Fashion Style Tips .Wear Cloth Backward Malinee’s Lookbook Fashion over 40 #แต่งตัวยังไง

Hi guys, how are you doing? This is Malinee from Malinee Satit channel today I'm gonna share with you my fashion tips without paying any money If you are interested, please keep watching The top I'm wearing is Zara and This is my personal fashion tip

Now I'm wearing it backward you can see the tag here and The back is actually is the front which has the v-neck ,deep v-neck so when I get bored I just wear the back as the front so it becomes like this It makes this top looks more sophisticated And very interesting back

Now I'm changing to the other side and you can see that he change the look and It like more sexy look with the v-neck in the font I'm wearing is H&M dress I can wear this dress in 3 Different looks this is the first look I'm wearing it backward now and because of the Deep Split I'm wearing a camisole inside so this is the first look

and this is Actually the front Now I'm gonna show you the 2nd look which is very easy I just button the dress So it looks like this Now I change to the correct way to wear this dress I really like this dress

It is very casual and I like the fabric It is cool very good for summer Next dress is Max Studio You can see that this very elegant and the back is deep V neck

wearing this way give you like little Sexy but not too revealing Now I'm changing to the way that I supposed to wear it which is the V neck's supposed to be the front And it totally change the look This green top is laundry So I'm wearing the correct way this is the front and this is the back It's very sexy without showing too much skin Now I'm wearing it backward You can wear something inside of less noticeable

it will give you very sexy look So this is very simple way to give you a look from your old clothes I hope you give it a try Thank you very much for watching Bye Hope you enjoy my video Thank you for watching and please subscribe So you won't miss my next video See you later

Bye Bye

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