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7 Style Rookies Tips For Men [0:00:00] Where do I get started? What do I do? Guys, in today’s video, the first seven steps for a style rookie [Music] Step number one

Dress for the body you have not the body you wish you have So, all the time I get e-mails from you guys Okay, I’m going to lose 50 lbs in the next six months So, shall I hold off on buying clothing now because in six months I’m going to have that ideal body? The answer is no You’ve got to dress for the body that you have

The goal of dressing your body type is to bring balance to your overall look because you want people to focus on you and the message, not maybe something that you’re drawing something that looks a little bit odd Something that makes you look even wider, that’s going to grab people’s attention and something they’re going to be thinking about versus thinking about the words that you’re saying and the message that you’re trying to get across Tip number two for style rookies Know the name of your tailor Almost all of your clothing you want to get adjusted by a tailor, so it fits you better

Now, the mistake that most people make is that they only may be get their suits adjusted No, take your clothing to your own tailor and your casual button-downs, your jeans Yes, even get your jeans adjusted When you buy something off the rack, that is made to fit a wide range of body types When you take your clothing to the tailor, they’re going to look at your body type they’re going to work with you

When a tailor does their job correctly, the clothing that you wear from them it actually is going to fit your body And clothing that fits on your body always looks better than clothing that’s overly baggy or overly tight Now, even if you got a garment perfectly tailored, you can still have issues like a dress shirt So, let’s say that you buy it, it’s cut a little bit short throughout the day it becomes untucked or you’re very active, you’re a floor manager moving back and forth running around and it comes untucked during the day You get this muffin top look, it just doesn’t look good

So, guys, sometimes perfect tailoring isn’t going to be the fix Guys, this item right here the shirttail garter will keep your shirt tucked in all day This is going to solve your problem with the muffin top with that shirt coming untucked all day maybe being just a bit too short Now, this right here they are made by KK and Jay, the paid sponsor of today’s video and for over three years I’ve been talking about and using this Why? They make an amazing product

The first pair of shirttail garters they sent me over three years ago, I still have I still use, I’ve used over a hundred times I started using this when I was in the Marine Corps One thing I hated was the quality, I buy them, you know, right there at the exchange They were cheap they would fall apart These ones right here, they were at a great price and they are very high quality

And when it comes down to it, I don’t even notice that I’m wearing this after I put them on within a few minutes Oh, and you may be saying, okay, these are tucked down to the bottom sock, what if I’m wearing a no-show socks? They’ve actually innovated they’ve got this right here it goes around your calf, so when I’m wearing no-show sock, I still want to look great, I can actually pull this off I love that these guys two entrepreneurs founded this company and they are innovating they’re bringing in a great quality product which is going to last you a long time They’ve got amazing customer service Guys, I’m linking to KK and Jay down in the description of this video with the best discount code you’re going to find out there on the internet, a great product

I’m proud to support because it’s solves a problem Again, if you’re tucking your shirt in, multiple times a day or if you’re very active, this is going to solve the issue for you Step number three for style rookies Learn and live the style pyramid So, you’ve got fit, function, fabric

Let me explain each Fit, that is king All of your clothing whenever you buy it, it has to fit your body type There are tons of infographics on my website that you can see how should a shirt fit how should a suit fit But, guys, when you wear clothing that fits you, all of a sudden it’s going to look great

If you don’t nail the fit, nothing else matters Next up, let’s talk about function So, you want to have the right outfit the right garment for the occasion So, if you’re going to go into an interview and you’re working at a warehouse, you don’t need to show up wearing a suit to that interview It’s the wrong item, it doesn’t function properly

So, look at what the uniform is what people are naturally wearing to work, but you want to make sure whatever you wear actually is serving the function of sending the message you want to send the world Now, let’s talk about fabric and I do put this last because I do think that you can compromise on the fabric and the build of clothing when you’re first starting off But, when you start to make more money, look at what is the uniform, what do you wear on a daily basis, then start to invest It may be casual clothing, it may be high quality denim, it may be nice button-down shirts I don’t know what your uniform is what message you want to send the world, but whatever it is make sure that you start to spend more on it by looking at better construction better clothing – the actual built of if you want to spend more here because you want to get better quality

And better quality should last longer because you’re going to take better care of it Next up, think interchangeability So, the example I want to give you is Legos Does anyone out there like Legos? Played with Legos as a kid? Maybe you still collect Legos But what’s great about Legos is you can take a Lego from 1985, you can take a Lego from 2018 and they’re all going to work together because Legos are made to be interchangeable

[0:04:58] Now, here’s the thing with your clothing When you buy with an interchangeable mindset, basically you can take three pairs of shoes, three trousers, you’ve got three shirts, and you’ve got three jackets – twelve items And from these twelve items if they were all perfectly interchangeable, we’re talking eighty one outfits You notice how this just expands So, what’s cool about this is you can own less and you can get more mileage out of what you do own

My next tip for style rookies, develop a uniform Think about what message do you want to send to the world and dress to send that message Find something that works for you something you default to So, if you’re young up-and-coming lawyer maybe you’re going to dress better than everyone at your firm, but you know who am I what do I stand for because if you’re a lawyer at a construction company, I expect you to dress still like a lawyer You have to wear a suit, you should be better dressed than most of the men there because you’re supposed to pay attention to the details

You should do your job Now, if you’re an artist, think about how can I send the message maybe with my glasses that I’m someone creative I may be want to choose a different frame I want to have a wide variety of frames But, guys, think about the message you’re sending and develop out that uniform

So my next tip for style rookies, no one to spend and no one to say Most style rookies when you’re just starting out, guys, you have a limited budget you don’t have much money to spend So, you want to be very careful with the money that you do have Spend a little bit more time saving up and then put in to this investment I call this an investment because, yes, you may want to go buy that big screen television, but if you buy the right outfit the right uniform you actually start to look good with your clothing, you may get that promotion which then isn’t going to just enable you to buy another big screen television, but actually buy a house which is your big goal

Now, guys, I don’t know what your goals are, but I do know that you want at this point right now focus in on your outer clothing If you wear a suit on a daily basis, you want to get something that’s classic conservative something that’s going to actually not draw too much attention be interchangeable, but you want to spend good money on at least one to two suits Your shoes, that’s going to be something that you want to spend good money on You spend a lot of time on your feet, buy something that’s comfortable If you wear work boots, then find you know a company like Thursday Boots which makes a great Goodyear welted boot and that is going to serve you

If you want shoes, find a company that creates a type of shoe that you will feel comfortable standing in all day At the end of the day, invest in outfits And think about, again, the outer facing clothing So, if you’re in a cold weather area, maybe spend good money on a jacket because you’re going to be meeting and talking with people who will look at this jacket and make a split second decision on whether or not this guy seems confident or this guy may seems out of his league My next tip for style rookies, perfect your grooming routine

Notice I said routine A routine is a system that you can adjust and you can improve If you just wake up in the morning you’ve got no routine, you just get dressed you guys you can’t improve that, instead look at, okay, can I actually set up a system so I’m not reactionary, I’m actually preparing and I’m showing up ready to go If you are going to get a haircut and the interview is that day and you’re like, oh, I need to get a haircut, so you go in and they, oh, my gosh you look at yourself in the mirror, you have no confidence and that reflects on the interview Guys, you want to show up prepared and you do that by having a routine, having a system that you don’t have to think about because then you can adjust the routine you can make it better

Let’s say you get a little bit of a rash you get these bumps on your face when you shave Well, if you have a routine a shaving routine, you may know I’m going to try a straight razor, I’m going to go try maybe just a two-blade disposable razor You will find what works for you to get rid of those bumps when you got a routine and you can actually adjust and measure it All right, gentlemen, now it’s your turn I want to hear from you down in the comments

What did I miss? What advice would you give to style rookies guys just starting off? And don’t forget you got KK and Jay I’m linking to them down in the description Just a great company This company, I know the founders and I’m just proud to support them because, again, this solves a problem I used this throughout the military

This pair right here, I probably used forty times and it looks great Guys, great company, I can’t say enough good things about them Again, I’m linking to them down in the description with the best discount code you’re going to find out there on the internet That’s it, guys Take care

I will see you in the next video [0:09:03] End of Audio

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