's all kind of just trial and error for pants But at the same time, you know If you can find the correct size conversion, it's good But usually most trans guys will have the shortest and seem I've ever seen is 38 (actually 30) which is still very long for me So that's why I stick to women's pants So yeah That's just the reality of it For shoes to get the men your men's or boys size depending on what size you will end up with From your women's size subtract 15

So for me, I'm in 8 or 85 So just subtract the 15 from that I'm either a 65 or 7 now Boy's sizes for shoes are, I believe 6

5 and less, and men's sizes are 7 and up I believe I'm not entirely sure don't quote me on that, but it's close It's around that so that's why I like I said, I'm on the cusp also for shoes EU sizes are always consistent so, I believe I'm a 38 in EU sizes I'm not really sure but Those are always consistent across men's and women's so if you just look at at the EU side instead of the US size It might be a lot easier to find shoes that fit Anyway, thanks for watching Comment below if there's anything else you want tips on that I didn't talk about

I do have more these are just y'know The main ones that came to mind And like and subscribe if you want more trans or fun content! I mean, yeah, it's my first video, but I'm probably gonna do a lot more You know, I'm also gonna have some fun stuff too But yeah Thanks for watching! Bye!

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