So you wanted a skincare routine right? Well, here it is This is what my skin looked like in December 2018 My skin has been clear now for seven months we are in July 2018 and this is what I've been doing So before I wash my face I use this Dove liquid cotton to wipe out all the makeup if I do have makeup on that day These are hygiene works and they're 25 in a pack This also prevents my face cloth from getting dirty I also changed my face cloth every two months

I buy them from clicks for that 3 for 2 special I do not keep my face cloth longer than two months I've gotten into that habit and it's been working out for me because of face cloths absorbs a lot of bacteria I don't want to have to use that bacteria on my face indirectly So yes, that's the first thing that I do to To cleanse my face I use the clean and clear daily scrub This was oil free I love it because it gives my skin feeling soft and smooth It also has got small micro crystals just to remove the dirt and exfoliate my skin So I follow up with steaming my face for 15 minutes with a safeway steamer that I got from clicks Steaming my face actually helps me open up the pores and some of the benefits on the description box below I'm such a big fan of young solution charcoal mask I think I should invest in a big bottle because I started using the small sachets like To test if my skin will like it Is it going to be prone to a rush or anything like that? So I eave it on my skin for about 30 minutes and it leaves my skin absolutely soft in smooth and smells amazing So after I've washed off my facial mask I like to follow up with a cleansing using this clean and clear exfoliating daily wash this was odor free and it's my skin Absolutely free I use it together with my facial cleanser that I got from his obey I Felt like it was time for me to start investing in tools That might help my skin get to the links level like the facial steamer So what I love about those facial cleanser is the fact that it's got three brushes This is the silicone brush, which is so amazing on the skin

I Also have a daily brush and it comes with the exfoliating brush This all comes in the package It's quite pricey, but I think the investment is great Oh, I Then used the clean and clear blackhead cleanser with regular cotton I don't hold my face as readily as I should I think I should just start incorporating that more often I think I told my face at least 10 times in a month, and that's not a lot Last but not least I use the clean and clear to you action moisturizer This is all free it moisturizes and it has feelings spots and blemishes It's got this really awesome Tingly feeling when I put it on my face was so awesome It felt like peppermint So this is one that I use every morning and in the evening before I sleep All of these products are quite affordable So I hope my skincare routine has helped you don't forget to comment on below let me know what is your skincare routine Happy Friday, and take care I'll see you next week

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