Hi everyone, welcome back, today's video I'm going to be sharing with you my current daytime skincare routine the products I use and the products that I'm loving so Usually in the morning I go ahead and start off with my cleanser obviously and I love to reach for the Olay Regenerist This is the luminous Collection and this one says brightening cream cleanser and it also has little microbeads to help exfoliate But I go ahead and use a facial buffing sponge

It's just like this It comes like in a pack of 12 for like a couple bucks at Target I will just put it on here put some water and it does foam up a bit, which I actually like I feel like I'm cleaner when a cleanser is foamy for some reason I don't know Maybe other people like me, I don't know After cleansing and everything I will actually go in and use a Differin Gel Now I do have some adult acne type problems a lot of the time especially If I'm switching products or trying a new product a lot of times, I will break out I have very sensitive skin So I do use this almost daily there There's a couple times in the week where I might skip it but I'll just add it in the areas where I know I have problems like I have it on my chin area and Sometimes on my forehead where I get you know, a little acne showing up which isn't cute After I apply that I usually will go in with my eye cream and the one I'm using is the Olay 7 Total Effects, it's the anti-aging eye treatment I really do like this I never skip eye treatments eye creams Before applying makeup or anything just because you look a lot more hydrated and you're not dry and cakey Your other products will smooth really nicely over the top so never skip eye treatments or eye creams it's Really helpful, then I will usually go in with a serum type product I'm using the Neutrogena hydro boost This is the multivitamin booster with the hyaluronic acid This isn't technically a serum, but I kind of use it as a serum right now They do have a serum in this line, which is really good as well That I like but I actually ran out so I'm just using the multivitamin one right now Then I will go in with my Neutrogena hydro burst

This is, BOOST I always say hydro burst I don't know water gel This is it actually does have SPF 15 only But a lot of days I'm not in direct sunlight if I'm going to be in direct sunlight, I will use another Sunscreen, but usually I will go in with this I don't like really thick heavy creams in the daytime I Usually tend to lean more towards thinner stuff Just because especially if I'm going to be wearing makeup, I don't like to feel very heavy on my skin when you have multiple layers a lot of times you can feel very heavy and gross, so I go ahead and use the thinnest things I can find which these products by Anusha Neutrogena are really great very thin and light on the skin, but very very hydrating at the same time I do not have oily skin typically, I can get oily throughout the day especially in summer things like that I have more like dry normal type skin, so Even though I have dry skin I still tend to love the more thinner products Then over thick products at night I will go reach for a thicker product but during the daytime no, I hate it It feels gross it makes me feel like I need to go wash my face So anyway, if you guys have any comments or questions about the products that I use Go ahead and leave them down below Don't forget to Like and subscribe before you leave and I will see you in my next one

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