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Hi, Sharon Danley here with another Two Minute Tip This week its about beauty tips for savvy seniors

Yeehaw, we are no longer in the need to look like a woman in her productive years But just because we are "over the hill" by the fashion industry's standards, it doesn't mean we have to have to be giving up being vibrant, beautiful, intelligent, charming – and all the things that go with it In fact, we most likely have never been better, in some ways Just look at Meryl Streep in The Devil Wears Prada, or Helen Mirren inwell anything And of course they have their specialists helping them to achieve their Hollywood "aging" looks, but with some professional techniques, commitment AND practice, we can achieve much the same for ourselves So here are some practical, and I hope amusing, beauty tips to keep your inner Goddess glowing right through to that Centurion stage and beyond

Number 1 on the hit parade, and we all know what it is, what we think shows on your face But its hard for good thoughts to get past those age spots, Rosacea, dark circles and sun-dried skin to show up in your smile And just because the we're over 21, the sun doesn't care and it doesn't even know So making use of that sun block is a must unless you want your age spots continue developing at warp speed Makeup, makeup, makeup, oy vei

There are so many youtubers, fashion gurus, magazines telling us to buy, buy, buy, buy this, buy thatthose makeup products, this skincare stuff, hairstyling aids, tools, equipment

and, and, and It makes a dame wanna throw on her hat, and hide at the beach with a larger cooler and someone serving you grapes

The problem is, its all a big lie It doesn't have to be this way Actually making ourselves look better resulting in feeling better, can be a simple, streamlined, easy, cheap and cheerful and effective affair Breaking it down into simple, yet effective makeup, hairstyling and wardrobe makes it easy to address each aspect with confidence And my channel has dedicated itself to this approach because we all have so many other things in life to attend to

Yet its a proven fact that when we look our best, we feel our best and when we bring our best selves to our endeavours, well, the success bell just keeps ringing louder and better Do yourself a favour if you're confused and turn to the makeup playlist on this channel for all kinds of helpful tutorials And I recommend highly, starting with the 4 Corners of Great Makeup to get you going Simply put even skin tone, well shaped brows, strengthened lashes or lash-line and corrected lips should only take 5-7 minutes to create with streamlined, excellent products that can make a well presented look for any situation Next is hair or lack thereof for some of us as we age

It can be harrowing or with some tried and true tips, tools, well researched enhancements, they can solve those issues Check my Hairstyling and Hair Extensions Playlists for all kinds of honest and practical ways to bring back or update your crowning glory And in putting it all together, great makeup and hair only needs a well suited and well-fitted wardrobe that maximizes your assets, minimizes your problem areas and balances your overall look with good fit and fabric to complete your savvy senior style And to round out your complete look, check out my Wardrobe Styling & Management Playlist So, to sum it up – putting our best selves forward doesn't have to be mysterious, time consuming or expensive

It does require, however, some know-how, commitment and practice, resulting in increased healthy self-confidence, acceptance and esteem Something every woman, at every age deserves And for a closed group for further discussion about demystifying beauty and confident aging, join us at Going Gray & Lovin' It on Facebook And for tips that work for every age, join my Sharon Danley Beauty Page on Facebook And be sure to like, share and subscribe, clicking the notification bell too

Thank you and stay tuned for more tutorials and livestreams demystifying beauty and sharing practical, effective tips, tricks & techniques for you and your inner savvy senior Thanks for listening See you next time

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