Hi guys, welcome back! Thank you so much for joining me! In today's video I'm going to be sharing with you six fashion tips for the everyday girl on a budget Now I definitely consider myself to be an everyday girl on a budget, so any kind of fashion budget saving tips I am all about and I've put together a few, so I'm really excited to share them all with you guys! As much as I love fashion and consider myself to be a little bit of a Shopaholic, I do have a lot of expenses

I have a full-time job, I have a mortgage and I definitely have a lot of bills to pay So, it's really important to have a balance, and it's really important to be able to save your money wherever you can, and that definitely doesn't have to mean compromising necessarily on fashion So, I've put together six tips that I'm really excited to share with you! So, my first fashion tip for the everyday girl on a budget is to pair something old with something new Now if you're anything like me and you do a little bit of shopping at the beginning of a season then this is a great opportunity to pair some of those pieces that you're already looking for, you're already picking up, with items that are in your existing wardrobe Now I don't mean that you need to necessarily go out and buy new things to make your old pieces feel new and exciting and to fall back in love with them, but if you're already going to be doing a little bit of shopping come the new season like I like to do, then this is a great opportunity to browse your wardrobe and pull out those pieces that you want to be able to wear again but you're just not too sure how to style them

I find that pairing pieces with something new breaths new life back into that piece and helps me to fall back in love with it It also helps get you out of the rut of wearing it in the exact same way that you may have done so in a previous season or previous years before So, typically we buy a piece and we wear in the exact same way So, if you pair it with something new I honestly will tell you that I think that you'll find that you love the piece and you fall back in love with it and this is actually just gonna save you a lot of money You definitely don't have to run out and buy a completely new wardrobe come the start of summer or the start of autumn, winter, or spring

You can easily find ways to bring new pieces into your wardrobe, but incorporate them with the old pieces and just fall right back in love with them My second fashion tip for the everyday girl on a budget is to shop your own closet Really look at what do you need in your closet this year or what do you need for this season I think this is so important because you're going to find that you actually have a lot of great basics already in there that you definitely do not need to repurchase, and I personally have some good examples of this I consider a denim jacket to be a staple in your wardrobe and it's definitely not an item that you need to repurchase every year

So, these two denim jackets I think I've had them for I want to say at least five summers now, but I still love them This is a light wash crop denim jacket, this is the medium wash kind of a regular length jacket, and I love them and I wear I've been wearing them for five years now and I keep finding new ways and new items of clothing to pair them with So, this is a great example of shopping your closet and thinking about what you need I know I do not need to buy denim jackets because I still really love the two I have even though I've had them for over five years now Now these shorts are a great example of a piece that I knew that I wanted to replace for this summer

Now, I've had these shorts for over five years, you can see that my denim really kind of holds up over time I definitely keep my denim pieces for several years, so it really helps to bring that price per wear down, and they're definitely pieces that you don't need to buy every single season So denim is definitely an area where you could save your money The reason why I wanted to replace these ones is not just because they are old, I still really love them and they're really comfortable and soft, but it's because they're so low-rise and I just I don't feel comfortable wearing a pair of low-rise shorts anymore It has nothing to do with the actual like feel of the shorts, it's the fit and I just don't find a low-rise to be as flattering and comfortable, and even as age-appropriate for me anymore

So, I went ahead and replaced them with a pair of a similar wash, slightly lighter, high-waisted pair of denim shorts So again, this is an example of a way that you can look at your closet think about what you need It's okay to replace things especially if you don't feel comfortable wearing them You want to feel comfortable in your clothing That makes you feel good and of course look good and gives you confidence, right? So for me, I knew that I needed to replace those ones so these ones were a great purchase and I'll probably have these ones for several years to come as well

My third fashion tip for the everyday girl on a budget is to shop for your lifestyle So after you've had a good look at what you might need in your wardrobe really think about not just what you need but where do you actually wear your clothes What do you do on a day to day basis? Where do you go? Where do you work? What are the pieces that you find yourself reaching for? I know I'm definitely guilty of buying pieces just because I think they're cute, they're in style, they're on trend, but then they sit in your closet with the tags on which is such a shame and is such a waste of your money, and I really don't like doing! I actually just donated a few pieces that still have the tags on them so that's not a good use of your money at all It's really important to think about your lifestyle and what you actually wear on a regular basis This is going to save you a lot of money and a lot of time, and will kind of help you reel in that frivolous spending

So you're not spending on things just because you want them, you think they're cool, they're in style, or they're on trend, or you saw them on someone else So, really look at your lifestyle, where you're going, what you're doing and try not to overspend on items that are literally just gonna sit in your closet with the tags on because you've absolutely nowhere to wear them My fourth fashion tip for the everyday girl on a budget is to save for the item that you really want Rather than spending your money on something that you don't love as much or is more of a consolation for something that is just a little bit out of reach, or a little bit out of your budget, why not cut back in some areas of your lifestyle on things that you're spending money on, that you don't really need to spend your money on For example, visits to Starbucks, out for brunch, avocado toast, whatever it is that you find that you're kind of frivolously spending your money on

Cut back in that area, make coffee at home before you go to work, try not to eat out as much ,and you're going to be so much richer and have a lot more savings, and that way you can actually put that money towards acquiring that item Whether it's a luxury handbag, a premium handbag, a jacket, whatever it is that you really really want, because that's what's going to actually make you happy Buying something else in place of what you really wanted is not going make you happy, It's not going to give you that joy, and that confidence So, I recommend that you save for what you want, and if that means cutting back in other areas then that's definitely something to consider My fifth fashion tip for the everyday girl on a budget, and this is a really easy one, but it's to incorporate a trend in to your outfit

You can wear a dress for example that you might have picked up a few seasons ago, but if you have a really on trend piece paired with your outfit, you're going to look really stylish, on trend and it's just going to like bring your outfit to that next level Nobody's going to know that your dress is from seasons before they're just really going to focus on whether it's a handbag, a pair of shoes, and eye-catching necklace whatever that statement piece or trendy piece might be, that's really going to make your outfit and nobody is going to know that you're wearing something from years before My sixth and final tip for our everyday girl on a budget is not to overspend for a season Think about where you live For example, I live in Vancouver, Canada

Canada for the most part is quite cold during the majority of the year So, I personally really try not to overspend on a summer pieces just because I know that I'm not going to get that much wear out of them I start shopping for summer pieces about mid spring to late spring so I have what I want more for the summer months I don't really do a ton of shopping during the sales just because those pieces are already going out of style and it's already cooling down here, and I'm not gonna have a lot of opportunity to wear them I really kind of zero in on what I need for my summer wardrobe, what I want for my summer wardrobe, and what's going to make me happy and feel the most comfortable, and I pick up the pieces accordingly but I really try and stay focused and don't get carried away and overspend, just because I'm not going to get as much wear out of the pieces as I do with more of my kind of autumnal, winter and spring wardrobe

So those are my six fashion tips for the everyday girl on a budget I really hope that you guys have found these tips helpful and I've given you some good budget saving tips, some advice If I've missed anything or you have something you want to add, I'd love to hear from you so please leave me a comment below I'm hoping to make this into a series, just because anywhere you can save money I think is really really important and a little bit definitely goes a long way So, if you like this video please give it a thumbs up that would mean a lot to me and if you aren't already subscribed, I hope you'll consider subscribing and that way you'll get more budget saving tips when it comes to fashion from me, and make sure you hit the notification bell so you know as soon as I upload a video

I don't want you to miss any of my videos especially if it's something that you enjoy watching! Thank you so much for watching, I hope you guys have a wonderful rest of your day and I can't wait to see you all again in my next video, bye!

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