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And greetings to all of you, I hope you are very well and with a lot of encouragement We are: Israel My name is Fernanda My name is Giuli My name is Lissette And together we are: Glitter Crew! This day we will emphasize fashion In that we will include easy hairstyles and quick and daily makeup tips, and the best part

Put on an outfit with a budget of Twenty thousand pesos! For that, Fer, Liss and I visit a store, so that each one can assemble their attire according to their preferences So, let's go! * Sorry if that part is repeated: (* First, we will start with the eyes, we will apply eyeliner under the eyelashes so that they look more abundant, and then, we will put the mask Now, we will continue with our eyebrows, starting by defining their shape in this way, and then filling them out Now, we outline the lips, so they look more voluminous, and we apply our favorite lipstick, giving an elegant, beautiful and natural finish

Take two strands of hair and join them with three tweezers * Again it was repeated: (* Make a loose ponytail, take the loosest part and divide them in two, and then pass the ponytail through the divisions Make two or four braids, depending on the amount of hair you have, and then pass the tweezers on the plate slowly and tighten the braid Well, and that was all for today, if you liked it, do not forget to leave us your like and subscribe to our channel You can also follow us on our social networks (at the end of the video) Goodbye!

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