3 Tips on Best Female Hair Loss Treatment Home Remedies, Video No. 23 of 30

3 Tips on Best Female Hair Loss Treatment Home Remedies, Video No 23 of 30 Tip 1 – Our first home remedy is to massage Aloe Vera gel into your scalp to help stop hair loss

Aloe is a strong anti-inflammatory It can help rebuild and restore the PH balance of hair while sealing in necessary moisture content It can also stimulate the growth of hair and has been used as a home remedy for Alopecia Tip 2 – Dandruff can be a contributing factor to hair loss for ladies It does usually affect younger people ages 24-40 and those who work in constantly air conditioned environments

Dandruff can be easily cured at home, with a pharmaceutical shampoo But if the shampoo does not work, seek help from a trusted physician to prevent further hair damage Tip 3 – Mixing castor oil and white iodine makes a potent solution that could help you to re-grow your hair To make this concoction, simply add equal parts of each ingredient, mix them well, and then apply directly to the scalp (about a teaspoon's worth) and work to massage it in Repeat this every night

This video is one of 30 short videos, each of which provides another 3 tips for successful hair loss treatment Visit our Channel to see them all If you found this video useful, please don't forget to "Like" our video, and "Subscribe", and then consider watching the next video in this series!

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