Couch Talks with 3 fashion tips from Neha

Hello Everybody! It is Neha sitting next to me StylizedU Neha, I would like to ask you asked you to give us 3 tips about people's wardrobe What we should do? What is actually the need change? Neha: yes so I think the top 3 things, if I were to tell you today would be 1st is to declutter! Declutter and revamp your wardrobe every six months so spring/summer one section autumn/winter another section That's number 1

Second thing, is to figure out how do you dress up every day Do you dress up by style? or Do dress up by colour? What's your focus? And then, your wardrobe should be arranged as for that So, if you are dressing by color arrange your wardrobe by colour If you are dressing by style then, you put You put all your dresses together, you put your t-shirts together, your jeans together and not by color! It will help you get dressed very fast every single morning And 3rdly I would say that, if you had to invest in one thing, it would be your hair Invest in your hair, because you wear them every day Katy: okay that's actually Shall I go to the hairdresser right now

? Okay Everybody thank you very much for watching If you would like to know more about Neha and me being complexed about my hair style today Just watch us on YouTube (LINK BELOW)


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