Fashion & Style Tips : How to Care for New Body Piercings

Hi, my name's Rachel and I'm the owner of austinstylewatchcom street fashion site

And I'm a freelance fashion reporter And today we're going to talk about how to take care of your new piercing Now there's a lot of kinds of piercings in all different body parts and they each have a different healing process Depending on where they are and how much exposure they're getting from the outside So you're going to want to listen to what your piercing artist tells you on how to take care of it because that's going to be your first step

The next thing you're going to want to do; first we'll talk about facial piercings noses, eyebrows, particularly ears for this tip You're going to want to avoid touching things with your new ear piercing and that's going to be hard because that means phones, and bike helmets There's lots of places you're going to touch your ears But one of the places you're going to be touching your ears for like 6 hours a day is going to be your pillow at night So if you're going to be leaning that head or leaning that nose and the way you suffocate yourself with your own pillow but the way you're going to want to keep that clean pillow up against your new piercing is a little tip

Take a clean T-shirt, make sure it's clean It needs to be just washed clean And you're going to put it over the pillow just like a pillowcase So that way you've got all those dust mites and nasty stuff that's going to be on your pillow, now you got a clan surface So one night you're going to want to sleep on this side, the next night you're going to want to sleep on this side

The third night it goes in the dirty clothes So this is one of the steps you're going to take to keep our facial piercings clean For tongue piercings, not too different from facial piercings Keep it clean and everything but a big tip you're going to want to do, get a new toothbrush Throw out your old one, get a fresh clean one

Toothbrush they can't help but harbor bacteria and all the little little bristles so buy a new toothbrush Gargle, keep the wound clean Salt soaks, that's going to be my third tip And really it applies for almost any piercing But taking some boiling water

Sea-salt, try to avoid iodine salt Just get pure sea-salt Pour a little boiling water over the salt And then compress that to your skin You can do that either by dipping a cotton ball in it and putting it on there or what I like to do, a little personal trick, pour the mixture into a shot glass and press it up against the skin, and create kind of section

So just let it sit in there and really bathe, and get out the infection Now the last tip, be careful with your infection while it may look healed form the outside on your piercing, it can still be rawness underneath so don't get too speedy on pulling piercings out or messing with them This has been how to take care of your new piercing

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