Cardi B makeup tips

This one's for all you girly girls out there, that wanna be looking all firme (firm) for your vato (dude) or for the club or for the quinceañeras Purple ones, see? Now you're looking real good for your vato

Speaking of vatos Flaco, I'm still holding it down for you boo! Hey, when you get out of la pinta (jail) I'll be holding it up *raises eyebrows* So anyways not to be a sucia (filthy), but anyways you're gonna be looking real firme with them brows and it's real easy too, like I said

Me personally, I prefer the classic one, That's how I feel the most firme There you go! Real easy to put them on, you take them off, you're good to go, there you go

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Beauty Tips

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Beauty Tips

Beauty Tips

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