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Hi guys, welcome back to the channel Now as you know, I love to buy and use the latest beauty products, hair products skin products, but sometimes I find myself reaching out for natural products like

Coconut oil! It's inexpensive, very convenient to use and available in every household So today, today I'm gonna show you five ways you can include it into your beauty regimen It's great as a moisturiser

It also really helps absorb into your skin You can use it when you just get out of the shower Just lather some coconut oil on and let it sit there And it's especially great for people with dry and sensitive skin If you've run out of your regular makeup remover, don't worry, just take a cotton pad or a Q-tip, dip it in coconut oil and it can remove all your makeup

Because it's so smooth and creamy and the texture is not very irritating for your skin it can easily take off your matte liquid lipstick and any eye makeup you need Coconut oil is great and is a lifesaver when you want to shave your hands, underarms really quickly So, all you have to do is take some coconut oil lather it onto your dry skin and, shave like you regularly would! It's super smooth and will leave your skin soft and hydrated This is an oldie but a goodie! Take some coconut oil, mask it onto your hair and sleep with it overnight The next morning wash it off and you get softer and smoother hair! Your grandmother will love you for it! Because coconut oil locks in moisture it won't dry off the bristles of your brushes So, when you want to wash your makeup brushes, take some coconut oil with antibacterial soap and wash them! I hope you enjoyed this video

Let me know if you'd like any other videos like this And make sure you use an extra virgin coconut oil, this is very, very helpful it can go on your hands, your face, your body, your hair! That's it! Bye!

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