🌊Simple Summer Skincare + Makeup Routine • Sunscreen Layering

Hi guys! Now it's very very hot and humid outside I want to show you my super ultra simple skin routine And a fun makeup I've been testing these days Especially in Mexico where I had fun and had a good impact on health In summer one of the best ways to simplify makeup I think it's an eyebrow dye Like this one from Maybelline, I find the best eyebrow paint That really works, this will save lives if you go to the beach

Letting the eyebrow tatto do its duty I'll also make a quick cooling mask You can watch my latest video of tips for acne and dehydration crises in the summer But basically this product saved my skin from the blazing after sun in Mexico On most days my skin was very red and irritated, This product calmed my skin overnight

So I cool my skin before putting anything on my skin And I wait for 20 minutes As you can see the eyebrows are beautiful now, which is great, #sucesso I simply shot the aloe vera gel with a cotton "Super Simple Skin Care Routine" When I do my skin routine, I apply lip moisturizer, for my lips to look beautiful, soft and soft and if you bring me some green tea I'll be inclined to open my wallet This looks so good and inspired by magic I know of this mark by instagram and they have that lip balm that I could not resist

As the first skin product I apply a serum I discovered that I do not need a toner right now So this is what I have used as first I can to moisturize and moisten the skin Peach & Lily Glass skin refining serum has peach extract for antioxidant benefits, niacinamide to maintain complexion This product has light gel texture, which leaves no residue behind, so it's really cool for summer This in vdd is a crazy prototype sample of moisturizer, we still have things to change, but I want to create a super basic but powerful, soothing and soothing moisturizer with lots of oat extract so anyone on the planet can use it, so please follow my instagram @ liahyoo and @kravebeauty_kr, if you want to follow and follow the product development, I'll really appreciate it I like layers of many sunscreens to make sure a solid UV protection to avoid any damage from the sun, KraveBeauty Beet The Sun is coming to you very soon, so stay tuned

You guys will love this, it's a sunscreen that's good to apply and I find it most important when I look for a protector that really encourages you to apply more and have the highest UV protection of the filter without feeling any irritation, is light, absorbs very well and does not leave your skin whitish, is perfect for leaving skin ready for makeup I apply it twice first and for third layer or last layer I love this Clinique mineral sunscreen fluid, is milky and absorbs very well and is very light for a mineral protector, the best part is that it does not dehydrate the skin, I usually focus this where I get more sun, like cheeks and nose "Summer Makeup" Not at all like skipping the base, summer is so liberating I highly recommend you to only use a concealer, trying another layer is so hot then I always use my trusty Maybelline Fit Me Concealer which is pretty cute and cool Do yourself a favor and get a translucent powder this summer, because you will become your best friend It erases unwanted skin brightness and I noticed a big difference between dust and dust

So I love this Elf high definition powder Then I'll wear this glorious palette of summer shadows from the collection Winky Lux collaboration with youtuber Marzia The colors are super pigmented, so be careful when applying, they are reasonably priced, so I was fortunately surprised at the quality I had for the price and they are cruelty free and they use good ingredients for lipsticks, shadows, bases and other cool products I highly recommend you to look

For the eyes I try to create a sunset on the beach And wearing the orange color is well away from my comfort zone, but orange is my favorite summer color Then I use the Colorgram eyeliner, a brown eyeliner that I have been testing and loving, it does not stain anything Another product that deserves a Nobel Prize is the Maybelline Brow Volumizer, I have tried many brown masks, but this is more natural, She gives you her eyebrows, but better And it's also kind of the sweat-proof, which is perfect for summer

If my face is paler than the rest of the body I try to match the tone a bit using this Winky Lux coffee Bronzer, it does not smell like coffee and it's not like those shiny ones, which I really like, I like a solid and basic suntan lotion, it makes a very natural bronze subtank Last but not least, this is something I take everywhere and I show it to my friends anywhere in the summer, Winky Lux Watermelon Jelly Balm is so so cute, has ph rose activated colored balm lip, so it not only moisturizes but also gives you this colorful fuchsia rose I highly recommend you pick up this watermelon jelly balm I'll leave the link down here in the description

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