Fashion Tips from Shay Mitchell, Cristina Ehrlich & more at ‘Runway to Red Carpet’

(bubbly pop music) – I didn't wake up like this I literally have to get hair, makeup, all of it done, nails

– The most important thing is to be themselves – I wanna just have fun with fashion I don't wanna be so serious about it I wanna have fun and feel confident in what I'm wearing, and feel warm when I can (laughing) – The most important thing is to always try to connect to what your taste and your style is and I've been doing this job for a very long time and I always say that it's not about trends, it's about what feel genuine to you, and so I think for women out there it's just really kind of hone in on what the look is you're trying to go for and less is more

– Yeah just something that makes you feel comfortable and confident and that reflects how you feel on the inside – It's very easy just to completely copy the runway look but I think it's nice to put your own twist on it and sometimes I use my own pieces, so it feels like mine I start with makeup always, but I leave my lips till last if that makes sense – [Interviewer] That makes sense, yeah – Like sometimes I wanna do a red lip, sometimes I don't

But yeah start with makeup always – Well my thing is as cliche as it may sound, I think confidence is the most beautiful thing that a woman could put on her body, and when you feel comfortable, you feel beautiful, you wear it, don't listen to quote unquote experts like myself If you put it on your body and you love it, you feel beautiful and confident, you feel sexy and you feel like a woman, then wear it and be happy no matter what that is – Wearing things that make you feel good and take risks and like work the kitchen or something (laughing) – [Interviewer] Wear comfy shoes – Yeah wear kinda comfy shoes, but also wear not comfy shoes sometimes cause it's good for you, you know? It builds up your soul

(laughing) (bubbly pop music)

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