Fashion Tips 🛍️ For Back To School 🎒 w/ Jojo Siwa, SpongeBob, Alex Hook & More | #WinYourWeek

Fresh from your feed, here's the hottest info you need to know to Win Your Week So we asked you guys last week what would you rather see in your lunch box? Fruit snacks or pudding cups? And the majority of you guys said

Fruit snacks! So, did you choice win? Let us know in the comments below Prepping your back to school style? Consider cargo pants I like the pockets

– It's very – Handy

Handy and practical – But – I like a pragmatic fashion choice

Since slacks are the slackers of the pants universe, check out the top five things you can carry in your cargo pants Bubbles, for that after school bubble-blowing fun Ahh! Your favorite pet Or your favorite pet rock Hey SpongeBob, check out my new snail

Pencils can go in your cargo pants We found a magic pencil! Hey, you are back to school, and the number one thing you can carry in your cargo pants Sandwiches! Just like Dicky Harper

And here's tomorrow's French dip [laughing] Not ready to retire for the attire debate? Keep visiting Nick's YouTube channel, because we're posting the top school fashion moments August 21st You won't want to start school without seeing it Yeah, OK No-bow-dy knows how to celebrate August 19th better than JoJo Siwa because it's

International Bow Day I love your bow! I love your bow more! And speaking of BowBows Hey BowBow, what's up? Did you catch the I Am Frankie special? It was awesome, but we bet you've never seen her like this Hey, guys It's Alex Hook from I Am Frankie, here at the USA Science & Engineering Festival in Washington DC! I'm here with my new robot friend, Nell Isn't he just adorable? I'm a big fan of yours

Aw, thanks Nell I'm a big fan of yours too Right now, I'm on a Mars simulator Hey, look at those! They're like little robot puppies Shocking

Would you rather have a robot to be your BFF Or finish your homework? Comment with your pick below, and we'll let you know if your pick won next week Who's your favorite sponge? That's me! Usually that's true, but when it's National Sponge Cake Day on August 20th, the answer just might be this one

Or this one Yum, I want to eat that one Or prank your friends with this one Top a kitchen sponge with frosting and sprinkles Cake! Cake! It's a piece of cake

Pass the sponge cake please Here is your Comment of the Week Sweet Sprinkles was sprinkling on the love when they commented: "Nickelodeon, I really like your shows They are really funny and my favorite part of Win Your Week is the six second joke I just love Nickelodeon

" It's beautiful Well, since you love the six second joke Sweet Sprinkles, here's a six second joke you can tell your friends Hey, everyone How do you organize a space party? You planet! You know what makes smiling even more funny? No teeth Celebrate National Tooth Fairy Day on August 22nd, with a top five toothless moments from your favorite shows

Looks like I got a 7-10 split [laughing] [screaming] Stop eating me! [screaming] – What's wrong? – I chipped a tooth on that guy's head! Oops That there was another tooth Yee-haw! That means it got the most slipped! I'm winning by a tooth I'm ready, Doc

Do what you have to do [moaning] I'm done Thanks for loving me and my weird tooth, Max Anything for you, pop star wife Cheyanne Welcome home

[screaming] Think the Tooth Fairy ever makes change for a 20? Ever thought about visiting the gorgeous country of Nepal? Are you brave enough to take a trip up Mt Everest? If you're feeling up to the challenge, you should at least know how to speak some Nepali Here's how you say 'fart' Pāda Oh, and don't look down! [farting] Thanks for watching! Check back next Sunday for a brand new Win Your Week

And don't forget to comment below the video Your comments could be featured in our next episode Be sure to check your notifications this week to see if you get picked [farting]

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