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Aubrey Hampton was the founder of Aubrey Organics and he was very much a quirky innovative man He always liked to perform, so having created Aubrey Organics it was for him a great performance using what he believed in

Using natural ingredients synergistically to make formulas And that's what we do today It is a legacy that we want to continue His legacy lives on through us He trusted us as employees to make that legacy go into the next generation and the generation after that and that's what we're doing

The future of Aubrey is to take a blend of new and old Take the traditions that we have inherited from our founder Mr Hampton, of natural, of pure, of organic, of hand crafted, of really having a lot of love in the products that we make and bring those into the future We make sure that our products are safe We make sure that we source the finest, we source the cleanest ingredients that you can find and we source them worldwide

At the same time when we do our formulations one of the key things we have in mind is to make sure that we can have those formulations certified Certified natural, certified organic, certified to US standards and certified to European standards The more our customers know about the products, the better we feel that they will pick our product up and take it home with them and enjoy it at home everyday

Every ingredient in a formula was meant to relate to each other in a specific way and they actually as a whole work holistically and synergistically together So that's why we have people that love our products and that see a benefit and see that they do work Aubrey Organics' consumers definitely appreciate the value of our products because they appreciate the company, they appreciate the message that we put out and we do our best to find innovative ways to make our products better Most of the products are vegan, they contain clinically proven ingredients which help enhance the products and make them perform better Just like all of our other products, they are still made by hand in 50 gallon or less drums, no petrochemicals, no synthetic additives, no parabens

All of our products are cruelty free Obviously we are making a healthier alternative for personal care products And Aubrey's products are so natural, for goodness sakes, some of the products, some of the ingredients you could eat it I mean how much more natural can you get? So, its really come from our customers coming in saying I don't want to use anything else This is what my skin wants me to use

They give a better alternative to hair and skin and makeup products And when you are using it your not polluting your body You're not polluting your skin, you're not polluting your hair also its not polluting the environment which is what synthetic chemicals do You know, because people really want to know that their products are clean Everything that we do from filling them by hand, from making them by hand, to having the organic ingredients to the certifications

At the end its having it in that customer's hand and having them use it and saying they love it! That's what makes this company truly wonderful

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