What to Wear? 5 Tips & Organizing Your Wardrobe for Women, Fashion & Style Mature over 50

Hey awesome ones Well if you're like me you've got lots of clothes, but well at one time anyway I couldn't figure out what the heck to do with them all

You know, I still wake up in the mornings and go oh how am I gonna sort out something to wear and I figured out five different ways and its working for me now and I'm going to share it with you in just a few seconds

Now the first way that you can always have clothes pretty well ready to go is put a monochromatic kind of look underneath You can see here I've just got the whole black onblack is very slendering as well

I'm going to pair thatI'm going to just do a few different looks here I have a blue jacket, you can see how that looks and let's change it up, it's still the same underneath and we can change that up for a vest I've got a gray vest here and you can see that changes up and don't forget about the jewelry toothe jewelry really makes it and then for the last one I went more for really a jacket kind of look with this particular look now remember – with the black underneath that you could change it up into you know maybe capris or a skirt or something like that Nnow let's go for the next look Let's go to a completely white underneath here and again I've got the shorter pants on because the shorter pants are kind of really in style right now and we can work with this with, you know maybe a little bit of a black jacket over top

That really kind of classy black-and-white look and again I'm just going to do a very light flowing kind of jacket or cardigan I guess you can call it, to work in the summer months So there you go and don't forget shoes and also jewelry really help you So if you've got those basics underneath you need a few jackets maybe some sweaters maybe a cardigan or two you got it going on So my number two tip is to put stickies on some of your hangers Now you don't need to do this for every single outfit, but this is just um actually two post-it notes put together and then I tape them together and then I put a hole punch on them

Sometimes I buy clothing and I'm thinking well like I want to buy that, but I'm definitely gonna have to wear a camisole underneath it So for those kind of outfits, I've got like here's one right now and I'll show that to the side right now I said here wear a nude bra and you have to wear a beige camisole because this is see-through I remember one time I ran out and I forgot the camisole and thank God I remember the bra, but yeah you don't want to do that And then for the next outfit I have here royal blue short sleeve top, white pants or white capris, silver black and blue necklace, big silver bangle, big silver earrings, black sandals or blue and white pumps

Gzee I really had this one going on, with this one So again I put the whole outfit together on this, because I actuallyyou know what, I actually don't wear that outfit very much and I think I'm going to start wearing it Anyway I don't think I've ever worn the the top in a video yet Alright and then I got this purple top and I remember buying this and thinking love this I love this but without a camisole underneath forget about it, it kept sliding off my shoulders, also without one of those strapless bras it looked ridiculous So here I have thin black cami under black thin stretch pants, no strap bra, silver necklace, circle drop earrings, big silver bangle, hair up in an elastic and messy

Alright so there you go So as again I said these do not go on every single one of my clothing pieces, but if I really see them, I know okay, this is cami time Now the mother of all organization has to be these little photo books that I put together and I actually did a video about organizing your wardrobe I'll put the link up there somewhere for you, but I find these fabulous So all I do is

you know, I'll play some music or something, take an afternoon, maybe even into an evening and I start trying on all these clothes Now if you look at the pictures, all I've done is I've taken a selfie here of myself in the mirror and then it's on my phone

And then what I do is I send it to me in an email and then I take that photo and put it on a Word document Sounds really complicated, but really it's pretty easy I do a lot of the writing and everything myself, so I don't even have to get involved in the word document too much It's just basically spacing two pictures on a page and then of course I put these into summer and spring outfits Let me just show you a little bit here

So summer and spring outfits I've got You know a nice little black and white kind of look here, some color, some with capri you know, so I've got it, I could just look at this some are no sleeves, short sleeves and I just take a look at this I've even got my shoes in the pictures and say oh you know what, I can wear that one today and here's a little glimpse at fall

I have to update this a little bit, but you know jean jackets and stretchy pants and vests and all types of things that I can wear Leopard look scarves, sweaters, jackets the whole thing and I put them all together there So that really really helps So I really suggest to take a look at that video too, because there's lots of things on it about sorting the clothes inmaybe in colors in your wardrobe or finding maybe if something that you just love like a certain kind of v-neck sweater it fits you perfectly, buy it in a few colours so you can mix and match, but this idea I love it, love it, love love Oh and by the way I do these beauty and fashion videos every Friday and some lifestyle, food, exercise those kind of ones on Tuesday So if you want to be a subscriber just hit the subscribe button down there and then hit the bell and you're gonna be notified when these videos come out And we have an amazing community, you know the comments are amazing, we all kind of help each other out too, so come on down and join us

So number four Hey everybody wants to jazz up their wardrobe a little bit So I kind of look at what trends are going on and what I generally do is I just go to the mall look at the windows, maybe go to a few boutique shops in my area and say oh wow you know pink is really trending So you can see in this particular video or video of a shot that I have right here, that I'm wearing a pink jacket So I purchased that pink jacket and it really helped to work with my wardrobe and jazz a lot of things up

I could wear that with pants or a skirt or jeans and it's it's really fantastic Maybe you're just going to go and you want a kind of aParisian look Oh by the way I did a video on the Parisian kind of look It's a very classic kind of look and I'll put a link for that up there as well And hey maybe all you need is a striped top and so I'm just showing this kind of striped top with the black jacket and the pants and of course the ballet shoes They really kind of made that look put together as well, along with a little purse there

So you might want to go out and get something like a jean jacket Jean jackets are really popular and you're kind of looking at your little jean jacket on and hey you know it's not looking all that great So here I am in a jean jacket and boy I get a lot of mileage out of that jean jacket I wear with dresses and pants and skirts all kinds of things So yeah, just go to the mall or Boutique shop, pick yourself something up that really kind of works with what you're looking to do and jazz up the wardrobe a little bit per season

It's kind of exciting in it and just adds a bit more variety Oh and by the way I will really try hard to find some of the outfit that I'm showing in this particular video I can't always get the exact one but I'll try um, also Amazon accepted us to have a storefront So you'll see that in the description as well and basically I've got the makeup I love the hair care I love some of the other fashions that I love even Bill's fashions and the dog things So you make sure you check that out

it's amazoncom/shop/awesomeover50 So you'll see it in the description and we'll also have it in the blog and oh I've got to tell you thiswe make a little bit of Commission, you don't pay more for the item, but we make a little bit of commission and you guys are rocking this for us Thank you so much, you not only buy the the shirt but you also buy your grocery things too and you know what, it's really helping ,so thank you so much for doing that we appreciate it So last but not least, have a few go-to fun items or the authentic you type of items and yes I did a video on being your authentic self and clothing and I'm gonna put that up there because sometimes we lose thatyou know like let's just say that you're a realtor and you wear your black jacket and you're you know or whatever you just really have to look professional when you go up to those listings So you wear that kind of outfit and you kind of lost the fun part in your life or let's say that you're a nurse and you really do wear a uniform and that's your kind of uniform that you wear to work and maybe you've lost the authentic self, maybemaybe you like jackets with fringes on them or something like that orwell you know what, I'm going to show you just a few of them So ya know I'm a crazyoh if you don't know it you know it now I found this top and I just said oh my gosh, I have places I want to wear that crazy yorky top So I got it and in the next outfit I'myes I'm a child of the 60s you know, peace and harmony and love and all that kind of thing So when fringe jackets came into trending, I decided to buy one and you know what I still wear it now because I absolutely love it

It's so me It reminds me of aI don't know, a more peaceful kind of time and that's why I love to wear it Also I just went to an Eagle's concert and I picked up this hoodie and yes women over 50 can wear hoodies and check out the back of it Life in the fast lane! So I just saw itit spoke to me and that's what happens these kind of outfits speak to you And here's another one that I want to show you and this is my sexy dress and as you probably know I'm over 60 And I don't call myself 60 anymore, I call myself sexy and I think that we've got to get our groove back and with this particular dress you know what, I put these clothes on whether they're fun or nostalgic or sexy like this one and I say to myself I'm gonna walk out the door I'm gonna own this look I really am going to own this look and with that mindset I not only own it I rock it! So there you have it

If you follow these five tips you're probably going to rarely wake up in the morning and say I have nothing to wear And a little guy herejust gonna give him a little treat right now He's been sitting here patiently, but he never has to worry about something to wear, do you No you absolutely don't and little Hurricane, you usually see him our videos, we call him the cuteness factor and he shows up in the beauty and the lifestyles and the food and the exercise, you show up in almost every video don't you So and the other thing I wanted to mention to you and I rarely do this ask, but once in a while I'm going to Bill and I, we found thisit's like a little crowdfunding thing for youtubers and what it's called is Patreon and we're at patreoncom/awesomeover50 I'm gonna put the link down in the description and what it does for us is it kind of acts like a tip jar, so we're sort of saying you know it's not expected, but if you wanted to support us with five dollars a month we would be eternally grateful and it really helps us to keep on going with these videos So thank you so much for that and the other thing is we don't just stop there we're not just going to take that, we're just going to also have a special email for you if you're part of I think we're calling it the awesome over fifty club and we're going to have special behind-the-scenes videos, we're going to have special Q&A's We're getting some t-shirts and some mugs, so we'll have a draw every month for one of those and we've got a bunch of other things up our sleeve too, don't we Bill? Absolutely

yeah absolutely so a deep heartfelt thank you if you do support us that way, it's much appreciated cuz we want to keep on doing this

We love it so much So in the meantime I really hope that your mornings are a lot easier with some of these steps and tips that I showed you and that you know you can just go off into the world a little bit happier, a little bit more restful, share your awesome smile and until next time, we'll see you later Everyone's invited to subscribe and join us on our videos

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