Body Care Tips

just as you choose your moisturiser for your face with care you should go for the best formulation suited for your body skin type The most effective way to care of your body is to work these treatments into your every day skincare routine

The skin forms a protective barrier against bacteria and other invaders Although it continually sheds and renews itself it still requires special attention scrubbing your skin removes dead skin cells and stimulate blood circulation, leaving your skin toned and helping the skin cell turnower try switching to cool water just before you get out of the shower This will help boost blood circulation you'll also feel warmer once you're out of the shower concentrate the cool water flow on cellulite prone areas, as this helps to boost the sluggish circulation in these spots There are different types of Body Moisturisers you can use Body Gel have a lighter formulation, so are perfect for hot days or oilier skin types

Lotions and Oils are suitable for most skin types and are easy to apply as they're not sticky Creams are mostly better suited for dry or very dry skin types Apply your chosen moisturiser to clean, damp skin with firm strokes as this helps to boost circulation This will lock in moisture in the top layers of your skin Don't forget the very dry areas, such as elbows, knees and heels

If you don't have time to apply a moisturiser after you take a bath try adding a few drops of Body Oil to the water After you step out of the bath your skin will be covered in a thin, fine layer of body nourishing oil I hope this video has been helpful and hope you enjoyed it If you do you have any further questions you can leave them in the comments below or contact us directly Thank you for watching!

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